Duggan Does Black Cherry Punch & Star Pupil With Doc's Gear!

Top of the day to ya's all. I'm starting this new journal for my Black Cherry Punch(special) and Star Pupil.
They are both top shelf cannabis , leaning towards more colors and resin development. Both strains are very similar in growth patterns and final height. I will grow both strains with the goal of producing the best final product possible...oh, and lots of it! There will be plenty of pics along the way showing the regular stuff with another go round with all my trim in the freezer..yup, another BubbleHash day!

My new soil has been cooking for about two months and is ready to get into the big pots,..however the little ones, are still very tiny and will be in the ones for many weeks yet. They were set on top of the big pots last night...just to get them used to the Budmaster2. They will get their very first drink in a couple more days. It'll be straight water.

So , everyone knows my set up already , but just for newer members ....
Lights ....Two , Dorm Grow(G8) 90W UFO's All Red,....Two, Dorm Grow 240W BLOOM ONLY, One Budmaster 2 675XG, One, Advanced 400XTE,..i think..:) The Budmaster will be the main veg light.
One 12' oscillating circ. fan
One 6" oscillating canopy fan
One Ostburg 6" inline exhaust fan W/ Can#33 Carbon Filter , (exhausts into work shop:))
Two circuits , two small cheap mechanical timers(push/pull pins) Bin using these cheap things for over 30 yrs...yikes!
Pots are 26 gal. homemade 'Rootbuilders' sitting on aluminum hand made 'beer cap' trays , sitting on 5 caster H.D. plant trollies.
Grow room is 42" x 60" (approx.) x 7.5 feet high
Supplemental heat is with one 750Wx2 electric heater.

These plants will be vegged to a nice bush, heavily SC'd and LST'd with a nice even canopy. (fingers crossed)
The space should fill up nicely , fueled by first run DBHBB soil...oh ya! If anyone has any questions,..lets have em..i know i left some stuff out ,..so ask .
Anyhow , i look forward to sharing my journal with ya's all. Thanks for everything gang, and 420 Mag. for this opportunity.Cheers,....pics comin soon gang!:Namaste::high-five::welcome:

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re: Duggan Does Black Cherry Punch & Star Pupil With Doc's Gear!

The scene , set!
re: Duggan Does Black Cherry Punch & Star Pupil With Doc's Gear!

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Made it! Hey Gray. :slide:
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