1. Tommygun93

    Seed production

    Hi guys hope your all good. I’m growing hemp for smokable flower. I planted a substantial amount of seeds this year from the same genetic and and have cloned the phenos that I found appealing. From yield, terpenes to colour. my plan is to pick acouple of my favourites once gone through further...
  2. Macdaddy420

    Dark Gorilla x Blue Orbit Pheno Hunt

    Hey guys so I’m going to do a pheno hunt. It’s the first time I’m doing this so if you have advice or tips, don’t hold them back! I will be growing regular seeds that I crossed last season. Blue orbit (blueberry x spoetnik #1) X dark gorilla (dark devil x gorilla glue #4). Both stable strains...
  3. Cannygrow

    Is it just a difference in phenotype?

    Hello fellow growers, I am looking for some advice on my two auto. I want to know why are they so damn different if they are the exact same strain soil and everything. I understand phenotypes but do they really differ this much or is it something I am doing ? I am a first time grower plants are...
  4. waterfarm strawberry cake

    waterfarm strawberry cake

    same strain different phenos
  5. D

    Auto White Widow - Foxtail?

    Hi, I have two out of four of my auto white widows that seem to be of a different pheno though I might be wrong and they're foxtailing. Anyhow, I'm at day 65 from seed. They have a crapload of pistils but are lacking the weight though I guess they can still pull it out or did something went...
  6. Jackalope

    Introducing Purple Betty

    This strain started as a worked over White Russian. Through the years Super Silver Haze was crossed into it. This strain is not only high in THC but can produce 4 to 6oz per plant. This is Trailer Trash Betty high in THC with no ceiling. The more you smoke the higher you get. While working on...
  7. Jackalope

    Shades of purple

    You got to love it when purple comes to town. Though it is not hard to get purple when your growing a Purps cross. It is hard to photograph and get the color to come out. Here is what came out ok. Headband showing its color. Out of 4 females this is the only 1 to turn purple. Under side of...
  8. growguyphd

    Color change with Fastberry has me concerned

    One of my fastberrys is turning black. plant looks healthy. I know they do turn purple but I have two plants and only one is turning. Somebody tell me this is just a different pheno, and all will be well. This is my first time growing these.
  9. Botani

    Any Ideas?

    not sure whats going on here. strain = white widow humidity = 70% (need to get it down) grow = dwc hydro time = 9 weeks since 12/12 switch trichomes = still about 20% clear and only 80% cloudy nutrients = dutch nutrient formula using 1/2 strength ppm = 620 (I been kinda under feeding in...
  10. cannilingus

    Papaya - Nirvanna

    Cut these four girls at day 60. Then smell very nice. Like the whiskey/pipe tobacco they claim. Grown in larger 7 gallon pots, im guessing i got three oz each. However, these came from an original seed plant. one pheno, and, i dont like the fact that this one, had thin, weak stalks. they...
  11. G

    Completed Ganjagrowergu - Dutch Treat x OG Kush F1 - CFL/LED - Soil - Journal

    I am running two tents. First is a 32*48*60 one mars300 led + 184 watts mixed spectrum 23 watt clfs, houses 5 indica phenos + a tangie and the second one is a 32*32*63 has a single 250 watt 2100k cfl with reflector, one 5 gallon grow bag with the sativa pheno. All plants are lst and planted in...
  12. L

    Abandoned Flo Super Mutant Pheno Hunt - Home Made Veganics

    Seeds - The strain is Flo by Dj Short, The seed pack says they are f4s and f5s. lighting - combination cfl and led bulbs, both at 6500k and 2700k kept on 18/6 nutrients - i feed them home grown algea (spirulina) i grow in a 10 gallon aquarium and somtimes molasses. Goal - to find a nice...
  13. cannilingus

    Jack Herer Pheno B

    cut at 63 days.
  14. ShiggityFlip

    Completed Pineapple Fields Community Grow Thread

    My love for Dynasty Huckleberry Kush had me start searching for another Dynasty strain suitable for a community grow thread. That strain is Pineapple fields. It is a strain with 4 main phenos and is gaining popularity as a super smelly and potent strain. Here is the info from Dynastygenetics...
  15. C

    Good strains to pheno hunt

    Wanted some input on good strains to pheno hunt (100-150 plants (price dependent)). Need something that can take a lot of scrog and yield heavy in 10 weeks or less. Sensei Star's ogre pheno caught my eye as well as some of the recent bodhi drops. Does anyone have any experience with...
  16. Stage

    HSO Sour Diesel Auto

    Sour Diesel auto from Humboldt Seed Organization is a very good yielding strain which grew from seed to weed in 70-80 days. Easy to grow, they enjoyed the cocoa medium and dutch master ferts I gave her. They enjoyed an aggressive feeding schedule as 3 autos I grew provided me with over 400 dried...
  17. A

    Yield and THC - Auto vs Pheno

    Ok so we all know that autos are bigger and better quality (I know from reading lol) then ever. So I argue with this friend of mine (2 noobs) about it. I think that I can't get a bigger yield from a pheno grow than from autos in the same time regardless to strain and w/e în a 1x1m space. I...
  18. G

    Banana Pheno

    Alright so I've wanted to find some banana kush seeds but couldn't find any real ones. Is there any plants with the pheno of banana flavor or smell? Just wondering. I won't die if I can't find it. Just curious cause I love banana flavors and smells.
  19. CaptnPlantit

    California orange bud and nirvana ice

    I've been researching the cali orange bud, cause I was given a bag of seeds and have played with it the past two seasons. My seeds are a stable indica dominant pheno. My plants and almost all the pics I've seen on the net have the same exact characteristics, bud structure, leaf size and color...
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