Introducing Purple Betty


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This strain started as a worked over White Russian. Through the years Super Silver Haze was crossed into it. This strain is not only high in THC but can produce 4 to 6oz per plant. This is Trailer Trash Betty high in THC with no ceiling. The more you smoke the higher you get.
While working on purple strains the breeder grew out some BCBD purps. With a amazing smell and great taste it didn't produce well. Seeking to increase production and THC content this was crossed with the Trailer Trash Betty. Never got to try this first cross but was told it tasted and smelled nasty and was scraped.
In the end it ended up as Trailer Trash Betty x Skunk #1 x BCBD Purps. Heavy resin coated buds is the out come. Starts with a nice headband type high. Finishing with a nice mellow body high. The High ceiling was transferred over into the new strain. Great smell, flavor, and high makes this a real winner. 1 pheno finishes almost totally purple. Top and bottom of the leaves and the buds themselves are purple. This 1 has the best flavor and has tons of bag appeal. The green pheno still carries some purple but not as much. I think the most potent pheno will be found on the green side.


This is the early finisher. Right at 9 weeks




Green pheno


Purple pheno. Can't get a good photo of the purple buds underneath. Need natural light
Yes the plant I selfed and used for a hybrid with M.O.B. this last year was a green pheno. I was hoping for a short mixed purple pheno. They are fine they just don't have the deep flavors of the purple and mixed purple phenos. There is a fantastic Purple pheno that is leaps and bounds better then the other purple strains I have tried. Lots easier to find what I call Rainbow Purps. It has a mix of purple and green. Doesn't have the bag appeal of the purple but for the home growers color don't mean shit.

This strain is by far the best nighttime indica I have ever grown. Not only will this strain help you to sleep. It will do it with a smile on your face.
Nothing better than sleeping with a smile lol. I totally understand bag appeal meaning nothing, I dont really care about the color all about the buzz. If I were to sell then I would be more worried but I grow to smoke lol. Mighty fine plant bro!!
Bag appeal at its best lol. Flavor and high will keep me growing this one for ever. This is one of my all time favorite strains. All outlaw genetics is what is cool about it. No one has anything like it out there.
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