Duggan Does Ace's A5 x Malawi & Thai Chi In DBHBB

Hello gang,...all my brothas ...and sista's too! Gonna start up this new journal for two very special varieties of herb! These came to me from a special friend , you all know who he is....via ACE Seeds.
As usual this grow will be four plants ..in two 26 gal. homemade 'Rootbuilder" pots i fashioned a bunch of yrs. ago .
The grow medium is , of course Doc Bud's High Brix Blend soil. All feed will come from Doc's 'kit' throughout the entire grow and NOTHING else will or has been given while using Doc's system. You all, also know how much i covet this system and just how nearly perfect it is for our purpose.
I feel that Doc has worked very hard over these past 6 yrs. or so developing it and also seeing that it is properly used etc. by his never ending 'real time' support he gives. Simply put...we are all very , very lucky to have found him .
As far as the 'gang' goes...you all know how much i enjoy this place and having such a support network of you around,...learning from each other day after day! Thank you all for just being here offering what u can , when u can....most excellent.
Ok, as far as my grow room goes...nothing has changed gang...all remains the same except for the new strains i'm trying this round. All four plants are Sativas and will challenge me, i'm sure!
Anyone interested in the particulars of the GR , please just check out one of my last journals , at the start ...all that type of info is there OK.
Lights , ventilation, size of room etc.
The four little ones are now in the GR under the Budmaster 2, 675XG. This is my main , go to light..and has been for over 5 yrs. now.
These four plants have already been topped once and will get topped one more time in the next couple weeks. My goal with these is to establish a very low canopy with multiple early leaders that i can train to a level canopy throughout veg. Neiko is growing these strains ahead of me , so i will be able to see how they stretch , grow , bloom etc. This is a very valuable tool , for sure.
Anyhow , hope you all will follow along to witness this craziness with me...Cheers everyone...enjoy the day!:circle-of-love:

I'll be watching these Ace strains do their thing, gotta love em!
Hey PW, great to see you along bud!:thumb:
Can’t wait to see you ace the Aces. :p
Lets hope Doobs!..Welcome aboard bud!
You know I’m along for the most excellent journey!!
gonna try and pull this off without too much stress...sativa's give me the willy's....where's that nervous guy emogie??
...24.6 zips!...:rofl:...cheerz...h00k...:rollit::passitleft:
Ok...got you down for 24.6....what a hoot!.. Welcome to my new journal Hook. Great to have you along again bud....:high-five:
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