Duggan Does Kosher Kush With DBHBB: 4 Plants, Two Pots, Lots Of LEDs!

A very good morning to everyone! I'm starting a new journal for my four Kosher Kush (fems). The set up is the same as the last one's with the four plants going into two, 26 gal. "Rootbuilder" pots.Over the last 3, 1/2 yrs. or so i've gotten to know quite a few very high quality people here at the Mag . and feel i've made lasting friends along the way. The support and sharing of info is extremely valuable to all of us and this place excells in this area.I welcome any new member and grower who wishes to join in the fun and learning just how to get the most out of this very wonderful plant.
Doc Bud continues to give his support to all of us and to any new member wishing to join our group. He's always around to offer his expertise and guidance using his wonderful "Kit". Hats off to him and all the gang for their never ending search for perfection.:thumb:

Strain....Kosher Kush (fems), four of them
pots...two, 26 gal. "Rootbuilders" on large HD plant trollies
lights....one Budmaster 675xg, two Dorm Grow 240w bloom only , two 90w all red UFO's (Dorm Grow)
ventilation....one Ostberg 6" inline fan w/ Can #33carbon filter (this combo run thru speed controller at max. 75% full speed to extend life of components), also have one 12" oscillating circ. fan at back of GR , and a 6" oscillating fan for top of canopy.
Temps....lights on-70-75F, off is 68-70F
RH.....always stays at 40-60.
Grow Room is about 42" wide x 60/65 long x 7 feet high.
grow medium.....DBHBB soil (3rd run)
Nutes....just Doc's gear
Pests....not one since switching to the "Kit" 3, 1/2 yrs. ago
Water....only bottled distilled
Light cycle.....this grow will be 17/7 veg and 12/12 bloom.

Enjoy all my brothas and SS. Cheers to ya's!:Namaste::circle-of-love:
Made it. I call shotgun!
I have not come across you yet Duggan, but you have a very strong fan base so I needed to show up to see you work.


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:popcorn:Morning Duggan!
Haven't had a chance to speak with ya but today that ends.
Good to watch you rock DBHB kit. I'll sit here bro.

Carry on my good man!
Well, Noob maybe Professor Duggan will lend you his Delorean so you can do exactly that and be on the first page. :)
Hint: he likes Stella Artois


Ziggs....what a hoot my friend....yes indeed...my DeLorean. I only take it out of the garage when someone posts that there post came from taptalk or this , or that !! So....OK, mine was sent from my Delorean...in the future!:rofl::blunt:
I'm gonna get to everyone a little later..i can't believe so many growers showed up here. Thanks Ziggs and SS..Bin very busy with the KK....got a bunch of pics showing these wonderful pots i use. Most of you guys will have already seen this stuff before but , sometimes i like to show just how easy and cool these pots really are. I just use two of em, and overlap to suit....and create much larger pots x. 26 gal's.I had to of course make some bigger bottoms (galv. chicken wire) then just line the bottom with landscaping cloth....works peachy. I even re-use that cloth over a few times before tossing it.
The four girls look a little lost and sad right now , but in a week or so they'le be very happy. BTW i watered them in with two cap fulls of Trans/2 gal's. H2O. (caps from the bigger jug.). Each pot got 2 gal's. (one wat. can).A sprinkle of roots also for the holes and root mass upon planting. Cheers gang....be back later :circle-of-love:
Oh ya....i'm at home today....used a couple holidays (today and tomorrow):thumb:
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