Duggan - DBHBB With Two Pots - One Kit - Four Plants

Good day 420 Mag. and all my brothas and SS. This journal will be for my four plants this time instead of the usual three. like i said before , the support from everyone has me ichin to get another journal up for these four plants.The gang continues to have great success using Doc Buds gear. It's a very proven method of growing and i'l continue using it .We , as a group are finding little things that improve it with each and every grow.Keep up the great work gang and especially Ziggs, our mad doctor on site!
I want to send a very big thankyou out to our Doc Bud for his continuing support he offers to all , and his never ending supply of patience he has for all the continuing, new ,curious members who want to try the "Kit".

OK then Gang, here's the facts on this one.
Four plants ....two Maple leaf Indicas, one MK-Ultra, and one more Zamal Hash
The MLI's. were from reg. seeds, the other two were fems.
Two 26 gal. pots will be used again, but this time they will each have two in them.
Lighting consists of one Budmaster2 675xg, two Dorm Grow G8 240w, (bloom only), and two Dorm Grow 90w all red UFO's.
ventilation is a 6' Ostberg inline fan coupled to a Can #33 carbon filter. ( run at a max speed of 75%)
12" oscillating fan at back of garden and a 6" oscillating clip on fan for canopy movement.
26 gal. pots are sitting on big plant trollies for ease of movement around the GR...saves the back eh!
Plants will be veged a little longer than most here on the Mag. to achieve larger yields, taking advantage of all the soil!
Pests...NONE, not one bug since switching to the Kit 3 yrs. ago.
GR is pretty small at around 42" X 70" i think X 7.5 ' high.
Plants are about a month old (toddlers)
How often i water....when they're thirsty!
Type of water....Distilled, bottled.
Temps....around 72F lights on and 65-68F , lights off (would like it higher but can't afford to run with electric heater and been too lazy to cut in another furnace duct.)..:tokin:

Ok then gang, here we go again eh....oh ya , one more thing....Luck has absolutely nothing to do with our success, remember that! Cheers Gang!:circle-of-love:
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Welcome to the weekend, my friend! :high-five: I'll be watching, learning, and cheering... :cheer:
re: Duggan - DBHBB With Two Pots - One Kit - & Four Plants.

Just read through your last journal end to end, definitely sticking around for this one. I love seeing the health and vigor of these high brix grows. How exactly does one go about acquiring a kit from doc bud?

Ask him
re: Duggan - DBHBB With Two Pots - One Kit - & Four Plants.

Hey duggan. Great to follow you & your excellent gardens again. Know what you mean about training a new dog. After taking care of my 2 kids' dogs after kids left home, I had to take a break after the dogs passed but got probably my last one after retiring. Haha, getting old enough where I'm on the "last one" on a lot of things...dogs, truck, & more. Didn't love the early training phase & sometimes all the ongoing care & attention, but the little guy hangs out w/ me all day w/o any complaining. Good to have the little friend around. Take it easy bro. :Namaste:
re: Duggan - DBHBB With Two Pots - One Kit - & Four Plants.

Wouldn't miss it Duggan! :blunt:
re: Duggan - DBHBB With Two Pots - One Kit - & Four Plants.

Duggan your journals are a must follow for me! The only luck you need is with those MLI being female. Females...:bong:
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