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Hello everyone and thanks for finding my journal. I appreciated all of the help and great people that were on my last ride with me. That was my first time growing and I really needed the help and support. I am growing out some clones I took of the Puff Puff Passout (aka PPP) and a clone of the Tutakamen (aka Tut). There are a total of 8 plants. I am going to grow them in the same RDWC system from last time and under the same lights with the same nutrient line.

So lets get started.

What strain is it?
Dr. Krippling's Puff Puff Passout from Gorilla Seed bank.

Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? It is a Hybrid with mostly Sativa 60/40%

Is it in Veg or Flower stage? It is in Veg

If in Veg... For how long? About 2 months now under t5s but now it is under LEDs so should go a lot faster.

Size of light? 350 XML Diamond series from Advanced LED

Type and strength of ferts used? Advanced Nutrients Sensei Grow and Bloom with a full supplement line.

Ok I will get some photos up in the next post as well as start getting into the meat of this grow. Thanks again for coming along for the ride.
Ok so here are some pics of the setup from a couple of days ago.

The little plant is the Tut. I do not know why it is so much smaller than the others. The rest of the plants are all PPP.
I have a problem this morning. The plants are all drooping. I do not know why. Any thoughts comments are welcome. I am in a RDWC setup so I do not think it is from over watering as you would think if this was a soil setup. It is really bothering me as I want to flip to 12/12 sometime next week. I am trying to dial this in based off of what I had in late veg on the last grow. But I am not off to a great start.

Please have a look at the pics and let me know what you think. I am going to give them some time to recover and see how they progress.
In and subbed! Excited to see what little tut can do...:thumb:

Thanks ShiggityFlip and welcome aboard. I just posted a smoke report on my first grow of the Tut. It was quite a strong smoke. :)
Update: End of Droopy Leaves
Ok, so the situation was yesterday evening, the plants started to droop. I was thinking at the time that they were probably getting over the shock of moving from one tent system to this tent system. Different lights, res temps, ambient temps all of these things were different for the plants now. So I went to bed confident that they would be recovered by morning. Well this morning they were all very droopy. I freaked out.

The first thing I did was to check to see if my air pumps were on. They were. The next was to check that the chemistry of the res was correct. It was. The temps were great and so was the humidity. So that was everything I knew to do. I then freaked out. I posted this please help me post this morning and started researching droopy plant syndrome. Well the answer for that is that in soil droopy plants mean too much water. The plants are "drowning". Well I am not in soil, I am using a Recirculating Deep Water Culture system. So that means I did not think that my plants were drowning. I had tremendous success with this system in my first grow, so now I went back and tried to see what was different. It took me a while but I finally figured it out. My lights were too high. My lights were at the 7 foot mark and my canopy is at the 20 inch mark. That is a big gap for these lights. I lowered my lights to 30 inches above the canopy. I spent the rest of the day worried that I was wrong.

Well this evening the plants are looking great. The droop is gone and the leaves are straight and firm again. The problem was the lights, or rather the height of the lights from the canopy. The short version of the explanation is, light's lose strength (PAR) the greater the distance it travels. My lights in particular have a sweet spot of 24 - 30 inches above the canopy. This means that if I want to encourage vertical growth, I put the lights a little higher than that so the plants reach for the stronger light. If I want to encourage an even canopy and "bushing" I keep the light in the sweet spot and train the plants to grow horizontally.

Having the lights so high meant that the plants were not getting enough PAR for photosynthesis. With out that photosynthesis, it could not breath or create enough sugars and carbs to survive. They would have continued to degrade until the plant died under its own weight. Being able to diagnose a problem and take the correct actions is vitally important for us. I read a lot of journals and ask a lot of questions of the local experts in these forums. It really has helped me to become smarter about more than just the cannabis. I hope this helps anyone else that may read this. Thanks for stopping by. I will post some pics tomorrow. :)
Sup bama! Here we go again. You are a bit ahead of me this round. Gonna head over and check how pop and tut finished. Hope all is well my dude.

Hey dabbledo! Yeah check out the smoke reports. They were both very nice smokes. PPP will def stick you to a couch and Tut is a very quick, intense high that has legs! It lasts a good long time. :)

That was a good catch Bama. Even the new XMLs have their distance limits. We are lucky our chosen plant is such a quick responder to stress and such a quick resonder to correction. Let's us diagnose and see corrective results in one to three days!

I have no complaints about the lights. They did great for me on my first grow. This was me screwing up and not positioning the lights correctly. Yeah cannabis is a very hardy plant. You can beat it, abuse it, and they still grow if you correct your mistakes. It just requires a high degree of attention.

It is my hope to be able to flip these next week. I am concerned that I will not be able to. There are 105 squares in my screen. I am currently filling in or almost filled in ~30 squares. That is a little less than 30%. Before the flip I want to have at least 70%. I will continue to train the plants horizontally for the first week of stretch. This will then fill in the last 30% of the screen. I have to admit that it is a bit of work to keep the canopy even and keep tieing them down especially in the stretch. I kind of just quit on my last grow and because of that I did not have an even canopy or a very thick volume of colas.

With this grow I am going for the classic SCROG. In order for that to maximize the power of the lights and the number of tops, I believe you have to have a very even canopy so that most of the tops are in the ideal position for the light foot print. I have three leds and that provides me with about 15 square feet of intense light at 30 inches. My tent is 32 square feet total. So almost half of the square feet is in the intense light footprint. I want a hundred or more tops in that foot print. My last grow I had 54 tops in that zone. I really want to triple that or more on this grow. I believe that it is very possible to do that with the SCROG method of growing. I have seen people like Lightaddict use the flux/mainlining method to get massive amounts of tops with just one plant. So this grow will be very exciting from a very nerdy point of view. :)
Late to this party, but better late than never!

