Super Lemon Haze & Sourcream / NFT / 400w HPS / June 2009


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What strain is it?
Super Lemon Haze (Super Silver Haze x Lemon Skunk) (Greenhouse seeds)
Sourcream (G13 Haze x Sour Diesel) (DNA genetics)

Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages?
Both are sativa dominant hybrids

Is it in Veg or Flower stage?

If in Veg... For how long?
Just started

Indoor or outdoor? Soil or Hydro?
NFT / Indoors

Size of light?
2x36W T8 tubes for veg
400w HPS /w Cooltube for flowering

Type and strength of ferts used?

Still going by water, but GHE Bloom, Grow & Hydro will be used

I'm still germinating the seeds, SLH has sprouted nicely but Sour Cream seems to be slower. First i will plant the sproutlings into rockwool cubes, and later when my NFT arrives i will insert the cubes into the NFT system. I have also couple of seeds in soil just for comparison!

This is my first own NFT grow, I have been growing in soil before so this is exciting. I will add photos later when I have something to show. Feel free to give any comments!:welcome:
Four seeds sprouted, and are waiting for the aero. But now i got news that the delivery company fuck'd up the delivery and it was broken.. So, i have to put them into soil or buy/build a new system. In any case i'm in a bit of a hurry to make the decision as the sproutlings are beginning to grow out of the rockwool cubes. Bomboklaat!

Also, out of the 5 Sour Cream seeds only 2 have sprouted, and the 3 do not show any signs of life yet (been in water for 1,5weeks now) so i'm starting to lose my hope with them. The other one i put into a soil already to become a mother for the next project, but the other one i wish to grow in hydro/aero still. Lemon Haze looks more promising!
Today I built a drip-feed hydro according to the blueprints from my dear friend, using cocofiber as the medium. I will take pictures once i have it running (hopefully tomorrow). Also made a propagation light fixture with 4x13w T5 fluerotubes. Wondering if i could replace the 13w tubes with higher output 25w t5HO tubes that are the same size?

It's been 10 days now, and 4 plants have sprouted so far. Two more are showing signs of sprouting soon. Hopefully i would get a full 5 plant grow in my hydro. I'm a little disappointed by the poor germination percentage of the Sour Creams, but I have not given up on them - even if they sprout later i still got room for 2 more in the soil. Probably going to make a mother out of the one sour cream in the soil, so that i'd have some cutlings to use in my next project!

I-ses to the king.
I hear that's the best :cheesygrinsmiley:
No ph problems as long as you watch your solution good.

Indeed! It makes things alot easier for me.

Here's couple of pictures.


My oldest girl 13days now since sprouting, the Ms Sour Cream who will become the mother, and who is the only one whom dwelleth in soil.
I added some more soil into pot after taking the first picture (which is the last one in this post)


Here's my temporary system. 2xT8 tubes at 6500k, and 4xT5 tubes providing some 2700k color to the mix ( couldn't find "cool white" T5 tubes at this time unfortunately)


Here you have a better look at my homemade dripfeed system! In the back you can see another Sour Cream, she is about week old, and two SLemon Hazes in the front.
Today i put up a 80x80x180(cm) growroom, set-up a 400W HPS with the cooltube, and 320m2 with a filter. I changed the light cycle to 18/6, and i will probably begin flowrering cycle later this week / on weekend. Plants have been vegging now for 3 weeks, but due to inadequate light / incorrect light temperature they are still rather small but i have time constraints that prevent me from vegging longer :/ I will upload newer photos later this week.
Looks like you need to lower the lights or raise the plants. They are stretching pretty bad. Try to get the lights within 2-3 inches of the tops of the plants.
Yes, thanks, I believe you're right! After taking the photoes i lowered the lights, and the plants have been growing in the right way now. Still, my T5s are in the wrong spectrum which has also hindered the growth, only the T8s are closer to the blue spectrum. Hopefully the HPS will help a bit.

And if any moderator could change the Subject to Super Lemon Haze & Sourcream / Hydro / coconut fiber / 400w HPS / June 2009
I won't!
Here's another photo update. The growth is really slow due to the wrong light spectrum, and since i only have flowering lamps, i will switch to 12/12 cycle from today on. I know the plants will not have a great yield, but this was mostly a practise for the next grow.

Now i have a mother plant for both Sour Cream and SLH so it will make the project easier next time as i don't have to grow from seed. Anyway, here are the photos:


The SC mother. She's the quickest growing girl, also the oldest. In soil.

SC in the front, SLHs in the back

Close-up. The carton in the pot is just a support for the plants as i kept the lights too far up and the stem wasn't strong enough to carry the weight. Soon i will be able to remove them I believe.
Time for a weekly update..


Der mutter. She's looking good. I'm planning to take a couple of cutlings from this plant. Do you think she will be ready for that in 2 weeks?

Super Lemon Haze #1, let's call her Scarlett

Super Lemon Haze #2, let's call her Charlotte

Sour Cream, let's call her Sophie.

The plants lookg healthy to me, little slow on growth, could bedue to high pH (it's now around 6,5). All are standing now without any support and looking stronger everyday. I don't know if anyone is following but at least i'll have a likkle diary for myself.:Rasta:
More nutes, more speed! Wow! Also, I switched to 11/13 lighting cycle to speed up the flowering. I'm quite surprised how well they are growing now, as i made some stupid mistakes during the first weeks (i dropped T5 lights on the plants etc). Instead of going for bushy plants, i'm focusing on one main cola.

I added 3xT5 tubes horizontally with 2700k color temperature on all three sides of the plants to provide more light to the lower leaves as well. I'll keep them if the temperatures do not get out of hand. More pictures coming up probably in the weekend.

Also, I added one 6xT5HO fixture for the mother and cutlings with 6x24w T5HO tubes with 3x nLite PURple tubes and 3x Marine 10000k tubes + 1xT5 2700k tube. Why so many tubes? Especially the higher temp colors have also UV-B radiation which - i believe - has positive effect on the trichome formation. Moreover, T5HO tubes are cool and energy efficient lightsource.

Anyway, now i'm starting to be happy with my set-up. I've been trying to come up with a perfect set-up with my limited space/money. So, in the next grow i'll be able to start up with 100% ready set-up. But let's see this one first, i still got around 8-10 weeks left...
I guess your name nft4life is somewhat of a misnomer. Hope you get the NFT system you want someday.

Plants seem to be doing well. I don't know about this aggressive schedule you are doing though. Is your strategy to take these seedlings and force them to flower early so you can sex them? If so, why would you want to take clones from a very young plant? I'm still learning so I was wondering what your reasoning was. It would seem that getting a couple of good mothers would be your primary goal at this point. That is if you have a mother chamber separate from the flowering chamber of course. Grow out the mother, then take a set of clones at that point. It takes some time to identify all the good traits you want in a strain, correct? Patience my friend. That is the skill I'm working hard on myself.
Thanks for comments!
I had to get a new system, as i moved to a new country.. So i ordered the NFT which never arrived. But i have used NFT before with a friend, so it's not by any means new idea to me. So yea, in that way the nick is misleading! But, i'll make another attempt at it later.

I do have a separate veg room, and i have two mothers in there. These three i have in those newer pictures are plants grown straight from the feminized seeds. I do have time constraints and i can't do anything about them at this grow, I knew it before i started this grow. But I do have the two mothers so i can take cutlings for my new project in which i do not have strict time limits. This grow is more of a test-run of my homemade hydro (or it was planned for the NFT but.. force majeur).

This is what happens when you're in hurry and your plans fail miserably - you just have to make best of it!
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