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  • glad to see you around again boss.... Going back to Cali.... to cali to cali....
    if all else fails hit up Colorado! way better that Az!*grumbles at Az*
    hope all is well and that your still rockin the grow when you have time!
    Hey Boss man, it makes me happy to see you poking around... Go to Cali, don't become a zonie!!!! Hope life is being kind to you.....
    I will be travelling across the country in a few days, stopping in PA for about a week, then heading towards California.
    I may be moving. Looks like California (back to my birth state) or AZ, the newest opportunity for a green thumb :)

    It will be nice to get away from the south, but unfortunately my kids will stay with the wife.
    I have been well, Thank You!

    We have a bill going to the House coming soon, it is very hard advocating when you live in a mandatory minimum state. It is even harder when the lawmakers know who you are, where you are, and will stop at nothing to shut you up :)

    To give you an idea, one of our congressmen just put up a bill to validate Obama's birth certificate... how out of touch do you think this area is? Can't get the wife to move without having a decent paycheck to move with, so we struggle along like everyone else now.

    I noticed a link to 420Mag on huffpost today, and I cannot begin to tell you how much traffic that will drive. It is great news for 420, and all of the fantastic people that come here to call this their online "Home."
    Hey boss whats new? I haven't been on so long. i bet u don't remember me . I remember you as teaching me the most and getting me started .but I am back in town and i was wondering what u have going now
    high brother boss!
    hope all is well in your world...
    sending you lots of love, respect and positive energy through the universe...;)
    i just lost a dear friend which makes me think and pray that you are doing well since i havent seen you posting.ppl come and ppl go but you my friend i have learned much from , be well in your voyage.
    I love my cfl grow's. But I can't resist the double team!!!! Look for the cfl/hps combo! thanx for everything!!!
    Hey Boss, I'm just figuring out this whole site and wanted to say hello and thank you for the past advice you have given me, hope you are feeling well soon bro :)
    hey let me know if you hear about any rallies or anything going on around here man, i'd love to be in the same area as you, KNOWING we're both trying to get the same legal freedoms.
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