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HGS or Sannies?

Bottled Cat

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Well, I think these are the two vendors I would like to try. I have bought from the Attitude once before, but that's about it. I like the strains the Attitude carries, but there are SO many breeders I just feel like the chances of getting a bad pheno are much higher than the desired trait... and even then the plant can be worth very little :( (unless someone can help me out on that one... a pack of nirvana seeds will probably give you 1 good plant). :bong:

Anyway, I wanted to try Sannies or High Grade Seeds. They both only take cash orders, which is rather unfortunate as with the Attitude I can use a prepaid card. Their plants both look amazing, and from what I read about genetics they are stable and strong. Just want to grow some danks, not play duck duck goose with unstable phenos. Any word/reviews on High Grade Seeds or Sannies? Perhaps another reccomendation... thank you. :peace:
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