1. R

    Hello! RamsayBolton from Germany here!

    "Please allow me to introduce myself..." thats the beginning of a great song i really like. Please guess which Song and Band i mean^^. I'm 33 years old, male, and i live and grow in Germany, so i'm not a native speaker but i hope you understand what i like to tell you. I studied physics...
  2. ognedster

    New to LED question

    Hi all, I'm an old school farmer back in action now that my kids have moved out of the homestead. I always used HID lighting but figured I would try LED's with my training wheels grow. It's been over 10 years so I ordered some old favorites ( I like the classics ) but am just using the free...
  3. George Mc


    Is it just me or do other people like to sit and just look at their plants? I guess I get satisfaction and happiness watching them. Of course everyday I open the tent:thumb: it looks like they've grown another inch or two.
  4. baxbax

    How much magnification do I need to take a picture like this?

  5. V

    Closet grow tent

    Hey all, Going to set up a grow in my closet and i only have 23 inches, not 24, so most of the standard grow tents are out. Does anyone know of a slightly smaller width tent? Ideally i would like a 20 inch by 36 inch tent, with a height less than 52 inches. Anything like this out on the...
  6. J

    Some questions about harvest and thoughts

    hi guys! i have two plants, now 1 is ready to harvest, i flushed her last night. so do i need to wait 3-5 more days to cut her down? and my other girl have about 2 weeks to go. i did some research with dryin process, it said that dryin buds need a dark place like 12-12's night. but i dont have...
  7. R

    Newbie Grower

    Hi Everyone! My name is Kamelot and it's my first time growing cannabis i would just like to know if i'm doing it right Please check the photo TIA!
  8. B

    What's more efficient? 4 clones veg then flower? Or 12 clones 100% flower?

    Hey guys. I'm a newbie grower and I've been doing a lot of reading and research on growing, trying to learn as much as possible. I've noticed on some cannabis growers IG pages that there are a lot of people running what looks like a larger number throwing them into flower from the start. Whats...
  9. J

    Weird Preflower

    I have one Feminized LA Confidential that is a bit different than any other plant I remember having. It is just beginning to preflower, but where I would expect pistils, it almost looks like male pollen sacks, and almost like it's growing more leaves, even though it is currently in 12/12. Has...
  10. Cannabs

    Hey I search for seed

    seed with big yields very important.. and site will shiping worldwide super stealth.. i looking for 1kg-2kg per( Meter x Meter ) if not have something like that so the best one just put here the name of the seed.. :Namaste::Namaste:thank you guys
  11. E

    Did I smoke canna?

    hey guys! couple of hours ago i got this great new product from my guy, but i have never smoke anything like this! my pupils are much bigger than my usual highs and i feel great. im a little paranoid and i thought maybe the weed man gave me something stronger to have me come back, then i was...
  12. Stunned

    Mail Call Today

    Got a nice upgrade for my grow today. A big Thank you to Kurt. Order was placed on Jan 4th late in the day and I picked it up today the 12th. It was very well pack and secured well in the box, which was nondescript as to contents. This will be going into a 3X3 tent with 2 plants...
  13. S

    Caramel dosage?

    Hello :) i would like to try making cannabis caramels for the first time but I'm confused when it comes to the dosages. Cookie recipes usually give you the amount of servings so you can easily calculate what mg per cookie you would like, but how do you do that for caramels? I'm not sure...
  14. Jackalope

    Blue Dreamy

    This picture really does not do this Blue Dream bud justice. I have to rig up a way to get quality photos of it but here is a teaser. The trichomes on these buds are like huge sugar crystals shining like diamonds. I find myself just staring at them. Got probably 2 weeks to go.
  15. C

    Clay pebbles - Clean or dispose of?

    Hi all, I was just wondering what other people do with their clay pebbles after a grow in something like a Wilma when you've got like 75 litres of them to worry about. I usually dig a massive hole and bury them but apart from that my only other idea is building a colander the size of a small...
  16. Ron Strider

    I Tried CBD Gummies, And They Saved My Family Vacation

    If you've ever flown with a toddler, you've probably experienced the manifestation of Murphy's Law firsthand. The red lights you keep catching on your way to the airport, the copy of the birth certificate you swore was in his diaper bag, the milk that exploded in your purse, and – yes – the...
  17. Ron Strider

    Canada: 'Now People Don't Need Us': Legalized Pot Leaves Head Shops With Hazy Future

    After decades of trailblazing cannabis-related retail — often under police scrutiny — Calgary head shops say legal recreational marijuana offers them a hazy future. Despite a perception looming legislative changes might affirm their bong and roach clip business model, those first in on cannabis...
  18. S

    Pitiful plant

    My plant is sad. 4wks into veg. growing in ocean forest , leaves curling ,have black spots starting on leaves, lower leaves yellowing /drooping. Upper leaves green rolling up, leaves close together not spread out like fan leaves should. Look's like lack of potassium, manganese ? any ideas...
  19. O

    Hello everyone

    hi im organic420mechanic ...i own an organic cannabis farm in southern oregon .....would like to meet others with same interest farming .....
  20. Ron Strider

    New Wine Mixed With Marijuana Skips The Hangover

    While many are wondering how recreational marijuana use will affect the wine industry, one company says both can peacefully coexist ... in the same bottle. A California winery has created a wine that gives drinkers a buzz, but reportedly has no hangover. How? By infusing the wine with...
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