Rifleman's - Amnesia Lemon - 600W - Hydro - 2nd Grow

What kind o exhaust do you have set up? What is the ambient temp of the air outside the tent? What is the temp of your water? Might be able to take your water temp a little lower to keep the plant cooler.

400cfm inline fan w shielded and ducted hood. When the temps are high outside & the sun shines directly on the garden room wall 14hrs a day it is hard to keep the old place under 80°F. Seasonal fluctuations have gone back to the cool side so no problems right now. I think once the night time temps remain up, allowing the a/c to run more often, I may be able to grow during the hotter months. For now I dose with Hydroguard at every water change, and add it to any water added to the reservoir during the week. Roots are beautiful white. (FWIW they were never white while using Humboldt's mgb) I'm hoping to see some girly parts by Friday's water change. Look for an update with pictures then. Peace Everyone.

I don't know what has been going on, but I have been unable to post for a couple of days. Not like I've had much time though. Been a busy couple of weeks for me. Plants are coming along just fine. Showing lil girly parts. I've tossed a screen over them, but think I'm going to adjust the height on it. I think it sits a bit high. I attached a couple of pics to gawk at, enjoy. I'll take more pics as the buds form. Peace.
Hello everyone. Sorry I'm not on top of this journal like the last time. This is a busy time on the farm. So busy that I really don't know how I am managing my grow too. Barely it seems. Pics attached to beg forgiveness. Lol

Okay to recap. I have two Lemon Amnesia under 600w hps. Been in 12/12 for a couple of weeks. The larger of the two has around 3 weeks more in veg than the smaller girl, and is drinking 3qts a day. That's as much as my giant 11 zip plant drank at her max, and this one is half her height and only a few weeks into flowering. Sucking up the nutes too.

Water change coming up Friday. If the creek don't rise, and the hogs don't stage a coup, I hope to do a decent update with more pics. But don't hold your breath, I heard one of the old sows whispering she could drive the truck and knew where the wild boars were.


Water Change Day

For the curious, it is day 84 from seed for LA1, and day 63 for LA2. The lights were flipped on days 56 and 35 respectively. LA1 is getting hugely round. She is 30" tall and 33" across the top. Her sister LA2 is also 30" tall, but sparse and only about half as wide, and not nearly as filled in. The big girl drank 5 1/2 gallons this week, and LA2 only 2 gallons. Total ppm going in after last week's water change was 804 for LA1, before emptying the buckets today it was 335. As much as she is taking in, it is raising my hopes for another nice harvest. I backed off on the nutes for the little girl today, seems she was having problems. Got a few burnt leaves, and some damage from ph fluctuations. Her ppm drop for the week was 720 down to 577. Just a couple of pics today, I was rushed to get everything done before the lights cut off. Enjoy everyone, I hope everyone has a peaceful weekend.

looking forward to seeing what you do!:popcorn:
Hey everybody, hope lives and gardens are all doing well. I'm feeling particularly grand. A couple of weeks at the beach will do that. My girls...? Not as happy as I. I arranged for a substitute growers to watch over the girls while I was away.

According to the notes he took LA1 has been drinking almost a gal a day, & giving him hell chasing ph. LA2 isn't any where near as large as her sister, is only drinking 1-2 qts a day, & has fatter buds than the other. She is very rusty though. Lots of low ph damage early on.

Early harvest is projected around July 2nd, but no later than July 13th or there wont be enough time to dry, jar, & burp some before I am forced to take another extended leave.

I suppose the good news is that after this crop is in, I'll have enough to last me well past new years. That means the next grow won't start until Oct 1st. That'll leave time for a total cleaning of the tent, & bulb replacements. Going to turn my light hood 90° also to spread my light footprint out toward the ends of the tent instead of the shorter sides. My Winter grow plans include 4 autos at once, 2 being the same as my last grow. If I end up with 4 plants that large I'll need the extra lighted area.

I'll close with a couple pics taken yesterday. Enjoy and I'll try and post more in a few days.

Nice jungle. How did your PVC do-it-yourself SCROG net work out? I bought one scrog net at the local shop but I don't think it will give enough tension to withstand the branches.

I was overwhelmed at your Vegging growth rate. So you are fluxing during how much veg time?

Nice jungle. How did your PVC do-it-yourself SCROG net work out? I bought one scrog net at the local shop but I don't think it will give enough tension to withstand the branches.

I was overwhelmed at your Vegging growth rate. So you are fluxing during how much veg time?


