Millertm's - Girl Scout/Cinex - Grow Journal - 4'x4'x6.8' Tent - 2015


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Morning All,

First grow and I live in Oregon.

What strain is it? GSC/Cinex
Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? UNK
Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Starting 3rd week of flower
If soil... FFOF
If soil... What size pot? #10
Size of light? 1050W running 600W Usiho Opti Red at 800W
Is it aircooled? 23" cooltube
Temp of Room/cab? 66-76
RH of Room/cab? Dehumidfided to 45%
PH of media or res? Water 7.8, FF TB/GB droppes to mid 4's, Big bloom 1/2 cup gal nuts PH back to 5.8
Any Pests ? not yet
How often are you watering? 3-4 days
Type and strength of ferts used? FF TB/BB/GB/Beastly bloom every other water, 4 tsp TB/GB, 1/2 tsp beastly 1cup Big bloom in 2.5 gal of water

Ok, now that all the info is up. I am just a guy trying to grow a few plants to save my money of legal smoke. I do not have a card or any other link to the medical club. Living in Oregon is my pass.

Starting from scratch with no experience in growing anything. I befriended the local Hydro shop crew and got a cheap tent and cheap ballast and cheap 6" inline duct fan. It came with two 1000W lights MH and HPS, Ballast will dial from 400W to 1050W with twelve settings. These are a few pix of where I'm at now, still working on it but ducting is solid and tent is under temp control. Its ugly but all power is hung and any equipment on tent is on a plate and dry. Ballast is up in the corner and not over the reflecter.


Well I had no understanding of Heat or how to control it since I got the 37W 290CFM, 6" inline duct booster expecting it to keep my tent cool. I was able to run 400W in low 80's (1K MH Bulb). Since my tent is not set up for a cool tube and I have a 90 deg turn off my reflecter I got a 590CFM M-6 low pressure air mover that works wonders. I also did not have any passive air into my tent and no I am not using CO2. What happens is that my tent would ramp up in temp and stay there for a while before falling. I had air moving in the tent but not in or out. My cooltube is set on a thermostat but its quite cool here where I live and I could keep room cool. I now have passive air intake and tent will not exceed 70 or fall under 65. Moreover, I got a bug shield to keep dust off my glass and also a carbon filter set on the same thermostat as the cooltube and is vented outside the tent. Oh yea, Cooltube is vented outside the house via window.


Plants, I got two clones one Girl Scout Cookie and one Cinex on 9/27/2015.


Since I got the Girls before the tent they were in a closet under CFL's. Once the Tent got up they went under the MH light at 500W since I did not have a clue how to control heat.


Notice that nice ducting and 6" inline booster, great 90 deg turn and no power, hot tent. About this time I got a 600W Ushio Opti red bulb. Yes, I'm saving my comments on lighting and such at this time. I'm running 800W to get my 50W per Sq ft in my 4X4 space. If it pops, I have 2 more (1K MH/HPS) ready and they will run at 800W too.

Water, I'm lucky to have 7.8 ish water since I'm using Fox Farms.


Using the feeding schedule for week 1 flower (12H light), I did not have open Sesame untill now but since I am starting 3rd week of flower on 11/18 (today) I hit them with Beastly bloom and the other 3 pack. With my posted Feeding PH is high 5's close to 6. I have yet to PH my feeding solution but will if plant stress starts to show. Here are the girls growing up.



Flower's. Flowering started on 11/4/2015 and nothing for the first week or so. I was like what did I do wrong?
Nothing, they starting showing flower and now it is a lovely site.



I will keep up weekly until I'm done. I love my new hobby but its costly and time consuming.

Well after watering last night the girls look good. The use of Beastly blooms did not seen to burn the plants along with the GB/TB/BB. Here are this morning pix.


Still not sure why my pix are turned. I also hope that the growing is over now that we are in the 3rd week of flower. Tent is getting full with just two plants. I seem to have vegg'ed them a bit long. I did not top or FEM these plants so size was my way to ensure I had some yield.

