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fan leaves

  1. L

    New grower: Light green patches on fan leaves: Please help!

    Hey guys, this is my first grow attempt. She's Barney's Farm Blue Cheese Autoflower, germinated about 2 weeks ago and shes been in soil for 10 days. Using 125w CFL. 20/4. Rh - 50%. Temp 27°C average. Started off well but when i tested the water PH it seemed a bit high so i used pH- for the...
  2. Liqurd4tay0z

    Liqurd4tay0z's Journal: New Grow & New To Community

    Hi all. I am new to the community, from Canada somewhere in the prairies. I decided to register as I have recently started to grow for personal and just to have fun watching the plants grow through all the different stages. I started a plant 19 days ago from seed 1xbubblegum XL and the seeds are...
  3. Just pretty

    Just pretty

  4. Pinktiger777

    PinkTiger's Edibles: How I Make Canna Oil

    (This is a cross posted post with embellishments. The original appears in my current Journal, Here) The weekend before Thanksgiving , most of my neighbors, if they were in their kitchens, were making holiday treats. I was also making treats, but not for any particular holiday. I can't really...
  5. just an undesirable leaf test for oil rtn

    just an undesirable leaf test for oil rtn

    just an undesirable leaf test for oil rtn. someone said- winterize, and, or stuck in sun, half hr. this, is the after. i spaced. it went 45min... and hell, is currently froze over... just one mason jar, filled! if i can pack down a zip, into the nova, I'd guess about 2z's.
  6. B

    Need some help

    Hello all, brand new here and looking for some help. Just moved 40 plants into flower 5 days ago. Noticed this problem two days after their first feeding. Fan leaves are curling and the tips are yellowing and drying out. Not all tips but one or two on five or six fan leaves per plant (see photos...
  7. Fan Leaves

    Fan Leaves

    Fan Leaves
  8. Fan Leaves

    Fan Leaves

    Fan Leaves
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    Big ass fan leaves
  10. T

    Fan leaves - Can I use them for blunt?

    HI guys, I was wondering if it's possible to use the larger fan leaves from my plants to roll a pure cannabis blunt. I don't know much about blunts, so this is probably a bad idea, but have you ever tried? Is there some peculiar way to cure the leaves in order to be rolled? Stay...
  11. C

    Can I cut fan leaves?

    Most people say dont mess with the fans but i want them gone too. Do you guys think I can trim the annoying fans that shoot out ffrom under the buds. The all cover each other. I dont know how any light gets thru to the inner buds. I hate these lil tings $#!&....
  12. J

    Is this Calcium Deficiency?

    So, I am trying to figure out what this is. Week 10ish of Orange Widow chillin in Veg waiting for some other plants to clear the Bloom area. The 2 White Widows sharing the room seem largely unaffected and all 3 seem to have healthy new leaf growth. Recently I've made 2 changes: Removed...
  13. H

    Yellowing of fan leaves during first week of flowering

    My plant has just begun flowering (it's been a week, week and a half at most) and I noticed the fan leaves have been dying at a very fast rate, it seems like almost over night some leaves have gone completely yellow starting from the bottom I'm not using any nutes but I am using a little...
  14. B

    extra leaflet

    so my female has been growing for a few months and some of the fan leaves and now some of the growth with buds has an extra leaflet on every other level of leaves. But the extra leaflet is really small and it makes me wonder if this is just a genetic defect of some sort. Any ideas?
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