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  1. WillieT0813

    Question on germination indoors and growing outdoors

    I need advice on germinating indoors and moving them outdoors later. Can I grow them under a grow light while inside or do i need to set them in front of a window a couple hours in the morning and the same in the afternoon getting them used to sunlight while waiting on the weather to settle in...
  2. T

    Are my plants healthy?

    My dad mowed the lawns near my plants are my plants ok also I've just feed them and top them are they looking alright
  3. HayStack

    Extreme heat

    As I get ready for my summer grow. I'm trying not to make the mistake I made last year. First a little background. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area in the east bay. Typically summers here are pretty moderate. Temps usually range between 70 and 80 degrees. Two or three times a year we...
  4. O

    Dark period at switch?

    Hi. My first time growing photos and I have read in a few places to leave them dark for 24 hours at the switch. Is this a good idea? Thanx. OF
  5. J

    Some questions about harvest and thoughts

    hi guys! i have two plants, now 1 is ready to harvest, i flushed her last night. so do i need to wait 3-5 more days to cut her down? and my other girl have about 2 weeks to go. i did some research with dryin process, it said that dryin buds need a dark place like 12-12's night. but i dont have...
  6. magsteria

    Properly Germinating Seeds?

    Ok. I'm pretty sure I've tried and waited long enough for germinating my bag seeds. I only have a few left and am planning on putting them on a styro cup filled with coco + perlite and moisten them a bit. I'll be planting the seed a few cm deep and am planning on placing them under 2 CFL...
  7. T

    New guy - Total novice - 1st grow

    Hi everyone, Klaus here from NM. Just got my medical use and personal production license. I thought the Cannabis movement to be awesome and wanted to participate in it. I really don't know what I'm doing, but have friends that do. I just harvested my very first crop. 5 micro plants with my...
  8. gr0w

    Watering coco

    hey guys, I decided to switch to 5 Gallon Fabric pots for this grow and just looking for some info on the best way to water them. the plan is to water them with fresh PH water every other nutrient feeding to wash out and give fresh nutrients every feeding cycle. I am using 5 gallon fabric...
  9. K.puff&stuff

    The size of the pots

    Hi guys I wanted to ask. I my clones are in a 1 gallon pot there nice and tall strong clones I decided to add them in a 5 gallon pot. Will they be ok and grow nice big or will I have to change them into a 10 gallon pot in the future and so on. I thought if I add them in a 5 gallon pot they will...
  10. N

    Glycemia, Cancer And The Munchies

    I am still learning how to bypass the high, which a lot of people here call the euphoria. The secret of that art is still a mystery to me. So after putting some drops under my tongue and later swallowing them, I got a nice buzz on. Then I got the munchies. So I started thinking about what...
  11. B

    What's more efficient? 4 clones veg then flower? Or 12 clones 100% flower?

    Hey guys. I'm a newbie grower and I've been doing a lot of reading and research on growing, trying to learn as much as possible. I've noticed on some cannabis growers IG pages that there are a lot of people running what looks like a larger number throwing them into flower from the start. Whats...
  12. HayStack

    First Clones

    Actually, these are not the first clones I have ever grown. I have created a few a long long time ago when I was just a young man. But that was wayyyyyyy back in the 1980's. It's been a long time and I don't even remember exactly how I did it. The only thing I remember is that I used Rootone...
  13. M

    Would this be considered heat stress?

    Hey everyone, greets from Chile, first post but long time reader :) Was wondering if anyone could tell me why my plant has presented this pathology. I use Janeco Light Mix, with BioBizz products, using a dosage recommended by them, water them every day, with a pattern of fertilizer 2...
  14. B

    What's up everybody!

    But listen y'all I've got two auto blueberry that's 2 1/2 weeks old but they keep falling. And I have them in a grow tents and everything what should I do?
  15. S

    Right lads need som advice.

    Made a rookie mistake. I have a veg tent when're I take my baby's upto week 2 of flower and then move them to big tent. Well did this silly fucker not forget to put switch my lights back to 18-6 when I poped my next batch of seeds. They have just the first 2 leaves on them been a total of about...
  16. Jmills

    PRC - C&C - AO - PK - Soil Grow With LED & CFL

    Hey yall these bbys are edging week 5 so im taking them into my flower closet within the next few days. So my veg area is about 3x3 and has s removable top, i have about 12 5600k CFL bulbs and 2 low watt LED bulbs and for nutes ive been using Nutrifield Veg ignitor. So the first 3 pics are of...
  17. P

    Newbie - Rookie - Amateur grower from the Philippines

    Hi Guys, I recently was able to get some seeds but only a few of them and I wanted to cultivate them for personal use. Can anybody help me setup an indoor grow cabinet or space? I have no experience in these things but I have a read a bit a bout growing. As you guys know humidity...
  18. O

    Blueberry - So far no luck

    I finally got my order of blueberry in and started them right away. I followed the recommended seed starting as per the website and the inclosed instructions and the first two were a no go. Soaked them in spring water (ph ~6.5) for about 14 hrs then put them on wet paper towels with a single...
  19. L

    220W Neon Lights For Vegetation

    Hello, Im not sure where to post this so if this is wrong board then tell me. But I was thinking of buying vegetation space for my plants with 60x60x90cm stats and I was wondering if I can use 220W Neon lights to vegetate them till the very end before I switch off to flowering? I plan on...
  20. F

    Grand Daddy Purple & Blue Dream, Wilma Drip System, Fieldofgreen

    Starting my first journal so starting from scrath. Hoping to learn something from fellow growers :Namaste: I'have been growing in soil for 4 harvest, using organic products. Then i felt i wanted to try something different, something new. I lost my hydro virginity to this wilma drip system, and...
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