Pineapple Fields Community Grow Thread

My love for Dynasty Huckleberry Kush had me start searching for another Dynasty strain suitable for a community grow thread. That strain is Pineapple fields. It is a strain with 4 main phenos and is gaining popularity as a super smelly and potent strain. Here is the info from Dynastygenetics.

Lineage: Kali Snapple x Ms.Universe #10

Parental Information:
Mom- Kali Snapple is an elite clone that consists or Snowbud/Pineapple x Kali Mist (pre 2000). By far the smelliest plant I've ever had in my garden, this trait passes down in the Pineapple fields gene pool, so be ready for extra Carbon filters if you have neighbors.

Dad-The Ms.Universe #10 has an extremely high thc content, but is a very functional and long-lasting medicine... The #10 male carries a DessTar(Starship x KaliMist) Dominancy which brings the disco balls(aka resin glands) to the party, as well as a extra coating of frosting and sweet essence of fruit, caramel and spices.....

both parents were created by Professor P

Indica/Sativa %
Sativa Dominant
Feminized Seeds?
Indoor / Outdoor
Bloom Length:
# of Phenotypes?
Describe each phenotype expression:

Pheno "A"- (40%) 50/50 pheno exhibiting traits from both parents and nearly a perfect plant. 9-10wk bloom, chunky buds/good yielder , PM resistant, purple hues and an amazing pineapple/candy/dank smell.


Pheno "B"(20%) reeking of pineapple roadkill, this Kali Snapple dominant pheno that is the smelliest of the bunch. incredible terpenes and high.


Pheno "C" (20%) Ms.Universe pheno that takes the longest to bloom (10-11wk) but the skyrocket high is well worth the wait. pineapple/haze smells and flavors bless the senses when this lady is in the area.


Pheno "D" fasting blooming pheno (58-65days), recessive pineapple genes that will make you salivate at first whiff. Pineapple juice is the main smells you will get from her.


Resin Profile:
High resin
Odour Score:10
Odour Description:
Pineapple, Haze, Road Kill
Flavour Score:9
Flavour Description:
Pineapple, Tropical fruit, haze, old school skunk
Potency Score:
High Type:
well rounded, cerebral/body

Here is the cool breeder packaging: I got 12 seeds!


So I have planted six regular seeds of Pineapple fields and they popped on the 7th and 8th of this month. So about 2 weeks in. No nutrients as of yet but going to add a very dilute solution as they are lime leaved. I tend to be lazy about seedlings because I usually just flower the clones I take from them. Gives me an idea of what pheno they will be once they start to get big.

So come on, order some Dynastygenetics Pineapple Fields and let's get a grow on! I really would love to grow this out with other people on the site! Get yourself some seeds and join the fun!
REALLY interested to follow along with your grow Shiggity! This plant sounds amazing!
Well top of the afternoon my friend sorry I was so slow getting over to check out what you were up to, but sure glad I finally made it. As usual you have out done yourself. I wish I had known about this grow a little sooner, I just popped 10 seeds and while I was waiting for them to pop, I got anxious and went out and bought 2 clones just so I could get things rolling. I had a secret Santa who sent me a few seeds, ok my definition of a few would be oh I don't know between 50 and a 100 of say 5 or 6 different strains. I am popping 3 different varieties that my Secret Santa sent, all either Sativa or Sativa dominate, plus I picked up 2 clones, one Cherry Pie, which looked just terrible when I picked her up but I believe I can nurse her back into the game, and a Dogwalker OG which I picked up at a different dispensary but it was of much better quality. Of the 3 varieties I am growing of the secret santa strains I am growing 4 Huckleberry, 4 Malawi Gold and 2 Iranian Goddess. On top of all that, I am breaking down and going to grow 2 plants this run in DWC Buckets.

So as you can see my tents and grow space has already been dedicated, but I would love to follow along with you and RTK and anyone else who jumps in, since the pineapple does look very yummy.going to cut this short, going to medicate for the evening and most likely will be getting silly really quick :rofl:

Trying to get back into my routine of growing, chatting, working and getting on with life.
Love you bro :circle-of-love:
OG after I sex them you can have your pick of females and name her.

I have not heard anyone say something like that since back in the days when I took the wife to that swingers club after a few stiff drinks. Yikes!:rofl:

But on a more serious note, I have just the name for one of your gals, one that has great meaning for me. It would be a privilege to name one of your ladies.
Yo Shiggs
Thanks for the heads up. I am intrigued by the Pineapple
Fields. Best believe I'll be ordering me some of those beans. However....I'm so chock full of s33ds from the contest sponsors. I will eat some popcorn and watch you rock those funky females. Note to self....pick up this Pineapple field's this spring for an outdoor run.
First time I've ever seen a breeder explain the different phenos you might get. Maybe I just need to do more seed shopping. Pretty awesome either way.

Professor P really knows his strains before he ships them out to the public. This means he can give detailed descriptions and ratios on all phenos and an accurate description of its medicinal aspects. I admire that. And his Dynastygenetics strains are top notch. I grew the Huckleberry Kush V3 this last and present grow and they are wonderful. Check out the hunger games thread in my sig and you will see a nice strain description for Huck Kush V3. It would be nice if more breeders did that.
Awesome Solovoodoo! I am stoked to have you joining the community grow! This is getting more awesome every day!

Ever since I signed up I wanted to be an active part of the community here so what a better way to get to know this lovely community then joining a community grow :thumb:
those are the same pheno and smell predominately pineapple with a background of baby poo.
good thing i'm near harvest, last jar is almost empty.


other pheno i have going this round is much more subdued smelling. rotten and sweet aromas.
girls went a couple days longer without water than i had intended and the three of this pheno took it the worse.


you said you're fond of the huck kush. this is a love potion#1 x c99 mom with a huckelberry dad

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