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I need help with the perfect scrog & medium question


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Hello all!

Im currently in the middle of an organic soil grow and i really need a few questions asked, there currently in a coco/compost style medium, it isnt the best but there only in 1L pots at the moment and are 15 days old, doing pretty well up to now but, am i okay leaving them in this medium mix for another 3 weeks? by that time it should have made a great root mass but will the plant be shocked by going into a completely different medium or will i be fine? im just interested in growing in soil as i want to not only get the better taste but to experience a soil grow.

Iv grown a few plants into scrogs but in realistic form they were never nothing to brag about, i did yield more but not what i was really hoping for and i only have 1 chance at this due to the summers where i live and the rooms heat up so that ends up making the tents over heat and im not loosing another summer trying to keep tents cool :laugh: so i really want to be taking my tents down around the 30th of april and have bud ready for the rest of then year, so this gives me 13 weeks and 4 days to veg, flower and dry, i mean i can go maybe up until the 30th then start driying from there, iv grown this strain and its an easy 8 week strain, so, i could have a good 5 weeks of veg from today, but i was never intended on going for yield but seeing as though i wont be growing for the rest of the year i need to know this:

I have 5 plants total but 2 are looking strange so if they look as if they do end up having problems ill let them go, but im sure they will be fine.

My perfect scrog inside my head but from what iv seen up to now is i want as many bud sites as possible, ill be using 50x50mm screen mesh, id like ever main cola stem the exact same height (trust me this time it will work this way :19:), once my space has been fully filled i was planning on letting them grow 6" through the screen, the flip them to flower, then at least the first 3 weeks stretch should make nice big colas, everything under the screen will be totally gone.

Scrogging questions are:

What style topping should i do? 2nd node and go from there or 5-6th node and allow more branches to spread about?

What is the easiest way of doing a scrog except lst? iv dont that but never seem to of got it right, plus i was never a fan of bending the main stem right over just in case i ever snapped it.

I was planning on using 10L pots, do you think thats suffice enough for soil and yield? my plan was to over kill the root mass.

I can flip them to flower on the 20th of next month and be able to flower them for 8 weeks and dry for 2 or 9 weeks flower 1 week (add on a few extra days if need be) or i can flip them on the 1st of march and ill have to add extra week on only if people think i can fill a 4x4 tent rather than the 1x1m tent.

So basically i can run the 1x1m tent with 5 weeks & 6 days veg, top (multiple times), weave in the screen until the screen is full.


Run a 4x4 and veg for 8 weeks & 4 days.

I will be running a 600w hps in either one of them, environment will be perfect except this time i need the space fully filled 100%, tent walls will be pushed out for maximum airflow & circulation.

These little seedlings are 15 days old now, around 5-6" tall, already starting there 4th node and below side branches are already forming quite nice!

Give me your best options :).

I have a journal for these plants here if anyone would like to follow along and see how well it goes from members help :).

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Why cut the top off of your plant(s) if you're trying to do a SCROG grow :hmmmm: ? The moment the top of the plant starts to poke up through one of the holes in your screen/net/whatever, and you pull it back down and move it over to a hole farther away - which is sort of how the whole SCROG thing works - the plant is going to go into branching overdrive. And that does not require "bending the main stem right over" because you never allow any of the tips to get above the level of the screen any farther than the distance to the next available hole.

Err... You don't "weave in the screen," either. As per above, the goal is to keep the plant under the screen. It'll hold itself up against the screen just fine, lol, no weaving required. Install the screen 14" to 18" above the surface of your growing medium, whatever the minimum distance you expect to need in order to get your arms under it to work (daily, or as close to that as possible). Remove any greenery below the screen (after the plant has actually reached it, of course ;) ), don't allow the plant to grow above it until you're in the stretch (first 40% of the flowering phase) and decide to stop keeping the plant at the level of the screen. And that'll be the first time you should have to raise your lighting; before that, it's as close to the screen as the plant can stand, just like with any other method, you want the light close to the top of the plants... with SCROG, that'll be basically the entire plant instead of whichever "top" actually is on top.

Oh, and if you leave an average cannabis plant in a one-liter container for 36 days, it'll probably be pretty rootbound before you get around to rescuing it from its prison, lol, at least it will if you have it under good lighting. I'd rethink that.


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Oh man I did that weaved it in and out took forever to cut up don't worry about breaking the main stem just squease about a inch to (break all the bones) and give a little twist and bend and if you do break it rub some honey or something on it duct tape it back together and she will heal right up
I broke this one completely off and it tore a half inch of skin down the stalk I thought it was done so I bandaged it up through it in the corner and wait and she's looks like she's gonna give me an oz


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Hello and thanks for your replies i think iv got a plan semi sorted now, been speaking with a few people, so maybe im nearly there, but i will post pictures along the way in here though.

