Duggan Does Lemon OG Haze, Super Lemon Haze & Lemon Zkittles

Hey everyone, hope ya'l are doin fine tonight, this 2nd day of Nov. 2019. I'm gonna keep the ball rollin and start another journal .
For new peeps i'l fill in a few blanks.
room size is 42" X 60" x 7'.
exhaust fan /filter combo is Ostberg fan with Can #33 filter. Is set at 75% of max. thru speed controller. Lifespan....going on 7 yrs. for this combo.. :headbanger:
one 12 inch oscillating circ. fan (at back.)
two other small oscillating 'canopy' fans
heat mat
two 26 gal. homemade (larger) 'Rootbuilder' pots, sitting on aluminum 'beer cap' trays, sitting on HD, 5 caster plant trolleys.
Lites are in pic. Only the Budmaster is used for early veg.
soil is Doc's but this is 5th run and he is helping me with special goodies for it. It has been modified before 3rd 'cook' with some fresh PM and very little EWC's. It was amended with standard first/second run.
two mechanical timers control lights and circ. fan and one canopy fan.
early vegging is done in a corner of my workshop under one 2 ft. X 4ft. industrial fl. fixture . Converted to electronic ballasts and new 6500K T-8 lamps.
plants are two, Lemon OG Haze, one Super Lemon Haze , and one Lemon Zkittles.

Just a word for everyone who has followed me along , thank u so much for all your support, comraderi and for sharing stories and things about your selves. I enjoy and value all of it. Can't start a new journal without acknowledging Doc Bud for his work with the kit these past 7 yrs. and for his continued support / teachings along the way.
I have included a few pics of my set up for everyone to get a feel for things here. My one mechanical , dual outlet timer.
Hope this gets a few questions answered . Welcome .

Sorry mate no rush, Its the morning over here, Im guessing your probably still up where you are.
Ya mon yes, this soil is 5th run DBHBB. Doc recommends going to 3 runs only following his general directions for using his gear.This 5th run has been modified slightly during 4th and 5th cook and will also be treated slightly different than earlier runs.
Thanks for the nice words btw. Please stick around and get a feel for all the awesome members. Cheers.

Looks like alot of fun to follow!
Thanks Gutter,..welcome aboard sir! :passitleft:
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Those plant are looking happy and healthy I hope mine look like that when they get to that stage. Wow 5th run soil. I am hoping to keep running the same soil for awhile so this will be interesting. I am happy to be following along
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