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    PP Bagseed Outdoor Grow Journal - 2018

    Bucket Size - 2Litre Medium - normal garden fertilizer 50% garden soil 50% Lights - The Sun Nutrients - Food Stix (supermarket plant food) Strain(s) - Bagseed of 2 different lovely outdoor strains # of Plants: 6 Yield : still in veg Age: just over 2 months. The pics below are how the plants...
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    Help! South African Outdoor Marijuana Plant Flowering for +8 weeks! (video+photos)

    My outdoor marijuana plant have been flowering for almost 9 weeks. It must be some sativa dominant hybrid and I am assuming that it could be Super Silver Haze. I am not sure how long my plant still can go? Maybe another 2-3 weeks? The buds just do not look fully formed to me and even though some...
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    Intro & Question!

    High everybody.. Been here often for reading great answers or finding out personal experience from others.. now i subscribed to find some answers myself! :) I will be traveling to South Africa soon, i'll be there for a month traveling around. No set goals, just exploring. Will be looking...
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    High from South Africa

    Hello Everyone. Im sadha, this is my first post here, I have been reading this forum for the past week and I am very surprised at the wealth of information available for growing your own plant. I have been smoking weed for about 5 years now. Im quite tired of the Durban Poison and Swazi...
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    South African Strains

    Hey Have seen a post somewhere else about african strains which is great to document and see african strains for ourselves, in the flesh. So how about a post like that here. I will start, give me a mo, going to skin a zol, add some pics and will update, lets see those local honeys. Anything...
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    South African Cannabis

    Hey guys Would love some feedback to videos as recently only really started to make some videos. This is a collection of clips of cannabis grown in South Africa: South Africa 2011 YouTube - Dagga: 2011 Cannabis Tunnel Grow YouTube - Cannabis Greenhouse Tunnel Grow Enjoy. Any...
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    Sawubona from South Africa

    Highhhhh Hello 420 peeps, thanks for having me here. Would love to take part in your african forums and grow forums and will shed some light on african cannabis. Been smoking for a fair amount of time and taken the time to love our local strains. Peace and love. :yummy:
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    Headshop in South Africa?

    If you are looking for a Headshop in South Africa theres one called Green Smoke Room. South Africa's Trusted Online Headshop! They sell quality Bongs, Pipes, Rolling Papers, Digital Scales, Accessories and more. Whats more ? They have unbeatable prices compared to other international stores...
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