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What strain is it?
Deep purple (TGA), x3 Bluedream X Plushberry, MAC F2, True Og

Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?
All varying degrees of hybrid

Is it in Veg or Flower stage?

If in Veg... For how long?
Deep purple and my x3 dreamberry were from seed dec 25,2018
The other three x2 MAC f2, and true og clone were vegged for a month and a half

If in Flower stage... For how long?
Flipped April 27th

Indoor or outdoor?
Indoor tent

Soil or Hydro?

If soil... what is in your mix?
High brix amendment per docs instruction
If soil... What size pot?
Deep purple (5gal) dreamberry 1&2(5gal) dreamberry #3 (10gal)
MAC f2 & true og (1gal)

Size of light?
Vertical 315CMH

Is it air cooled?
The light isn't but tent is

Temp of Room?
Day:80-84 night 72-74

RH of Room/cab?
Day:45-55% night 45-50%

PH of media or res?
Have my tested run off..

Any Pests ?
None gladly

How often are you watering?
As often as they want it, every 5-6 days

Type and strength of ferts used?
Only drenches and foliar sprays

Hello friends, I hope to be able to keep everyone entertained. I'm three weeks into flower. Day 21 today and things are looking good, I'll be able to put up some pictures tonight as I'm out. I watered today Their last watering was Tuesday night. I gotta say guys this docs bud high brix kit is just making me look good I have no real experience other than this first grow. Just going by instinct and what I've researched.
So here we are, all crammed into my 3x3x7 tent I'm starting to run out of head room! ‍♂️


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So in order from top to bottom (or counter clockwise in the tent) we have Deep purple, bluedream X plushberry #1 (phosphorus deficiency I believe, just added some extra to this feeding so hoping I'll pull her out) then dreamberry #2 and finally my big mama in her 10gal. Dreamberry #3, the bud shots are backwards so the first one is dreamberry 3.


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Pulling the macs out just for you pennywise, these girls have been a treat to grow , I didn't top these ladies just let em roll and flipped them. The first is the Lanky one the second being my perfect one lol the structure on this short Mac is just so pretty I'll take some extra shots just so you can see. Love this hobby❤️ Quality over quantity but doc told me the other day I should have a great harvest from these fluffled up bushes haha


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So now that y'all kinda see what I'm working with, I've been dealing with this issue on and off since about a month through veg. Always assumed it was me waiting to long to water as that's when it would show up but after doing some research it looks to be phosphorus deficiency. Yellowing inbetween the Veins that turns to brown dead leaf if left. Only appears on lower leaves, what do you guys think?


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I think it's amazing how every day there's a visible difference, this being my first grow, it's been amazing to watch the changes in everything through veg and especially flower. Lol flower is exciting and shows the most changes per day. Dreamberry #3 is stacking hard and is already more coated with resin than most street bud you'll find. I thinking I don't mess anything up this will be some fine smoke Mush love to doc bud for this system. Makes me look like I know what I'm doing
Showing some love to some tops and lowers on Dreamberry #3. Day 24 flower today she's showing off hard just loving that 10gal she's in. The 5gal girls want to frost up but I can tell they don't have the legs for it. Think I'll flower in 7+ from now on..


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Don't wanna play favorites so here's Deep Purple by TGA, such a sweet candy smell coming off her can't wait to see what she brings. This is my miracle plant, the only one that survived, I popped all 5 seeds I had and this is the only one that germinated successfully. Cough may have been my improper use of rapid rooters cough cough.. lol Leasons learned put it right in the dirt! Anyway she's been the easiest of the bunch. A real low slow grower


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this beauty is Dreamberry #1 she's been finicky, but she bared with me and is putting on a show! Huge bud sites. all of them already bigger than a quarter nearing golf ball size here at day 24. I've never done this before so y'all let me know if this is usual or not I'm just going along enjoying the ride! The smells of this lady are less sweet than her sisters, more of a gas to it, still early so no telling I suppose.. I'm excited lol


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And finally the last of the 5gal girls, DreamBerry #2 the chunky one. She's stacking harrrd easily golf ball size on most of these tops. Coming in with the stank on the nose, seeming to be a Mix of #1&2 strong gas upfront with a sweet, grapey candy aftersmell. Can't tell my keeper love them all equally lol mush love friends


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