MassMedMan's Lab Test Results

Ok, as if I don't have enough going on or enough threads to manage, I am starting a new one. :lot-o-toke:

This one however, is probably my favorite or at least the one I have waited the longest. And, hopefully as i continue my journey to explore all this plant has to offer, I will add new tests and dissect more of what i have.

And, i know,, I know, sharing this information with you folks will get me info and educate me in ways Ican't think of. Win/Win.. FTW

I plan to speak to the lab tomorrow, about my Bud Washing results. I am very excited to see the results as I think those who partake will, too! I think that will be an expectation not an afterthought or,, laughed at.

I set out this spring to grow, a couple plants, my goal wasn't about quantity. My goal by growing a few plants was to learn as much as possible, first hand, expanding on what five years or so had taught me. But, those five years I was growing bag seed. Until I came here, then i saw a light called Herbies. :Namaste:

This past winter I researched, I asked a-ton-o-questions, I read about strains, had charts like it was some stock choice or something.

But, when push came to shove I picked a couple strains, most indica and that was intentional, so i could start with one type and feel the different effects of quality homegrown,,, I wont say professional, but whatever test there is for that -- I think I'm ready now! I'll have a few sativa's to test later next month,, haha, or December :cheer:

I'm really kidding and anyone who knows me knows I am a humble gardener, inside the garden I am a journeyman. Outside my ego is a bit larger. But, I am very respectful overall of the little I truly know.

But anywho, I think I can speak from my own experience and lab results to back that up, what a couch lock is for a particular strain. And, I have documented, when I harvested, the trichromes at that point, how long I dry/cured. Yada, yada, yada,, I'm a stat geek. And the best stats are,, home grown :)

But, cut to the chase... I have lab tested results, and I am eager to share.

I'm not sure how the site feels about a link to the lab, and the page they set up for me, but I am going to post it, and if need be it will be removed. The company is not a site sponsor, I will say that I feel what they are doing is extremely beneficial for the industry, small and large grower but more helpful for the little folks like me trying to make quality. And if we ever want to be taken serious, we must strive for that and test to achieve it.

I've been smokin a lonnnng time. Until this past winter I never grew my own from a seed that came from anything but the junk from the trunk some guy got me.

In less than a year, and seriously, I'm not up for anything, it's all in part and thanks to :420:

And the wonderful sharing community. You share so so am I. Good or bad like em or not. It is,, what it is, you dig?

So, with that piece of brown nosing for my link :)

I'll add more later, it's pretty self explanatory. But, I will point out the first two tests I did were plants from seed, run water and tea only. The last four, ran in the room ten days longer (could be notable) and were run using a free sample kit I received from H&G.

The House same strain plants, I got more with the THC bomb. I think the CSS smokes better LOS and the yield was very similar, compared to the H&G.
MMM, good to hear! I am also very much into the science of things and look forward to seeing your different numbers from the washed/unwashed and the numbers for different strains in general. Enjoyed your post yesterday with the results. It's all about our little community here pushing each other to be better and better growers for cannabis' sake. I always enjoy your posts man, keep it up. I will say that if you are not allowed to post the link, simply take a screenshot and post that. I did it for you here so you get an idea. No lab name is shown, only your email and that could easily be removed. Hope this helps.

Thank you, Juan. And thank you for the screen shot. I was going to do that a bit later once I get this organized. But, I have no problem with my "name" or email being out there. It's a public website and they'll only publish what I allow. I can filter our a lot of stuff that I do or don't want people to see....

Very happy for the results, .talking to lab today to get some details!
+reps for Sugar Black Rose washed and unwashed. Great job going for the facts.

Thanks buddy,, still surprised with those tests, but I'll be doing them again soon with some doc bud grown plants
Wow, am I glad I stumbled onto this. I can't believe I missed that you were doing this. :straightface: Really need to simplify Susan.

I'm excited about this MassMedMan. I'm really interested in the kit results too. I read that article you linked last month??? about tweaking the grow with the assistance of a lab and it's been percolating the entire time. I keep wondering what little tweak I could try this time. :laughtwo:

Thank you for helping to drive us to the science. We've been underground for so long, old habits need to be broken.

Reps+ MMM.

I'll be waiting to see how bud washing could have increased THC value. That sounds like you defied the magical laws of alchemy. :laughtwo:
Will be lab testing my first autos very shortly, haven't done a strain in a while and I'm curious where the auto tests out compared to the photos of the same strain i tested last summer.

I made a quick video on the lab tests I've done thus far, but it got deleted.
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