Producing Feminized Seeds Using Colloidal Silver

Sorry bout the troubles Granny,
I never met you, but your vibe comes through loud and clear as exceptionally good people. I believe you must have a great deal of good karma coming your way in the future, so fight through this temporary setback, and do like Sisco says and keep swimming. Take Care Girl.
Hello I have one question how did you get them little pods to pop ope-n and drop any pollen in fact it looks like I got a ouple of seeds in with them


This plant was started one day later than the first three plants featured. It, like the Widow Ryder, was sprayed entirely for the first week or so... then I changed and divided this plant to be able to just self this plant. Thus, the top is no longer sprayed and the bottom is...

Here she is today. Day 18 of Colloidal Silver treatment...

And a view of the top bud of the plant - NOT TREATED NOW

And then a view of PREFLOWER PISTILS on the very top of this plant...

Those clearly show hairy pistils...

BUT THIS PLANT'S PRE-FLOWERS ARE REAL DIFFERENT. To me, I thought they were male pre-flowers and wondered about the sex of this plant. I've been able to sex plants from pre-flowers for a very long time. Is it me? Or are they different on this plant? Has anyone ever seen female pre-flowers that looked like these?
Here is another node down on the plant...

And then, the next node down...

Now... is it me? Or are these pre-flowers shaped very much like a male pre-flower??? Am I going nuts???

Let me know if anyone else thinks these are strange!!!

Last, a bottom CS treated bud...

Back with more - but first a break!!!

Yes, I have a Kandy Kush with weird looking preflowers like this.


Scared the crap out of me when I first saw them.
Great pics. And, great info on this site. Haven't had to use it for problem solving for a while. I never thought it would get to this level when I logged on 4 years ago. Thanks for sharing the knowledge with other patients.
Thanks for sharing your grow with us.

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Can this be done I wonder. Sorry first post here but long time surfer. Can you take 2 clones from your mother plant (non auto), veg both for 4 weeks or so, put one plant into flower and begin CS treatment to 4 branches only. The treatment will take approx. 21-24 days to turn the clone to male. In the meantime, the other clone is still vegging.
Once you see the flowering clone's 4 branches start to turn, you put the other clone now into flower.

This is the bit I am wondering about, the plants are about 3 weeks apart, can I cut off the 4 branches from the 'male' plant and graft them onto the new female plant, this way, number one plant is now pollen free, she can be taken away and flowered to bud separately, or you could be lucky and keep her in, she is 3 - 4 weeks ahead and might be told old to pollenate, with the other plant.

The other plant, is now 1 day into flower, she has 4 branches of male pollen grafted onto her that are 3 - 4 weeks ahead, once at 21 days flower, the female will be ready and the male branches will release the pollen.

Is this nonsense, or practical?
Hy dude! I see you did a mataro gorw.. Looks wonderful.... I am at my very first grow and im growing mataro blue.. would you pleeease check my grow journal on RIU and do tell me how is my flowering gooing because i did a defoliation at end of week1 of flower and seems the buds did got stunned a bit... there is the link THANK YOU!!!
I took a few more pics that have nothing much to do with CS other than I want seeds so I can grow MORE of these strains!!! I am experimenting with my new camera - I still need to find the appropriate light setting (have to customize to even have ANYTHING green... but still need to figure out a bit better). Here's a few pics...

Here is a bugs view from one area in the flower room...

Of course, that darn bug is probably stoned!!!

Here is a Vanilla Kush bud at 5 weeks flowering. It's buds have the longest pistils of any strains I have grown yet!

And the top of a Red Dragon cola at 5wk flower...

And a fantastic producer, Mataro Blue at 5wk flower...

And one just to show I am working on getting to know my new camera and how to take trich shots...

:love::love::love::love::love:LUVIES TO ALL!!!:love::love::love::love::love:
Sounds like the colloidal silver project is a success. I have a strain being cloned right now that I want to keep forever, or until something better comes along. It has already been proven over a few grows so I think it is a good stable cross to work with.

(((OG Kush + Durban Poison) + Sour Diesel) + OG Kush) Mu current grow is with it minus the last OG.

Sounds so easy.
Thanks for writing this fantastic journal Granny! :love:

I'm sure you've inspired 1,000's of people to try CS seed making.

I've made tons of seeds now thanks to you.

If you ever come back to 420 I hope you visit my CS journal.

Initially I was watching the pistils and if they died back shortly after pollination, I thought the plant was pollinated... but then others started putting pics in here that showed the seeds in their bud. But many others helped contribute knowledge and visuals here - :thanks::thanks::thanks:!!! They sure helped this ol' granny learn to LOOK FOR SEEDS AND DON'T TOSS ANY POLLEN SACS UNTIL YOU SEE THEM!!!

Seeing seeds is by far the most definitive way to KNOW YOU HAVE A SUCCESSFUL POLLINATION.
Since DennyInCA has stuck by me throughout this journal and his purple seed pic was a turning point for me from not-so-successful to 100% success with current pollinations, I am going to include his seed pic here...

Granny - first off, thank you for your contribution to the community. It is extremely appreciated.

So, you said you would first watch pistils, thinking pistils dying off meant pollination, but you say that this wasn't a sure-tell sign? I'm facing the exact opposite dilemma. I produced a CS'ed female plant that produced many pollen sacs. I'd say about 90% of the didn't drop pollen, despite the sacs being open. However, I took all the sacs I could, and without opening them manually, I just began tapping them all. While, I didn't get the amount of pollen I hoped for, I did come out with quite a viable amount. Enough to definitely cover all the buds and then some. I was concerned because I don't see the pistils changing colors/dying off (it's been about 24 hours).

Sooo on to my questions if you could so be so kind to oblige:

1) Pistils dying doesn't mean pollination? Alls you can do is wait and hope to pray you see seeds?

2) How long after successful pollination did seed production start?

3) If I was able to get pollen without having to manually open the sacs...does that mean the pollen was viable? Or does it seem like the entire plant fails to produce any viable pollen?

4) Did you have troubles with specific strains, or was it a procedural issue?

Thank you so much!
I need help!!!! Anyone out there ?!
im going to start making my own cs and i need to know how long to let it go for im using a 9v dc with 1000mAMP transformer plugged into a wall socket and ill be using 14 gauge silver wire strips of 4-6 inches in about half gallon of distilled water
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