Any Ideas?


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not sure whats going on here.

strain = white widow

humidity = 70% (need to get it down)

grow = dwc hydro

time = 9 weeks since 12/12 switch

trichomes = still about 20% clear and only 80% cloudy

nutrients = dutch nutrient formula using 1/2 strength

ppm = 620 (I been kinda under feeding in the sense of ppm due to price of nutes and having to order online and pay huge delivery charges to my isolated part of the country. my ppm has literially been 600-800 pmm for the entire flowering cycle and that's not counting the -200 pmm from the water itself. I was using a 8 gallon tote which I thought was to small so during flowering I changed over to a big 18 gallon tote per 2 plants so getting the ppm up would require a lot more nutes.)(maybe plant feeding on itself?)

light and air circulation = light is 12 inches away and there is a massive box fan gently blowing. the temp at the bud sites is about 68 degrees.

ph = 5.5 - 6.0

i have 2 different phenos here and the frosty pheno is fine all the buds are good and finishing. but this pheno here i have 2 plants with est. 25-30 scrog tops but 2 of the tops are crisping up and looking like crap. anyone any ideas?
this is a little bigger pic to show the popcorn buds under the main cola. they look fine its just that top bud and it cant be heat from the light cause there is another 8-10 buds 2-3 inches higher next to it and they are fine as well.

hey thanks for the reply and suggestion. I just went under the scrog canopy and followed the 2 affected colas down and I think we found the problem thanks to your reply. I took pictures of the 2 affected colas here. think its the cause?

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