1. 3-2-1-dr_Jims.png


    Dr. JimsZ Tomato Tablets (3-2-1 GROW contains 11 species of Endo/Ecto Mycorrhizae to help your plants, trees, and shrubs)
  2. ScrappyD

    My four babies

    The beginning. Almost two weeks later. Red thing is for scale for me. Soon, they'll be meeting their new homes. When you walk by the plants, it sure smells like someone's smoking weed!
  3. Blue Sherbet 1

    Blue Sherbet 1

    Blue Sherbet (Blue cookies x Sunset sherbet) by Kyea Mofire
  4. DarionOzb

    How do I save these plants?

    Hey guys, hope I can get some help with this. About 2 weeks ago i started noticing some slow growth on these ladies after a very healthy and rapid 4 months of veg. This is my first time vegging past the 8/10 week mark, and I was trying to grow them out as long as I could. The slow growth...
  5. Shiva Skunk

    Shiva Skunk

    6 plants moved into bud
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  11. The Vault

    Don't Get The Freebie Jeebies

    Don't get the 'Freebie Jeebies' with this updated guide to the latest deals from The Vault! Free seeds with all orders and at varying levels of spend! Breeders on offer are: Barney's Farm Sweet Seeds Medical Marijuana UK Kannabia Seeds Female Seeds Heavyweight Seeds CLICK TO READ...
  12. killua13

    How do I know when to harvest?

    I have four weed plants in the later flowering stages. Idk what strain the weed is I just found the seeds in weed I was smoking. I decided to plant them and learn as i went along and now they are almost done. Luckily they were all female plants. That being said idk if they ready. Here is a pic...
  13. T

    Are my plants healthy?

    My dad mowed the lawns near my plants are my plants ok also I've just feed them and top them are they looking alright
  14. O

    Plants say harvest Trichomes say don't - What to do?

    Hi, today is flowering day 59 since 12/12 I flushed the plants 8 days ago they reacted very quickly and all the leaves turned yellow in 2-3 days. I didn't water them since then because the pots are still not very light. The trichomes doesn't turn amber though because I like a more indica...
  15. P

    We found some seeds in our auto fem Tut crop - Can someone explain why?

    Hi all, Hubby and I grow in a tent, in our garage. We grew our crop from auto flowering feminized seeds. At no time were there any male plants in the tent. But we found a few seeds in one of our plants. Can anyone tell me how this happened and if not they will be good enough to grow...
  16. H

    First grow - Problem with one plant

    Strain - Indica, bubblegum # of Plants - 1 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - Vegetative Bucket Size - 10 gallon Lights - (1) Mars hydro 192 reflector Nutrients - Fox Farms soil trio Medium - Ocean Forrest PPM - unknown PH - 6.5 RH - 28% Room Temperature -74-84F Solution Temperature -70...
  17. Jackalope

    Long term Powdery Mildew protection

    Damn the stuff it never goes away. I have only had to deal with this the last 2 grows. One I killed most of the plants treating them. I totally cleaned the grow area with bleach water and all pots, fixtures and everything I could. It always comes back. I should mention I live in a very old house...
  18. B

    Need help figuring this out

    hey guys. ive been having this issue with rust colored leaves for a while now. heres the info on the grow. im sure i will forget something so please ask questions. i have a 4x4 tent with 4 purple haze plants from the same mother. i use advanced nutrients ph perfect grow micro and bloom along...
  19. S

    Newbie 1st grow needs advice

    I have 3 plants in a hydroponic setup. All 3 are from seed, problem is one plant has become larger than the other 2 by a long way and is in danger of shrouding the light from it's neighbour. They are all Trainwreck strain and in week 6 of grow with 20/4 hours light/dark. How can I either...
  20. K

    New law says 30 gram max possession but you can grow up to 4 plants?

    Maybe I'm missing something in fine print somewhere but the new law per the goc Canada website says there will be a 30 gram possession limit but also that u can grow up to 4 plants. I don't know bout u guys but I'm pretty sure even if u screwed up bad u should get more than 30 gram from a 4...
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