Producing Feminized Seeds Using Colloidal Silver

Thanks to you Granny,

Here's the most friendful CS/Fem seeds production thread all over the net, and I'm so grateful to be part of this.

Hope to see more of you Granny, I'll miss you in this thread.
Great closing Granny. Nice pic Denny... oh wait, isn't that my pic ? ;) lol

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Denny does have some nice ones though, here is a couple for everyones enjoyment ;)
His seeds look nicer, but my plant is purple ;) :goof:



Best CS thread on the net indeed.

Best Wishes ;)
thanks for the great thread Granny, hope you are able to enjoy a little more garden time now that the season is over.....


From the time I quit spraying (usually 4 weeks for me), it is usually around 10 to 14 days for the very bottom (first sacs formed) sacs to being ready. From that time on, the plant will continue to have other sacs ready every 4-5 days for at least a couple weeks - and some for a month or more.

I'm :rofl:!!! I'm still FEEBLE MINDED, eh???? I'M SORRY!!! Egads!!! Not that DennyInCA wasn't VERY helpful and here for a great part of this journal :)thanks: honey!) - but it WAS NOTADRINKER I was referring to (and his F*g Incredible purple plant)!!!

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Thanks to you Granny,

Here's the most friendful CS/Fem seeds production thread all over the net, and I'm so grateful to be part of this.

Hope to see more of you Granny, I'll miss you in this thread.

:hug: honey. I am soooo grateful for wonderful friends like YOU who came to help support me here. I know I'll still be seein' you in other's journals (cuz I have!!)... so this is certainly not a goodbye!!! It has been a wonderful journey and I am so glad I have you in my 420 family. :love::love::love:

thanks for the great thread Granny, hope you are able to enjoy a little more garden time now that the season is over.....

:thanks: so much for all the support - without all of you it would have been awful lonely! The thing I'm lookin' forward to the most is VISITING OTHERS here!!! I have kept up with my girls along the way, but that meant not keeping up here... and I didn't like that at all!!! I just hope the info helps others to be able to create their own feminized seeds. I have a question for you, but I'm gonna ask it when I run into you in OMM's journal!!! Ya know, his journal moves :rofl:SO SLOWLY:rofl: that I'm sure he won't mind this long-winded ol' lady visiting there!!! :rofl:

I do have a bunch of seeds cookin' (finishing - I'm in no hurry to take them early), and I'm still CS treating more strains, and then I had a dumbass attack and ordered one seed each of even more strains (Bubblelicious, Chocolope, Black Domina, Blackberry... and a number of others!!!)... so I will be CS treating plants for some time still. Even tho I'm closing this journal, when I have harvested a number of feminized seeds I will drop back into this closed journal and add a few pics of seeds and plants from my seeds.

I sooooo want to thank EVERYONE who visited and supported me in this journal. There are no better people than the folks at 420 - you all have my :love:. But this sure isn't goodbye, it is more a Granny gits ta pick on others now!!!


I would say that Yes, that Colloidal Silver will work. However, the dripper has proven to be not effective. When trying to drop a drop of CS on the area you want it to stay, it always wants to run off and is difficult to get to get it to stay put. Also, I think using the dripper makes far less surface area of CS available to the plant and may not be a useful tool for the beginning stages to CS application. It is possible though that the dripper may prove useful once some sacs have already formed, but I have personally given up on testing it and have gone back to only using spray. I find the mister type sprayer you would find with a peroxide bottle to be the most effective, but I am still only half way through this test.
My opinion, spray is needed and a fine mist may be better.

Best Wishes.
Thanks granny for this wonderful journal, I :love: my femmed seeds but I hate shelling out 10-20$ a seed so when I found this journal I was thrilled, again thanks for the time and effort you put in here to help others like me in making their own seeds!!! By the way, I'm a johnny-come-lately so this is my first post on :420:!:thumb:
Hello there Granny. It's been awhile. I have to go back and catch up on what happened with your seeds........ Hey they do have another chemical used for provoking a female plant make female pollen. Here's a link; Gibberellin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Seeing you are doing this I'd bet you know about it also. I have some books that say this is what some of the major vendors use, Gibberellin. Does the same as that silver stuff I'd imagine. Here's something to ponder,, I recieved a fem seed of Bubba Kush. Going it out, it turned male from the begining. Not hermied but straight male,,,, now if it was treating seed, might this male not be a 'female'? I figgure it's just a seed that didn't take. But anyways I collected some pollen and hooked it up with a #1 Skunk. Well seeds are ready to pop here. Now I'm going to read back abit and catch up. Keepm Green Granny
Great journal Granny. Congrad's on all the beans. Now I should make some myself. A Whole lot of it wood be nice. Pollen lasts a long time with proper care in the storaging department. Keepem Green
Here's something to ponder,, I recieved a fem seed of Bubba Kush. Going it out, it turned male from the begining. Not hermied but straight male,,,, now if it was treating seed, might this male not be a 'female'?

Hey NCWood, genetics are never 100% anything (inbred, fem, landrace). There is always something unexpected inside each bean. FEM seeds are only 95 to 99%, you just happened to get the "bum dope". You got a male with "potentially confused" chromosomes.
A big "Hello" to Granny and all the old crew who I've learned so much from.

