The Advanced DS XML 650 LED - A Review By Doc Bud

Technical stuff:

Avg. Power Draw is 618 watts
Avg. Amp Draw is 5.15 amps

We use 10w Cree XM-L2 which is a warm white. and we use 3w Single Chip LEDs in the square sections.

5' x 5' Core Coverage

HPS Comparable:
1000w HPS/MH

Height Recommendations:
30" from seedling/clone and 20" to 24" away from the plant canopy at all times.

These are very, very powerful lights and the warm white spectrum makes a big difference. My eyes are happier and the plants seem way happier as well. I've already "warmed up" on these lights and below is the beginning of the bloom cycle.

All plants were vegged under Advanced xml 400's, with the red spectrum turned down about 50%.

3 Lemon Paki


And 3 Colombian Red which are hard to see in this pic. Plenty of pics will be shared in the coming months.


The plants are large, need no support at this time, and will likely need very little in the way of staking in the future. These lights make noticeably stiffer stems than other LED's I've used to date.
Late but present.


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