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  2. Jackalope

    Long term Powdery Mildew protection

    Damn the stuff it never goes away. I have only had to deal with this the last 2 grows. One I killed most of the plants treating them. I totally cleaned the grow area with bleach water and all pots, fixtures and everything I could. It always comes back. I should mention I live in a very old house...
  3. I

    My First Ever Grow & Grow Journal - AK47 Feminized

    Hi guys, I never thought I would be here. After looking at a grow journal I decided to get into the game and post my process. I barely smoked till i was 37 and now that its legal and I do not drive I started smoking more. Unfortunately, good stuff is expensive thus I decided to grow my own...
  4. BTzGrow

    Do I have a problem

    I've got a indoor grow with a single plant. Using soil FoxFarm Mother Earth(new product for them, given to me as a sample). My water is 6.7pH. Recently potted from a 6" square plastic when the roots started poking out the holes, to a 5 gal Root Pouch. Typical Temp when the light is on is low...
  5. juz420

    Single bladed leaves after flip - Skunk Star

    G'day 420'ers, After Flipping my Skunk star I've started getting single bladed leaves & 3 bladed leaves more so from the lower branches. (I lay my plants over when in the flowering cupboard due to height restriction), they are under 3 x Mars Hydro Epistar 160's and in coco. This has happened...
  6. Ron Strider

    Massachusetts Police Find 112 Pounds Of Marijuana In 'Suspicious' Crates

    Two suspicious wooden crates that showed up at Massachusetts shipping company just days after Christmas led to a massive drug bust. The Wareham Police Department said it arrested Michael Chen of Providence, Rhode Island, on Wednesday after a search of the crates yielded 112 pounds of...
  7. ckenney82

    PH In & Runoff PH Question

    The feeding today went very well. My combined runoff after feeding my two oldest 1.5 ltr and my two others 1 ltr I got a runoff of 1 ltr I was able to get a clear sample of runoff after I let it sit for 5 minutes or so. Runoff came back at 5.5 and Ph of my Feed was 6.2. Can anyone tell me...
  8. Ron Strider

    2 Arrested After Colorado Sheriff Gets All-Marijuana Offer For Car On Craigslist

    Two people were arrested after they tried to trade marijuana for a vehicle being sold on Craigslist by the sheriff in Teller County, Colorado. Shawn Langley, 39, of Vail, contacted Sheriff Jason Mikesell after the sheriff advertised his personal vehicle for sale on Craigslist, the sheriff's...
  9. HigherTheHigh

    Can I use Terpinator while I flush?

    Like the title says, i just need to no if i run it till chop will it leave an after taste or should i just go for unsulphered molasses? Here is a link to the terpinator page: Home - terpinator.com
  10. G

    Revolutionary stretch method or just a screwup?

    Two weeks back I had an accident in the room where I keep my two WW, the heater and light fuse had blown and my growtent had freezing temperatures. This was in 3rd week of flower (after changing to 12/12) The plants got 23 hours of darkness and temps gradually dropping down form 18C to 0,5C...
  11. Ron Strider

    U.S. Officials Investigating Oregon Marijuana Operation

    Federal officials are investigating a marijuana-processing facility in Oregon after an explosion there injured a man who was previously convicted in a money-laundering operation linked to pot-trafficking. The probe is a fairly rare instance in which U.S. officials are investigating a...
  12. Ron Strider

    FL: Serial Coffee County Marijuana Grower Arrested Months After Not Showing For Court

    A serial Coffee County marijuana grower is back in jail after his arrest Thursday four months after he cut off an ankle monitor and failed to appear for a court hearing on his most recent charge of manufacturing the drug, the county sheriff said. George Darryl Harper was arrested at his...
  13. Ron Strider

    Browns' Josh Gordon Claims He Made Big Money Selling Marijuana At Baylor

    Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon is in the midst of his long-awaited NFL comeback after being suspended 53 games due to several violations of the league's substance abuse policy. He was reinstated by the league last month, practiced with the Browns last week, and coach Hue Jackson said...
  14. Ron Strider

    MD: Former Seattle Officer Admits Running Marijuana To Baltimore

    A former Seattle police officer has pleaded guilty for his role in smuggling hundreds of pounds of marijuana to Baltimore. Alex Chapackdee, who spent 16 years on the force, resigned shortly after his arrest in May. The U.S. Attorney's Office said after his plea Monday prosecutors would...
  15. Ron Strider

    VA: Man Charged With Possession Of Marijuana After Being Pulled Over For Speeding

    A man charged with reckless driving early Sunday morning was also charged with possession of marijuana and distribution of marijuana according to the Washington County, Virginia Sheriff's Office. At approximately 4 a.m. Deputy Sheriff Jerry Farley stopped a vehicle for speeding while working...
  16. M

    CBD oil on buds?

    Hi all.. I just had to harvest my plant a bit early, and I'm afraid I lost out on the medicinal benefits of it. Is there any way I could increase the CBD content after harvest? Could I put a drop of CBD oil directly on the dried buds or something? Also, Is there any way to improve the taste of...
  17. Ron Strider

    SD: Tribe's Marijuana Consultant Pays Fine, Court Costs

    A cannabis cultivation expert who was prosecuted in South Dakota after working with a Native American tribe trying to open the nation's first marijuana resort will see his drug case dismissed. A sentence handed down Tuesday for Jonathan Hunt caps the state's prosecution of two consultants...
  18. Ron Strider

    Cannabis Oil Use In The UK Doubles In A Year - 250,000 People Now Rely On It

    The number of cannabis oil users across the UK has doubled in the space of one year, startling new figures reveal. Regulatory body data shows there are now 250,000 users across the home nations - up from the 125,000 recorded this time last year. Cannabis Trades Association UK also states...
  19. Ron Strider

    WI: Packers Running Back Aaron Jones faces Marijuana-Related Charge

    Green Bay Packers running back Aaron Jones was arrested in early October and faces several charges after a traffic stop in which he admitted to smoking marijuana. Jones, 22, has pleaded not guilty to counts of speeding, driving without a valid license and operating a vehicle with a controlled...
  20. T

    Understanding PPMs

    48x48x80 Tent 2 LEDs - 1000, 1500 1 floor fan, 2 smaller fans Earthpots - 5-3gal, 2-7gal Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Sensi Grow and Bloom Coco Parts A+B Canna Coco Brick Crop King Seeds - Candy Cane (AF); Afghani (R), under 24/7 CFLs Hi, I'm about a week away from harvesting my last soil...
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