Looking For Females With Pigeons420

Hi folks!

Excited to start another journal! I didn't rush to start this journal until there was a little bit of green in the photographs. Before I get started I wanted to state that I received all these seeds complimentary on behalf of Toque Seeds. I was having some troubles with a previous grow and without skipping a beat the great folks at Toque Seeds jumped in and sent me 20 seeds regular seeds.

I've never worked with regular seeds before so I thought I would bring everyone along with me. I received 20 seeds and because I don't have the space or light for nearly that many flowers in my grow room. So, I have started out with 8 seeds and I'm hoping for a 50% female rate. But I have never done this before so I'm not entirely sure how many I will get. I'm not even sure I could handle 4 plants at once. but oh well...

I will inundate this journal with pictures to help show the difference between male plants and female plants.



Not entirely sure to be honest... so this could be fun.


In veg for week and a half.


Miracle grow to start. Will transplant after 3/4 weeks


400W HPS not air cooled




I have a reservoir at about 7 PH and I water often out of a spray bottle 2/3 times a day. because so dry


Green Planet Series






Well lets get into it and hope for female plants!

Hey there first in front row seat I am in for the whole thing man! :high-five:

Working with Regular seeds means more genetic diversity, and I think a little more fun :)
Subscribed. On with the show! :laughtwo::green_heart:
Good day friends!

I hope today bring much love and satisfaction to you all. Remember, small acts of kindness go a long way.

Just an update with the plants.
Things are coming in slow. 3 seeds have popped but only one is toughing it out. I have a major humidity problem that is weighing heavily over my head. I have a hard time getting by humidity over 22%, and that's a good day! So I'm off to town to find a humidifier. Or find some supplies to make one.
Looks like I have remedied my humidity issue for now. :) I found this humidifier lying around the house... Completely forgot I had it. We use it for when sickness hits the house and I didn't even realize we had it until my fiancé told me we had it :).

I have planted 3 more seeds because nothing seemed to enjoy growing in the scorching desert! I'm thinking these new conditions are going to be the final link to my tangled chain of difficulties I have called my grow. :)

Thanks for giving a read. I send lots of love
Nah man. Fairly tragic. But I'm certain it was my humidity.... But I have that fixed now so it should be all down hill from here. I'm seeing 35-40% on my humidity gage for the first time in my grow room. It's the last element I had yet to control. And now I do. So this should be a problem free journal from here on out:)
That's a good suggestion. I've never used them before. I seen them at my local grow shop but didn't want to grab them because I've always been slow to try something new. Especially, when up till now it worked just fine. If I have any more problems. Bet your bottom dollar I'm changing things up :)
Hey man I have had low humidity every winter, it slows the rate of growth, but I rarely have an issue with death, did the bottom of the stems appear to shrivel while the top of the stem near the leaves look okay? Any Pictures, you may have a damp off issue again.
I've pin pointed my issue to the damn dome. For the last 2 grows I've attempted I've used the dome. Each time failed. I think with the dome they get so used to an artificial environment. Then when I removevthe dome they get scorched by the heat and dryness. That's what just happened with the girl that just died on me.
Ya for me domes are for clones, I germ in paper towel and plant when the tip shows and leave the rest in the paper till they germ that way I don't waste my time with potting soil and pots on seeds that don't germ.

Lightly dampened paper towel in a Ziploc sandwich bag on the fridge, check in 24 hours.

I have had seeds pop in a paper towel that have grown out to there cotyledons shed the seed hull, and I have gently cut the paper towel around it and still had it survive to be a great specimen.

Planting in soil is great if the soil is right and the seedling can get off the ground, but you need to nurse these babies, IE keep them domed till they are established then harden them off, or no dome.

I really want you to succeed.
Thanks bud!

Well it's getting there. I have two seedling here. See how things go for them over the next couple days. I'm hoping my problems are resolved and this is the beginning of something special! Tune in to see where this takes me

Giddy up!!
Hey guys! Hope all is well. It's pretty darn cold up here but all is well

Just checking in, seems all is well. Have 3 girls on the go. One just shedding her shell
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