1. Coloradokid19

    Coco & Hibrix In 2018!

    Well since its 2018 now I feel like its time to start a new journal. I've been growing in Doc Buds Hibrix kit for a year now and finally feeling my groove! I have to say I'm excited for what this year has to offer! Lets talk about my set up real quick for anyone new joining along... In the...
  2. Mariano Gomes

    Samsung diodes board owners and experienced growers post your GPWs here

    So I was thinking of starting a thread for grams per watt (and if you want to be more accurate include grams per kilowatt hours for your whole grow op) on quantum boards or whichever led products that use the samsung diodes since quantum is just a brand and a lot of people are coming up their...
  3. Jmills

    Wtf are these?

    Hey 420 community.... Can anyone tell me what these orange/yellowish maggot looking things? From what ive gathered from looking at pics online is that their aphid maggots but im not 100% sure. If it helps a diagnosis the 2 gals affcted are about 3 weeks old purple rock candy strain,im using a...
  4. Jmills

    PRC - C&C - AO - PK - Soil Grow With LED & CFL

    Hey yall these bbys are edging week 5 so im taking them into my flower closet within the next few days. So my veg area is about 3x3 and has s removable top, i have about 12 5600k CFL bulbs and 2 low watt LED bulbs and for nutes ive been using Nutrifield Veg ignitor. So the first 3 pics are of...
  5. F

    New grower from Central Oregon needing help

    Hello all! I am a new grower and am having a heck of a time determining the sex of these two plants. They are about 8 weeks old. I figure one of the pro eyes here might be able to help. Thanks.
  6. J

    Do these look like hermies to y'all?

    i'm not so sure, cuz these balls still got hairs. what you guys think?
  7. Mariano Gomes

    Hi has anyone used these lights before?

    Preferably has anyone used these lights for more than a year.... And are they still working? 1500W LED Grow Light, Dimgogo Triple Chips Full Spectrum Grow Lamp
  8. P

    Please help me identify these issues

    Hey guys So I'm a first time grower, I wish I had come here before I started my grow. So let me give you all the information: Bagseed of a lovely outdoor. Soil I have learnt my tap water pH is 8.5, I know that's the root problem so I tried the lemon juice and water mixture to bring it...
  9. B

    Just getting started

    I just germinated and planted Northern Lights Autos. What would be the best feed for these and when should I start feeding. Thanks in advance for any and all help.
  10. 4

    What's happening here? Branches dried out!

    I'm new to the site and have been enjoying reading these forums. So much valuable information here it's great! I've been growing for a few years but I'm not a pro by any means. Recently I came across a new problem and was hoping to get some Insight. I'm growing Purple Kush in a home made...
  11. G

    Do I keep this fan leaf for canna butter?

    I'm harvesting in 2 days, hell YEA!!!!! Do I keep these leaves for making cannabutter or should I discard these larger ones? Thanks!
  12. D

    Is this ready to harvest?

    Hi. My first auto grow and need experts help please. Are these looking ready to harvest???
  13. Whitstone

    Is this nutrient burn?

    Setup is 450 LED light 5 Auto Seeds ( 4 Auto Speed Bud, 1 Amnisea ) One Fan Temp always in the 70f 4x2x5 grow tent I am just wondering as it my frist time are these nute burns or something else? The fan leafs look a bit off in colour and texture
  14. Ron Strider

    A Giant Puffing Sound

    Ross Perot warned of a "giant sucking sound" when the original NAFTA was signed, but the new NAFTA being negotiated right now may coincide with a giant puffing sound. Marijuana legalization efforts in both Canada and the United States (and Mexico for medical marijuana) will, as with most goods...
  15. Ron Strider

    UK: Cannabis Farm Worth A Massive £1.8M Found In Disused Pub

    A cannabis factory capable of producing a massive £1.8m of drugs every year was found at a disused pub. Police raided the property in Sandy Road, Seaforth, on Friday afternoon where they found the massive Class B haul. Officers uncovered 447 cannabis plants, along with bags of cropped...
  16. R

    Does anyone have any idea what these brown spots are on my leaves?

    This is one of the leaves of the second pair of true leaves that developed on one of my plants. The plant is now 2 1/2 weeks old and a couple of days ago this set of leaves started developing these brown spots. Prior to developing these spots this set of leaves also seemed to develope a twist...
  17. T

    Transitioning to LED lights from CFL during flowering?

    I'm in the 4th week of flowering a Gorilla Glue #4 (GG#4), and have been using a combination of natural light (via window), and CFL bulbs. After doing some research, I decided to purchase a couple of these bulbs TaoTronics LED Grow Lights Bulb, Grow Lights for Indoor Plants, Plant Lights, Grow...
  18. DonJuanaGrow

    Auto Mango By Rare Earth

    Well folks I'm really looking forward to Growing these Autoflower Mango strain of Cannabis It will be my 1st time - -
  19. M

    White Widow Feminized Auto

    Have a few questions about these. If you can help, I'd appreciate it. When is it recommended to start feeding these? What is the light cycle best suggested? Any other information would be helpful also, new to all of this, and I'm growing in dwc with Viparspectrum 900w Reflector LED, with a...
  20. Gorilla Seeds

    3 Icebreaker Feminised With Your Order This Weekend! @Gorilla Seeds

    How do I qualify for these free seeds? Read here...
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