Timing the cationic drench

I think the most subtle decision to make when trying out this High Brix method of Docbud's is when to apply the cationic drench. In the instructions it states:

**Cat Drench: This is used right when buds set. It is strongly reproductive in effect and if used at the wrong time will result in stunted growth and lower yields. Used at the proper time, unprecedented resin formation takes place. It is used twice in a row (no water in between applications). Using Cat Drench late in bloom may increase certain flavors and smells, but it also results in a more "gamey" flavor in produce.

So it takes some judgement to decide when buds have "set." I thought I would start a thread where we can post
Pics and ask the opinion of other DBHBB growers as to the timing of the cat drench. Then when the grow is complete show pics of the buds at drench and at harvest. This will enable us to have a set of data on the effects of the cat drench when applied at different times. It will also help new people to know when to drench by looking through the thread.
Here are my plants tonight. My noob opinion is that they are all ready tonight for the drench except the AO5. Let me know that you think.










Yup, nothing but cat drench at cat drench time. I usually try to get mine in between day 18 and 21 but that also depends on what the plant is looking like at the time

I add Tea with Cat. "All drenches are served with Tea."
Do we know why some love the Cat drench and some do not?
In my situation, one GT+ loved it. The other is going to tell me in a few days. One Grape Ape loved it and the other hated it.

These pictures are when I decided to give them their first Cat drench.

Sativa Cat

Indica Cat
GASS 5 days after 2nd Cat drench.

I'll post a picture of the GT(+) in a few days. She just got her 2nd CAT and it is too early to see the full results.
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