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  1. P

    Clones in 4x4 with Spider Farmer SF 4000

    Hello! I have a few clones in a 4x4 grow tent. Just transplanted them into soil. I have a spider farmer SF 4000. I have the light dimmed to 20 as of now with the light 3ft away from the clones.. Any advice on lighting, worried I won’t give them enough or too much. How much light to use? Any...
  2. Chrisx510

    Changing grow set up to whole room

    So one of my roommates is buying a house, that’s going to free up two rooms in my house. I got it okay’d by my “boss” (wife), to change one of the rooms to a grow room. I currently have one 600W HID, and one TSW2000, and one 4” charcoal filter with exhaust fan. The bedroom is about 15x15 with a...
  3. T

    Recommended dist from plant with this lamp?

    Hey! Im not a pro on lights and such - or growing generally but 5 months now, wich is a good - bad, and fun prosess. I love to learn and never think i know enough. Thougts on my question about distance when using this lamp? :)
  4. S

    Better light?

    Hello I am going to be buying a new light in next few month or so and have been looking. I was wanting to know your guys take on these 2 lights; - Cree CXB 3590 LED COB Grow Light 120 Watts and - Mars Hydro TSW2000. My tent is 80cm x 80cm or 2.6' x 2.6'. I aim for best gram per watt, both...
  5. Panel lights

    Panel lights

    Lights in males room
  6. J

    Does this look like it's burnt from the light?

    white widow auto day 21 Its on one set of leaves on 3 out of 4 plants. and only the second set of 3 leaves, nothing above or below I raised the lights just in case. and went for 24/0 to 20/4. I also noticed the tent was hitting 83 degrees, i now have it at a constant 76 degrees.
  7. Tiny Pistils 2: Return of the Calyx

    Tiny Pistils 2: Return of the Calyx

  8. Pretty lights

    Pretty lights

  9. Tiny Pistils

    Tiny Pistils

  10. Baby leaves

    Baby leaves

  11. Hazey


  12. G

    Lights for veg and flower

    Hey all! Just wanted some opinions on the lights I plan on using for my grow! I plan on using Nanolux 630w CMH's for flower, Ill have one light per plant. And for veg, I plan on using LED's, preferably one or two plants per light. I was looking into the HLG 600 quantum boards but I'm not too...
  13. G

    Need input and help on set up

    Hello, I'm growing legally as a caregiver and I ran into a problem and need some help but allow me to explain everything first. So, I have a building with a main floor and then a basement level. Both floors are 28W x 23L , the upper floor is a 10 foot ceiling while the basement is 7-8 feet...
  14. Cannygrow

    Need some advice on my lights

    Hey community I have a quick question regarding lighting, I have a Viparspectra 300w led inside a 2x4 Vivosun tent I have it over two critical purple auto and I am wondering if I will need supplemental lighting? The actual power draw is around 130w. My plants have started preflower and am...
  15. cutie.jpg


    Just a little NLA in it's youth.
  16. FoNz

    Northern Lights Autos: FoNz's Fabulous First Grow

    Hello everyone, First off I'm very excited to contribute here but also to learn from growers with experience in growing these intriguing plants! What brought me here was to have an outlet for sharing my grow setup and progress. This journal will follow my first Cannabis grow from it's current...
  17. C

    Help with wiring ballast and light

    What's up everyone i"'m just in the middle of setting up my second tent, I got a 600w hps with reflector and ballast but no wireing. Is this normal? In Ireland light kits always came with wires. The last time I bought a whole grow tent with lights etc the wires came. This grow shop does not sell...
  18. aerorev

    2018 light efficiency ultimate battle

    First post in the forum. I’ve been growing for about 16 years mainly outdoor. Started indoor a couple years ago using 1000w’s HPS’s with magnetic ballasts. Later on I switched to 400w Phillips HPS with Lumatek electronic ballasts for efficiency. I’m seeing a lot of discussion and...
  19. P_20180321_075806.jpg


    Shot of inside reflectors, only a few moments after lights on.
  20. Grow room light chains 4

    Grow room light chains 4

    Chains fitted
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