Darkscotia Grows In High Brix


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Hello all and welcome to my new grow journal. Very happy to be back to growing again and being able to do this journal. Everyone is welcome aboard and never hesitate to drop your comments especially when I’m screwing up lol.

As always I’ll be growing in doc buds high Brix soil and in my long awaited new room. The room itself is 6widex12longx10ft ceiling. Will be growing as a passive room for now. I have a 8 inch exhaust with a 8 and 12 inch intake. Room has its own 18000 btu heat pump. Will be hopefully growing 15 blueberry girls in 15 gallon pots. Will veg in one gallon pots till necessary and will then up pot. This will be my first real grow in this room. I did a half ass test run with some blooming girls and all was fine for environment for now so hopefully that stays the same. I figure after a few grows I’ll go sealed with co2.

But for now here are some grow details:

What strain is it? 15 Blueberry(my favourite)

Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Seeds were planted directly into soil Dec16/19- dec23/19 was first day all seeds were out of soil

Will veg: for as long as needed(probably 4-6 weeks)

If in Flower stage... 8-9 weeks roughly

Indoor or outdoor? Indoor 4/4 veg tent 6x12 bloom room

Soil or Hydro? Promix hp,worm castings, doc buds high brix kit

If soil... What size pot? 15gallon pots

Size of light? God9 and 2 cropmaster pro1000 and 18 3000k citizen cobs and will veg under god 9

Temp of Room/cab? 18/20 lights off/25-26 lights on

RH of Room/cab? 50-60 veg and adjust as needed

PH of media or res? Will not test

Any Pests ? None as of yet

How often are you watering? As needed

Type and strength of ferts use - Doc buds kit 1st run soil,pro mix hp,wiggle worm castings

The next few weeks will be boring so stick around and things should get interesting. Feel free to drop some eye candy pictures in the meanwhile....

Willing get some pictures up tonight of seedlings coming out of soil. And once my other plants dry in about 5-7 days, I’ll post some pictures of my new room setup with all its lights.

Cheers all and thanks for dropping by
Hey Scotia. I'm here bud! I just set my Bob Marley cooler in the corner , zat cool?
These lights u are using are my dream lights , so i wanna see how they perform. Would love to get my hands on two of Cropmaster's Pro 600's.
U must really like Blueberry to invest all the space , time , and effort in them.
Cheers and enjoy your day Scotia... :high-five:

Cheers bud. You put the Marley cooler wherever and I’ll try and keep in full for ya... I love me some blueberry girls. One of my favourites by far along with hashplant. Main reason for growing these is the new space. I’ve grown the blue lots so I know what they like and can take. So it’s a good Strain to truly break in this new room. Cheers Duggan and rest of you misfits
Welcome aboard all. And thanks for making it into my journal.
Some pictures of girls just poking heads above soil. All but 1 are above soil the other is just sitting at top of soil. So I’d imagine in next few days she will be sitting with the rest. Will get better pictures once I take out the t5’s as there sitting right over top. Probably take t5’s off at end of week.

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