Nice fix on the droopy leaf issue... I was thinking it was lack of oxygen in the root zone, but obviously not :)

BTW -- awesome job on that 1st grow... I got moved to completed before I could even post a final comment.

Excited to see how this grow goes for you, now that you're "semi-pro grower" :)

It's going to be a green xmas at the Bama household!
Late to this party, but better late than never!

Nice fix on the droopy leaf issue... I was thinking it was lack of oxygen in the root zone, but obviously not :)

BTW -- awesome job on that 1st grow... I got moved to completed before I could even post a final comment.

Excited to see how this grow goes for you, now that you're "semi-pro grower" :)

It's going to be a green xmas at the Bama household!

:) likewise Cogreen! Excellent job on yours as well.
Nice catch. I'm in. Now to go back and read your first journal.

Good luck with that. :) It is a big read. lol it was fun, but there could have been better. It was my first time and a lot of mistakes were made. This grow I want to do several things differently and see what happens. :)
Well the plants look nice this morning. They are not taking off like rockets but they are growing. I noticed that they are beginning to show signs of a def of some type. The blades of the fan leaves are starting to turn up. I believe this to be a mag def. I checked the chemistry and pH is about 5.7 and PPM is 900. I added a little water to lower the PPM. I may have to dump some of the water so I can get to about 700 PPM and then add in some Cal/Mag.

It has been a week since the plants were moved to this tent. They have grown but I had some lost time at first because of the lights being too high. While I was filling up the res I took a look at the roots of the plants. They are looking great. Large root balls already! I mean when I put them into these pots last week they had very small amount of roots. It was a couple of weeks ago that I cut all the roots off because they had some rot in them. Well they have bounced back very well now. So while they are not blowing me away with the top growth, the root growth was amazing. I am hoping that they put so much energy into root development, so they can now support some serious growth of the canopy.

I also know that the slight defol that I did on them Monday slowed them some. I was only taking the worst leaves or leaves that were shading the interior of the plant. It is part of my plan to keep defoling them of the big fans that are covering the interior of the plant. There are a lot of branch sites on the interior and I want those sites to be in direct light. I have noticed this week that the most significant growth has been at those sites. Well at least the easiest to judge. They were just barely green spots and now they are little branches with one to two sets of leaves. It is my opinion that the more branching and tops that I put on my plant the faster she will grow. At least that is my hope. Besides in order to reach my goal of having a couple of hundred tops in my canopy, I need all of the branches I can get on my plants.

Anyway I typed more than I planned on. Just some of my thoughts. Have a great day.
So this is where everyone went.. I was talking and all of a sudden everyone was gone... Just figured out you where all here....

Glad things are going good... 5.7 ph and 900 ppm is fine I run less is more approach and 1k is my max with all supps but I run 900 in small plants in veg... not always but sometimes...even they are ok with it.

I don't think the lights almost killed them a few days ago...not to disagree. It "had" light..yes far away but it will try to stretch to it... you have an assload of lumens there..I never move my light and i milk crate small small ones but they don't die even if I don't. It will not be ideal at all... hurt yield.. stunt them a little in growth.. they will stretch a lot. Your plants just had transplant stress... You know your crap.. you check all your stuff res etc.. and be patient.. they will rebound...or i believe that is why they did... That being said you know my experience as well...no expert. You are right you can't drown a plant with too much water in the res.. as long as you have adequate air. Don't do like me and run 6 in a tub and not have a stone for each plant under it. You will see a difference in each plant. I just run half full tubs. That way i can change PPM's and add cal/mag etc easier as I can do it with straight PH water.. totally diff than your setup.. I fill ones in flower full full because they will drink it but plants in veg i run tubs at half full to let the roots reach for the water and they get splashed well and good o2.

If you don't mind moving lights alot yes close is better... I have a DCC that hit the light so I have been supercropping it at 4 inches.. I really wish I did at about a foot. I am too lazy to move lights and that one just stretched well still is or just ended...

Sorry to hijack a little just hadn't posted in awhile as RL has been busy as poop


It is all good FE! RL this time of year has a way of just overtaking everything. :) I like the food though so no complaints from me. :) Taking my son to see Star Wars this afternoon. And we went to a parade last night. I love all the cool fun stuff to do as a family this time of year.

I think there is something to the transplant stress theory. They went from one tent to a completely different set up in the other. However after 3 days I would have thought they were better not worse. It just freaked me out. They are now doing really well. I will have an LED for the veg tent. That T5 was just a little underwhelming. I want the LED's so that I just need to give them a few days in the flower tent before flipping them. Right now I am putting some growth on them before the flip. They are pretty much the same size as the plants from the first grow, but they should be huge by now and they are not. I have 30% of my screen filled and I want at least 70% before the flip. I can say that the Tut has doubled in size since last Friday. Not in height but in leaf mass. Also, as I said before, I checked the roots and the root mass has increased in a very dramatic way. I tied down the plants again yesterday morning and last night everyone of those tops were turned up again. So they are growing very nicely again. They just need some time to get to the size I want.

I was hoping that I would not need a second screen on this grow but I can see that I will be using a second one. I really want to limit the stretch to 4'. So we will just have to see.
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