I haven't posted here in about 5 months now. After reading about and learning from Granny, Notadrinker, and everyone else who contributed, back in Feb and Mar of this year, I documented the results I was having with my attempt to growing some feminized seeds using my home made colloidal silver. To finish off the documentation process, I am posting a couple pics of the first plant I grew using one of the seeds I harvested from my effort. The first picture is of the first sprout early in April, and the next is that girl as of today, (8-25-12). The process works very well!



Best wishes and good luck to all.
Thanks OG13. The original clone that I purchased from my local dispensary about a year ago was labeled "Strawberry Haze". Two clones from that plant were used to produce the Fem seeds.
:love::love::love::love::love:TO EVERYONE!!!:love::love::love::love::love:

It has been some time since I have been in 420... have had a lot of personal turmoil going on here... am in the process of closing my business after sinking much time, energy, and financial support for numerous years. I've been pretty depressed but now that I am closing shop, I am already beginning to feel a little relief from the depression - so all is going to be BETTER here (once we figure out how many thousands of dollars I will still owe after closing up and liquidating).

Figured it was time to come back and show a few pics of FEMALE SEEDS!!! Still working on further strains, but will offer a few pics here to show ya all that this definitely works!!

Before beginning tho, I was amazed that my journal wasn't moved to the "completed" journals (maybe I have to request this???) and that folks were still writing in it! Sorry I missed you! And :thanks: to those who responded to questions here!!! I have missed you all!!!

First, I will start with AUTO STRAINS. I haven't attempted too many more of the auto strains since this journal - but I did buy one more auto Mazar seed cuz that strain was a good sized and really potent auto strain plant. You can see below that I had much better success with that one than I did the first time!


In the above pics, you can see I didn't clean the seeds, so not all seeds within each bag will be viable. But you can see that many are.
Included above:
1) Purple Auto Blue Himalaya: 2 different packets from 2 different plants of this strain. The original strain of this throws purple and green plants, I selfed 2 purple plants.
2) Holy Grail: This was a free seed and was not listed or described as an "auto" flowering strain, but it sure did automatically flower under 18/6.
3) G13 Haze (NOT auto strain) X Purple Auto Blue Himalaya: Thought I'd see what a regular strain mixed with an auto strain might produce. Haven't planted any of these seeds yet.
4) Auto Mazar: I had no success with this strain in this journal. However, this is such a nice auto strain (large buds and high quality), I purchased one more seed and selfed it - this is the resulting seeds.
5) Himalayan Blue Diesel: Made a few more seeds but didn't really like the light feathery bud size of this strain.

Overall, the auto strains are not what I will grow much of... maybe some outside in the future tho.

So, let's move on to the REGULAR STRAINS I have selfed by using either one plant to do it all, or using two separate clones from a single plant to do it all (produce the pollen and pollinate buds)...

Above, I can see the point where I got much better at this! It was during and shortly after the Mataro Blue and Red Dragon that I was really getting the hang of when to take the pollen. I got many more seeds after this for this reason.
Included above...
1) Ladyburn 1974
2) Afghan Kush Special
3) Master Kush
4) Mararo Blue
5) Red Dragon
6) Twilight Zone: I named this one. Is is from a single unknown strain seed from my first grow - REAL GOOD!
7) Pre-98 Bubba
8) Papaya: Had 3 female papayas and they ALL hermied long before done. These also had way lot's of leaves with not big enough buds. I was disappointed in this strain.
9) G13 Haze

I am very pleased with the above results. I have planted/grown Red Dragon, Ladyburn 1974, Mataro Blue, and G13 Haze from my seeds. So far, all seeds I have planted have produced plants identical to the parent I used to produce them. I know there is potential for some seeds not being true to the parent, but so far they sure have been.

I also have numerous regular seeds from using the occasional males I have had, but I'm not picturing them here. I won't even be planting regular seeds cuz I don't like dealing with the wasted time/space of growing plants just to find out they are male!

IN PROGRESS: I am currently working on CS treatment and making seeds for Kosher Kush, Caramelo, Cream Caramel, White Widow, Chocolope, and Blackberry. I bought a single seed of each of those strains, then cloned each strain, and am using some of the clones to produce the seeds.

FUTURE: I also have single seeds of 1024, Tangerine Dream, THC Bomb, Vanilla Kush (will try again on this one!), Lemon OG Kush, Lemon Skunk, California Train Wreck, White Russian, Liberty Haze, Bubblelicious, and Aurora Indica(will try again on this one too now that I know what I'm doing!). I'm sure looking forward to these strains too - but can only grow so many plants at a time!

Truely, if anyone wants to use this procedure to produce female seeds - it works!!!

LOVE TO ALL OF YOU! I will return after the turmoil in my life (closing of my business) is completed!

Did those dang IRS buggers screw with you that bad? I'm terribly sorry that you have lost so much to it, all I can come up with is "just keep swimming, just keep swimming,just keep swimming, swimming-swimming-swimming..." (finding nemo)

I have a little song around here that should help with that there "D" where did I put...oh, here it is!

reefer blues canned heat - YouTube

Love ya' and take care!
Hey Girl......So sorry to hear you will take a loss after all your hard work. You deserve so much better.
Hope you and the old man are well. This will you time to be closer together again. I love ya Granny.
You'll alway be my Girl! Thanks for looking in on my grow. Lovies!
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