1. coralman

    Little help with sugar based feed and boosters

    So i usually use biobizz top max through out flowering or just straight mollases, iv recently got the Shogun sumo boost bio stimulant which contains sugars (i bought it for the tricantanol) So my question is would it be wise too ditch the topmax whilst using the sumo boost and maybe just...
  2. Jackalope

    Long term Powdery Mildew protection

    Damn the stuff it never goes away. I have only had to deal with this the last 2 grows. One I killed most of the plants treating them. I totally cleaned the grow area with bleach water and all pots, fixtures and everything I could. It always comes back. I should mention I live in a very old house...
  3. K

    How to use Cannabis the right way?

    Hello Everyone! I wanna know how to use Cannabis right way, but I have no idea! Someone give me a advise! thanks a lot!!:420::420:
  4. baxbax

    Can I use this insecticide during flowering? Need suggestion

    Spider mites , i found strong Insecticides specified for mites but don't know CAN I USE IT DURING FLOWERING ON MEDICINE GRADE CANNABIS ? this is the link of this Insecticides : Bayer Envidor Insecticides | Crop Science US
  5. N

    Medical Marijuana after hours with a safety sensitive job - Worried about disclosure

    I use marijuana for anxiety/depression/ptsd. I never use on the job or before work. I typically need it in the evening as I wind down and am alone with my thoughts. It helps me clear the mind and gets me to sleep. With antidepressants I needed sleeping pills and lost my sex drive...
  6. W


    I'm just starting my 1st grow in 25 years .Lots have changed ,hope to use 402 a big part of my research.
  7. Pinktiger777

    Pinktiger's Third Reveg - Come Along For The Ride!

    Hello, and welcome to my first journal and my third reveg of this plant. I will post the entire grow, and show pictures as we go. At this date, my plant has been revegging for one month. Here's a picture of one of the large buds from the January 1, 2018 harvest: The strain is Mazari Grape by...
  8. vyserage

    Soon to be RDWC - How do I use these 3 preventatives?

    Hydroguard, H202 and Dutch Master Gold Zone. I know hydroguard i would use every time i water (i believe) but would it be wrong to also mix in h202 + Zone or a mix of either? I need known facts from you who have been doing this or similar! Its hard wrapping my head around all the info out...
  9. J

    New to the group

    Just a quick hello introducing myself. Mostly interested in the implementation of the legality and distribution method the government will use. Don't think we will see a better comedy for a very long time. Enjoy!
  10. B

    Any AN Nirvana Users?

    I just started using Nirvana as a supplement on a soil grow, heading into first week of flip. Did a very weak dilution foliar spray, and during regular feeding I added .25ml/l to my nute solution. I've been using AN pH perfect mbg (mostly micro, b/c I am using a warm organic mix, and the...
  11. D

    Recommendation for 2x5 closet LED light and quantity

    So Canada going to legalize marijuana in few month and i wanna make a set up to grow some good stuff. I have a closet 2x5 and i will like to know how much plan i can put in that space. Im hoping to have 3-5 plan. So my first question is what is the max plant i can put in a 2x5 closet...
  12. Justones

    2nd grow help

    Wanting to start my 2nd grow. 1st grow was outdoors in soil. This time I'm wanting to do indoors to control lighting & environment to flower sooner. Also in hopes to keep control of the bugs. Stuff I have ready and available: I am going to use a 2.5x2.5 ft area. It's our extra stand in...
  13. L

    A nutriment expert among us ? Compatibility between Topmax and Beta 23 ?

    Hi everyone ! I hope this one is a challenging one ahah. It is for me despite hours of reading so your input would be much needed and appreciated :) Here we go. The nutriments I use are: -part of the BIOBIZZ range (RootJuice, BioGrow, BioBloom, TopMax) -CANNAZYM I went to my local...
  14. S

    Ocean Forest soil: What nutes best to use?

    hello, please help me with some experienced growers out there that use fox farm ocean forest soil. i would like to know what nutrients are best to use? i just harvested my very first grow, and with much struggle overall was very happy with the end result of the buds. i used miricle grow...
  15. C

    Rookie at this

    Whats goin on 420 my name capo they just passed the law in cali for recreational use wit is weak af but on the plus i get to grow my own weed legally this will be my first grow looking to go Hydroponic DWC im looking to purchase a 2ftx4ft tent, curre t culture solo dwc set up, 600w LED light the...
  16. baxbax

    Can I use urea nitrogen in coco?

    just ordered synthetic urea nitrogen and decide using it in coco it's only nitrogen source i'm going to use for grow plus some pk , will urea work fine in coco ? I know hesi tnt has 100 urea nitrogen in it and is recommended for coco by company , will urea provide nitrogen in coco as well as soil ?
  17. Y

    Dyna Gro feed schedule?

    Dose anyone have a feed schedule fo Dyna gro for a DWC?? I do not use RO WATER. I use tap water. I use the bucket system. Feed Chart – Dyna-Gro This schedule is so powerful that there is a risk of nute burns. Please tell us your own recipe. PLEASE I NEED HELP
  18. S

    Can I put a fan heater in my tent?

    Was going to use a fan heater in my tent aslong as its not blowing on plants it should be fine? Anyone use one in tent?
  19. CannaPot

    Cannapot - Elemental Seeds - Grizzly Kush, True Berry & More Great Seeds & Discount

    :Namaste: We now have a few ELEMENTAL SEEDS on stock at our shop --> Elemental Seeds regular : buy cannabisseeds - Cannapot And we also have reduced them at the moment, so check it out and get some superb genetics for a good price ;) If you want to get more discount just use this: 12%...
  20. Ron Strider

    Canadian Cannabis Grower Aurora Heads To Europe

    A Canadian marijuana maker is set to sell cannabis in several European countries after striking a deal with Denmark's biggest tomato producer. Aurora Cannabis is partnering with Alfred Pedersen & Son to produce cannabis for medical use in Europe. The greenhouses used for tomatoes can be...
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