RD Moonshine Ghost Train - Moxie Snake Venom & Lemon OG By The Tard

All of your plants look good Tard, but that one in the bottom right hand corner is frosty af :thumb:

Thats the citral flo by the ethos collective. I'm definitely impressed by her so far bro but nothing is definitive until it gets smoked lol. Ill have a full report at the end :)

I follow directions and that happens.

Looks better than my plants.....
Happy 420 Tard, plants are looking killer

Happy belated 420 Yeti! Thanks a lot! They're coming along that's for sure. Might be chopping the snake venom this weekend. Shes real slow on the push and the trichs are mostly cloudy with a few ambers and a few clears. Ill give her til sunday :)

There's a nug from the snake venom and it'll be the last of her alive.
Thanks Dankster! Happy harvest for you too bud. It's kinda bitter sweet tho because trimming and drying, to me, is the worst part of growing lol :)
That looks so beautiful man, are you going to do smoke report after theyre dry? :)
That looks so beautiful man, are you going to do smoke report after theyre dry? :)

Thanks dude! I will do a smoke report. I cut a tester nug from my citral flo and will smoke it this weekend and do a report on that as well. It looks like fire and am really anxious to smoke it lol :)
A friend of mine when I was working...used to hire his mom and sisters to do that...my family wouldn't qualify...maybe not yours either...so we bear the burden!!...lolool...cheerz...h00k...:hookah:

Well, ill probably be doing it for the next 4 weeks cuz theyll all be finishing then. At least its not all 4 at once lol :)
So i smoked the citral flo last night. Its not fully matured yet or cured....it was fantastic!!! Really quick onset of a head high then within 10 minutes, my hands and arms started to tingle which turned into a nice body numbness. Very chatty and had a few good laughs. After a couple of hours I wanted to tear apart the fridge haha. Ill be growing 2 mire next round cuz im sure its gonna be a huge hit...no pun intended :)
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