Duggan Does Durban Poison & Chronic

Great day to ya'l gang! Time to get this journal up and running with the new strains i'm running this time. Will take a break this time from the Sativa's ...but can't wait for my next batch of them to start up. Anyhow , this one will be for two strains i've always wanted to grow out,...so now's the time. This Chronic didn't come from Serious but im hoping whoever made these fem seeds, got it right and didn't screw them up. The Durban Poison originally was a near 100% Sativa from South Africa but ,.yup , u guessed it, CKS has got their version of it which has been butchered to a degree with added Indica genetics in it...i guess to bring bloom times down a little. Hoping i still get the nice Sativa buzz from it as well as the famed Durban taste.

Anyhow , all my grow room info is the same , still using Doc's gear and loving it , as you all know. Just wanna shoot another big thank you out to our Doc Bud for all his work with the kit. It hasn't been easy for him to reach 'main stream' with it as the US gov. is not easy to work with...go figure eh gang! For anyone with questions regarding my set up or grow room , please jump in from the shadows and ask OK!
For all of you who follow my journals regularly , i wanna thank you all for participating and making the last one fun with your input, thoughts and of course much humor.
This journal will of course finish off with another 'Duggan's Dungeon contest. BTW ...Lefty's winning prize of one ounce has been shipped today along with a grow light for him as he needs some help with that so....wasn't using the one G8 240W 'all bloom' light , so decided to pay it forward to him .....cheers Lefty!
Enjoy the day everyone.....a few pics of the new crop...just under the Budmaster for now....Chronic in the back...Durban Poisons up front. This may change...dunno yet which strain i'l need to watch a bit closer , so....cheers , all my brothas....and sista's too....:circle-of-love:

Woohoo more fake plants! ;)

I'm in, I want to watch your Chronic!
Welcome Doobs and PW.....great to see ya's...cheers and enjoy the day!:passitleft:
I'l try to make the Chronic all it can be PW. We'le see what she's made of. So far the four of them are showing me they love our soil....go figure eh...who woulda thought...lmao!
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