The scrog isn't worth fooling with growing in single bucket dwc. It was a bigger pain than anything else so far. However in a rdwc it would work like a charm, just need lowered a bit.
Wow, I hate to sound like a whiner but I've got another problem...LA1 can't hold herself up. :cheesygrinsmiley: Admittedly a first world problem, but just the same. LOL Her branches are a good 18-20" long from the major supporting limbs. Long and thin with buds just now starting to fill in and fatten. LA2 has the fatter buds of the two, but no where near as many or as long. I attribute the fatness to some early nute lock out, ph problems, and heat stress sending her into survival mode. I'm keeping a close eye for any ball sacks, none yet. I definitely can tell the difference in the additional three weeks veg, and the better care between the two. Oh yeah, LA1 is fox tailing some of her colas. Gives her a sort of green porcupine look.

I'll try and get some good pics right before the lights come on tomorrow so everything doesn't have the yellow tint to it, and get them up here. I am almost ashamed to though. After my first success this grow is a little disappointing. Substitute gardener, and multiple days away at a time on this grow has hurt aesthetics and most likely overall quality. Ask me if I care...heck no, cause I'm still having fun, learning, and after smoking the same stuff for the last three months I'm looking forward to anything new.

And speaking of new. i expect to have a new experience in late July, buying legal cannabis for the first time. I will be in the Denver area for a day and plan to hit as many places as I can. Advice and recommendations from any locals would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to pm me if you would prefer.

Peace, Luke.
As promised here are a couple of pics from the garden tonight. Notice the rust and crust. I am on my second ph pen, and really should just glue one in my hands so I check it every time I walk by my girls. Wish me some luck, ready or not they Have to be harvested before July 13th or just get thrown on the compost heap. No one to take care of them after that, and previous commitments are going to pull me away for almost a month. :hmmmm:

Heavy defol on LA1 tonight. Took approx one gallon of fan leaves off of her. If it had the least bit of rust, crust, or discoloration it went. If it was growing on the underside of the branch...gone. Thin, wispy, or just because...plucked. She was looking like a green beachball, now more like a heavy laden tree of happiness. I backbuilt some of the buds too, the ones that weren't foxtailing. My fingers were sticky as hell after playing around with her. A pungent citrus with an almost astringent back note. Pleasant and intriguing. Stay tuned, harvest by July 13th at the latest.
Seventy seven days in 12/12. LA2 has some nice tight buds but most of the fan leaves are rusty and crusty. I continue to have low ph problems and nute lock out with her. LA1 is thick and heavy with popcorn inside. Her longer stems all have large budding areas, foxtails everyone of them. Using the 40x scope I see all cloudy on LA2 and mostly so on her sister. Thankfully as I must harvest by the thirteenth of the month to insure enough time for drying and a short curing before I take an extended leave. Right now the smell entering the tent is a citrus ammonia, handle them and it's all bright citrus. I hesitate to say lemon, but damn close. I'll try to remember to get pics when the lights come back on, until then...

Happy July 4th and Peace, I'm headed to the lake.
what's up rifleman?? I like all this talk about pH pens and hydro. Your buds look better than mine did when I tried hydro my 2nd grow.


that was my "2nd time"... buds small enough for a gnome to enjoy right there... keep going and you'll do phenomenal :thumb:


As I said before, ready or not harvest is on the 14th. Absolutely no amber to be seen on either plant...<sigh> 100% cloudy on LA2, 80% on LA1. Supposed to be sativa dom, so I'm ok with the cloudy vs clear...I hope. This will end my growing until Oct 1st when I hope to be back with a four auto grow, two Sweet Tooth from Barneys, and two Quick One from RQS. That will give me time to get a new bulb(s) too. My hps has been on daily now since ~ Nov 20th of last year. Growth seems alright, but after 7 months it's a small investment. Might even get a mh too, and run it on the autos until they show sex. Two or three weeks max. I still have eight Lemon Amnesia seeds and a couple other photo seeds that will love the mh after the four auto grow. I'll post pre-jar weight in about a week or so for those interested, I'm not expecting more than 1.5 to 2.5 zips, closer to the former than the latter. Not nearly as good as my last grow, but I did learn more. Hint, lemon amnesia is very picky about ph and nutes. Probably not a very difficult plant to grow, but not a grounder like the autos were.

Well let me get right to the part everyone likes better than my rambling...the pics!

Foxtails, LA1 covered w/ them

Half way through LA1

The tent hangs heavy with goodness.

The base of LA1. I was originally going to flux her.

Until next time enjoy life, hug your friends, and keep growing.
Peace, Luke
A final word on this grow. I stripped all the buds from stalks yesterday and jarred 284 grams. It has an almost over powering pungent stench. Yes stench. The only words that come to mind are Bright & Acrid. Not at all an ammonia, mold, or mildew smell, but nothing like any cannabis I've ever smelled. Of course before I started growing my own I had never seen or smelled this much at once either. It might be considered a citrus smell, but it's a hot raw lemon juice in the eye kind of citrus. lol. Happy Cannabis Everyone. See you in the Fall.

Peace, Luke
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