I do have another question, im running a 90x60x90 H/W/L, only a small veg tent, im running a 4 bar t5 2ft light and when i went in earlier it was 31c, one of those problems with it being near a radiotor but it is getting moved tomorrow, im wanting to run co2 in there to help along with veg as im not running a extraction fan while there vegging, im getting a 1.5kg co2 bottle and regulator but i wont have a cfm reader to measure exactly how much is in there, is there a limit to where it gets dangerous do you know, iv looked via google but not the exact answer i needed.

Will co2 encourage a lot more growth faster or?

Thanks all.


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I think the target is 1200 ppm with co2 if I was you I would wait until you get a gauge because anything more is a waste and so is not enough
Even that level is probably a waste unless one has a lot of light (and the temperature is high enough to support the increased metabolism). In other words, probably more than you can expect to be of benefit in your vegetative-phase tent unless you're running strong lights in order to support a much larger flowering space.

I don't have anything specific to support this notion, but if it were me, I wouldn't attempt to raise your level of CO₂ above 800 PPM in your vegetative space. The way I look at it, if you add light and you aren't seeing the increased growth to reflect the amount of additional light, then your CO₂ level might not be optimum (high enough). CO₂ supplementation isn't like turbocharging an engine. Well... I suppose that in some ways it is, lol - just throwing a turbocharger on won't help unless you are also adding extra fuel and air. It's a "relationship thing," CO₂, light, and temperature.


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That's cool; your opinion is every bit as valid as mine, lol. One of these days I probably ought to get around to adding something like "The above statements reflect my opinion - your mileage may vary" to my .SIG. Once in a while I get bothered by the worry that someone will see one of my posted opinions on a subject, automatically assume it's fact/gospel, and then encounter difficulties from doing so. But my short-term memory is roughly the size of a grain of sand, so I'll probably forget all about it by the time I click on the reply button.


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So if i aim for around 800ppm for veg that should be okay? the lights are only T5 bulbs so i do know what you mean about light usage ect, if this co2 does help them on a little better i can update the light to my HPS which is no problem at all, what i was wondering though is, i wont be running a extractor while in veg but i do have fans circulating what air is in that small space i have now.

When it comes to flowering, the temps will run around the same 27-28.5c but could go up to 30c, what benefits do i have from running co2 in veg as well as flower without extractor and what are the cons?

If im not mistaken one of those cons would be humidity? i have a dehumidifier but its good and bad, when its in the tent it can still dehumidify but it blows hot air back out and i think that will be difficult unless i can secure a tight sealed around the vent to push the hot air out maybe, i know your very intelligent when it comes to stuff like this @TorturedSoul and i think your partly to blame why i write huge paragraphs now, often i used to text home and say "popping to shop after work", now its 3 or 4 pages long :laugh: but everything of yours i read i get intrigued and im sat for hours searching for more wisdom to read, im doing it now see!


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i know your very intelligent when it comes to stuff like this @TorturedSoul
You are giving me waaaaaaaaaay too much credit.

You might consider posting a separate topic (something with CO₂ in its title) to see if you can get responses from people who routinely supplement.

and i think your partly to blame why i write huge paragraphs now
<SHRUGS> I'm nearly 50, so I was educated back when "a lengthy work" meant a novel of over 500 pages. I am not a twit, and my text messages are probably longer than the average cripple-head's emails. I do try to keep my posts here under... IDK, 20- to 30-thousand characters, though, so as to not upset those who might be forced to read threads on little cell phone displays (or who have to move their lips in order to read :rolleyes: ).

often i used to text home and say "popping to shop after work",
That must have made you the punchline to many a joke. EDIT: Blame it on the fact that I have 20/150 vision in my good eye, but I saw that and thought the word had two Os in it instead of two Ps. Which still doesn't make my statement particularly funny, but at least you aren't now wondering, "WtF?"

now its 3 or 4 pages long
Post what you feel like posting. Either people will read it or figure out how to scroll down (it's not rocket science, even my brother figured out how to do that, and the closest thing to a computer he has ever had is a flip phone ;) ).

everything of yours i read i get intrigued
A shame it is that you weren't one of the (many) editors I contacted way back when I thought I might actually be a writer; I'd be eating a nice steak right now (with a side-order of... steak) instead of a "fold-over" baloney sandwich. Oh, well, Hellman's Real Mayonnaise can make anything taste good. Except for that "salad dressing" stuff, I don't even think adding Scent of a Woman® could make that stuff taste good - they must make it in a lab instead of a kitchen.

Rambling, as per usual.


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I will for sure make another thread, i do have another problem now, iv woken up to find one of my best plants all droopy, never had this happen, gave it some ph 6.4 water to try and see if its under watered :(.


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Btw ts I always welcome your opinion on stuff it's always a fun read and there's always helpful knowledge built in like when my light went down a link you shared explained how a magnetic ballast works and how to fix it and less than 50 bucks I got my light fixed

But tell our buddy to get the ppm gauge for his co2 before he wastes it all
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