Update, day 17 of flower, looking a bit limp cuz its water in the morning (2100), I had the phone up but still working the bugs out.. Also looking at putting this grow as a link in my bio.


Tent is OOC and the girls are pushing walls, I will learn to keep it under control. My thought was that small plants are small fruit. I now know that I was wrong. Large plants can still yield small if not trained and small plants can do well if grown correctly and with faster turnover. I was in Veg for almost 6 weeks at 24/0 light with last 3 weeks in #10 pots, #3 were rootbound and both Cinex and GSC are auto flowers and will flower when rootbound. They will also flower under 12/12 regardless of root mass.

Thanks for stopping by BpoBrad, I'm on my way to your grow now.
Well, just watered them and use'ed FF Sledgehammer and tap water. Here are a few pix. PH of tap is close to 8 and I'm using just a tad over 1/2 Cup of Big Bloom per Gal every time I water or feed.


Tent is getting overrun and I will flip my plants sooner next time.

just seen ur comment from my last grow.thanks for the kind words.ur welcome to my current auto topping grow.3 autos 28 days old tmz under 900 watt full spec led panel and 340w full spec led panel.subbed on this grow seems u have everything in hand welcome to the amazon rainforest lol:)top work;)
Day 20 flower update. I'm seeing some frost on both the Cinex and Girl scout cokkie. Using Beasty Bloom and GB/BB/TB all at feeding schedule strength. 2.5G of feed per #10 pot, PH is ~5.6-5.8 going in to dirt. FF seems to drop PH about 3 points if used as posted. BB will bring it up 1 point if used at 1/2 cup per Gal which is over the feeding schedule a bit. I use this compost tea with all water/feedings. I have one Cinex Coal that is way to close to the light and will be moved.


Millertime. Yea, the guy with the out of cntrl tent.
Well, update time. Now in the forth week of flower I noticed that what I thought was GSC is Cinex. GSC does not yeild much and now I see why, Small buds with lots of space on the Cola vs, huge bud structure on the Cinex.


Moreover, the smell is getting quite Dank and Musty in the tent.
So I dropped Beastly Bloom and Grow Big from my weekly mix while adding Cha-Ching. So I'm only using Tiger Bloom, CC and Big Bloom in 4 gal of 7.8PH H2O, 8 TSP TB, 2 cups BB, 1 TSP CC. PH was 5.89 with no PH up or down added to anything. I was running about 5.6'ish when using BB and GB. Its nice to see it come up some and get close to 6. I am watering on non feeding days with a PH of close to 8,(7.7-7.9). My Local grow store says I should PH my water it to close what it gets on feeding days but I'm not doing that yet. I'm keeping an eye on things and will PH if I see stress. Using #10 pots, there is a lot of soil to keep roots happy. Well here are some post feeding before bed shots at 28 days of flower.




Girlscout Cookie

Girlscout Cookie

Girlscout Cookie.
Well, I fed the Girls last night and I love coming home to see if anything is different then the day before. Well I guess Cha-Ching lives up to its name. I have heard good and bad about the FF lineup from different posts on different boards. Well I'm in. I have yet to PH my water, (tap ~7.8) and I use a bit more of the compost tea (BB) then recomended (.5 to 2/3 cup/G). Now my Girls are in #10 and were veg'ed way way too long. Nevertheless, I am using Full Strength Feeding Sched for Soil and yes I used GB into and past the stretch because it said to use it. Starting week 5, of 12/12, I stopped GB, BB, and just used TB,CC, BB. PH was very close to 6 instead of 5.6 - 5.7, since I added CC, I'm not sure if GB was dropping my PH or if it was BB. Oh well, here are the Pix.


This GSC is really starting to frost nicely.

Cinex is a much denser bud and is frosting too.

GSC is not filling the stalks quite like the Cinex but I knew it was a low yeilder.
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