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Long term Powdery Mildew protection


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Damn the stuff it never goes away. I have only had to deal with this the last 2 grows. One I killed most of the plants treating them. I totally cleaned the grow area with bleach water and all pots, fixtures and everything I could. It always comes back. I should mention I live in a very old house so totally clean is a relative term. I have found that SaferGro Mildew cure works great on vegging plants. It wilts the hairs on budding plants. So I have to discontinue its use after week 3 or so of flowering. After that I use a soil base treatment that treats both the plants and the soil. This works for a few more weeks but not as well as I would like. After that I use a bleach water sprayer to hit any spots as they show up.
This is working and I am able to get mildew resistant plants to harvest. Anyone else have suggestions for Powdery Mildew protection while flowering?

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Depends on your RH whether lowering that will help some, that and better air flow either by less crammed into a small area or thinning out some in middle of plant to increase air or increasing your ventilation. What I have read some strains have better resistance to it same as some the bugs like better and some they don't like as much. One of the few things I haven't had to fight with as my problems been mostly bugs and the usual beginner stuff like overwatering and bull in a china shop clumsy stress training, so hopefully someone come along that has dealt/fought with that one before. I did have some bud rot issues but that was with an outdoor plant and mostly a weather issue as mother nature wasn't cooperating and not being our "typical" weather for that time of year (that and I let it get too bushy so didn't get good airflow).


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Nice dry air here for the most part. That helps a lot. I know that I was pushing it with the amount of plants I had growing. More females then I planned from the regular seeds. Not to many plants but the room was full after stretch. Higher temps at that time didn't help either. I am opening up plants more this time for better air circulation. Its plants in the flower stage that I really want to protect better. Even at low concentrations the one I am using is still has high P and K and I end up with some burning on the leaves. The buds are bulking up right at that time so the high P and K levels comes in handy. I still feel I may be loosing some growth by the fact the plants not being totally healthy.
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