Pantagruel's 1st Indoor Durban Poison

Thanks brother. Cool to see those really tall plants growing under your 400!

John, there are for you bud. :cheesygrinsmiley:

Nute Problem?

Tips are yellow. I'm not sure if this is a magnesium def or what? I don't think it is nute burn because the fan leaves are yellowing and I'm not feeding heavy at all, just a little guano once a week.

your leaf damage in your last photograph appears to be nutrient burn. I would slightly decrease the amount of nutrients you are feeding. you may be able to lower or raise your light. place your hand underneath the light bulb and move it to the point you can not feel any heat and move the light above the canopy to that level, raise the light as your plants grow.
Thanks Mon. I have the scope now, but it is still a little hard to tell exactly. I did pick one of the dark buds a few days ago and I think the calyxes all look pretty much ready on it. Not seeing a lot of amber trichs on the other buds yet. Definitely an 'up' buzz at this point.

I flipped my two clones to 12/12 today. They are more of an experiment than anything. LST training the C1 by bending the main stem, LST training C2 by topping and then bending the side branches down. I just want some small bushes.

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