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Cut these four girls at day 60. Then smell very nice. Like the whiskey/pipe tobacco they claim. Grown in larger 7 gallon pots, im guessing i got three oz each. However, these came from an original seed plant. one pheno, and, i dont like the fact that this one, had thin, weak stalks. they needed support long before they went into bud. lol. so, i kept no clones. instead, i still have four of the fem seeds left. perhaps a new pheno, and stronger stalks, if i try this one again. tomato cages, would be a great help here.
Nice job. I just cut down 3 papaya myself. I have grown thisbdtrain several times and it always pleased. It's easy to grow, produces great yields, and is great smoke. Here are the trimmed tops after 1st trim just starting to dry.

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