1. Bluenoser

    First Aeroponics setup build - Need opinions

    Hello all, This is my first aeroponics setup I just built, loosely based upon some designs I saw on youtube. I'm wondering if you might look at it and let me know if you see any obvious design flaws. This is just an experimental one meant to grow 15 lettuce plants in net pots, not for big weed...
  2. TorturedSoul

    Notifications Not Showing Reps?

    I might just have managed to miss it, instead of it not actually being there. But with the new notifications thing at the top of the page instead of the old way... Does it not list it when someone REPs one of our posts? I recently realized that two people had done so for my posts, and I do not...
  3. Q

    A shout out to Mick Foster

    First off, this is my second or third post on this site. My first attempt at posting was, I admit, was a sorry ass excuse for a posting. But that is another matter. I have been a soil grower for quite awhile and started looking into coco for something different. With all the expense and what I...
  4. A

    Close to harvest?

    I've been growing this bag seed for awhile now. It's been in flower for 10 weeks now. I haven't seen much of a difference this past week and most if not all trichs are cloudy. I'm using a 600w led in DWC.. avg temps range from 67 to 73 from lights off to on. I have used plain water this past...
  5. N

    Glycemia, Cancer And The Munchies

    I am still learning how to bypass the high, which a lot of people here call the euphoria. The secret of that art is still a mystery to me. So after putting some drops under my tongue and later swallowing them, I got a nice buzz on. Then I got the munchies. So I started thinking about what...
  6. jgd green

    Another newbie

    high from Canada, i expect there will be more and more of us canuks checking out these sites as July 1 comes around. will probably do more reading than posting for the first while. can only say i am not too seasoned but i am not brand new either.
  7. 4

    Water temps and PPM questions in DWC grow

    Im starting my first grow in both Coco and DWC Due to my research water temp should be kept around 20C, 60-65F I live in an area now temp around 5-15C, 41-59F So the water will get really cold during the dark I suppose? it's that gonna be a problem? Another question According to my...
  8. F

    New grower from Central Oregon needing help

    Hello all! I am a new grower and am having a heck of a time determining the sex of these two plants. They are about 8 weeks old. I figure one of the pro eyes here might be able to help. Thanks.
  9. WillieT0813

    New Guy In The Ozarks Saying Hello!

    Hey everyone, I am a disabled Army Veteran and I live in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas. Medical was voted in in our State but the details are still not hashed out yet. Me being a Veteran and using the VA for my medical and they are not approving of Medical Marijuana I am left with no choice at...
  10. Z

    Can't upload photos

    I'm new here and I'm trying to upload photos but I do not seem to have a gallery button like in the tutorial. Under posting permissions that says I may not post attachments. I don't know if this has anything to do with it I'm using an Android phone if that helps. Thank you for any help...
  11. D

    Need Advice With Possible Deficiency

    So I have the plants in Fox Farms ocean forest and I this is one of two plants that I did feed with 1/4 tsp/gallon Fox Farms Grow Big but that was after the two plants started showing symptoms. The other plant is not doing as bad but still has some of the discolouration, although it seems to...
  12. E

    Canadian Grower

    Hey guys, I am not a bigtime smoker of marijuana but I have grown. Currently i am not growing anything but with the upcoming change in july and specifically in Alberta.... i will be going into full grow mode shortly. And without having to hide everything. Therefore, if i get off my butt i may...
  13. C

    Best 4x4 grow tent under $800

    With taxes coming in this month, ive been wanting to buy a grow tent and begin growing. only problem is im not an experienced grower and i really dont want to mess up by buying the wrong thing for not knowing better. I would appreciate any help from someone who knows the way to go. Im interested...
  14. F

    Feeling like a dummy

    With plant needs my needs and other needs I need to ask if there is a site that I can ask a direct question without pissing everyone off for not looking. This is a great ste but navigation for me is hard. Thanks for your patience
  15. Smeegol

    Old Consumer - New Grower

    Good Morning all, ( depends on where you are ) .. I'm hitting the big 40 this year, I've had 2 back ops in 3 years and a third coming in June this year which I'm trying to avoid as my doc wants to fuse l3-4 together and I'm not crazy on that idea due to how sucky the last 3 years have been...
  16. F

    I'm back! Thanks for all your help before! Photos now included!

    Hello all I was here a few years ago when I experimented in a cupboard and the input I got from you all was invaluable so I'm back and experimenting again, but this time I'm trying harder with more love! I am not an experienced grower. It was one plant in a cupboard and it went well enough...
  17. B

    Help: Blueberry seeds not germinating

    Hi everyone. I'm new to the forum and need some help. I have blueberry seeds I just got from cropking. I followed their germination instructions to the smallest detail. Soaked seeds for 14 hours, but none of them ever sank. I put them in the wet paper towels and kept it moist and at a...
  18. TheFertilizer

    Automatic Drip Watering Systems - Pre-Packaged Or DIY

    I want to put together a drip-watering system for a couple of reasons. Mainly because I want to remove the pain in the butt of watering by hand. I have a bad back and a stomach condition and it is just really not as easy as people might think to be bending over, walking back and forth with...
  19. I

    Not happy girls - Soil - Water - Inside

    I've got some girls that are probably 1 1/2 months from seed now and they aren't very happy little chaps. I'm not sure what has gone so wrong with them. The problem is they are all showing different signs of problems and all seem to be stunted, even though I'm not doing anything different from...
  20. C

    Question about my strain

    Hello. I am currently growing auto ak-47, which it mostly Sativa. Now, I read on growweedeasy that some sativa strains may not show amber trichomes at all. And I know that I am writting about them all the time, also throughout my few threads and posts, I once claimed that I saw few amber...
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