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I have been posting around this site for a year and a half now. It is time to start a journal.

I should start with a small amount of background about my cannabis history for anyone new to my postings.

Cannabis has fascinated me from a young adult in the Sixties. I started growing small amounts to supplement what I could find in Utah in the late Seventies.

I retired early in 1998 and my wife and I continued running a mom and pop portrait and wedding lab there until 2004 when we moved to New Mexico.

I have had a medical card for five years now and have been running a perpetual grow in a 10X12 room in a garage from the beginning.

I like to keep plants in flower longer than most members here do. So, I started up potting to whisky barrels early on. I stopped for about a year with the barrels but restarted about a year ago. I flower smaller plants as well however, I try to keep a large one in flower.

I will end this intro with a few images to start things off and we will see what direction the thread goes.

I never know

This is the larger of two Ghost Train seeds I am running. It is 205 days from seed drop. I did not do any supper cropping to this plant. The branches grow nearly horizontally on their own. All I did was to keep the upper branches level and tie all the lower branches up through the upper ones that would reach above the canapé. Then I removed the rest. It went into the flower room tonight.

This is the other Ghost seed. It was late breaking ground and has been a runt. Both plants were cloned and the runt went into flower. Without restraint the branches turned up. I will have to watch for it with the larger plant.
Hi Canyon The link works fine. That's a lotta green in your grow space :)

Thanks Oldbear,
I am somewhat of a strain pig. I have about 15 going now. When I have the space, I have been flowering them as soon as I get a good clone from a plant. I am going to have a serious space problem soon.The flower space is only 4X6.

I may gift some of them to a friend in the spring. He has an outdoor permit.

I never know
I'm here, you sly fox. :laughtwo: Let me grab a cup of coffee and read the intro.


Canyon..... Good job. :hug: :love:
Today, while I was out for some groceries,
I walked over to a store front between a pizza shop and a hair and nail spa. It has been promising "dispensary coming soon" for about 6 months now. It was still empty except for a folding table and three or four folding chairs where they deliver orders one day a week. They had installed a nice permanent sign though.

There was a conservatively dressed lady leaving the hair and nails place, probably in her 90s, with another lady in her 60s helping her. The 60 something one turned to me and said "Coming soon." And gives me a thumbs up.

It is so easy to prejudge.

One of the reasons for starting this thread is to try a few runs with Doc's Kit . And, maybe get some advice as I work my way through my first Kit grow. As of now I have up potted a Girl Scout Cookie into a 3.5g or so pot of Kit soil about ten days ago.

I have committed a ten gallon pot and a barrel for Kit soil. The GSC needs about 10 days before I should try up potting it again, if I do.

Going over what I have and what size my plants are, I probably will put an Extreme OG it the barrel and Nightmare Cookies in the 10 gallon.

Tomorrow I will try to get a picture of the GSC and post it and whatever else that goes in Kit soil. I also have a few shots of a plant I took down about a week ago I want to upload.

Wednesday and Thursday I will be traveling so enjoy the dead air.

I never know

My apology for disappearing before the first page was complete. I live in the land of mañana, not much even gets started until tomorrow. I got home late Thursday exhausted and yesterday was a zoo.

The Girl Scout Cookie Kit plant was up caned from 3q to 3.5g on Feb 9 to Kit soil that was only cooked for about 15 days. I sprinkled Roots around and on the root ball after roughing it up a bit. She drank 3q of RO with about a drop of Tea total.

I was reasonably comfortable with using the mix early. She was 128 days from cut and in a small pot of rather rich soil. Even so, I opted to go conservative and just use RO and a hint of Tea. By the next day I could tell she was happy.

On Feb 16 I did a weak GE and a Brix.

Today, I chose RO and 0.5ml/gallon of Transplant and will probably do another Brix Tomorrow.

She is showing strong growth and will probably need another up can before flowering.

Wow! She's beautiful Canyon. You're much better at this than I am my friend. I'm so thankful you decided to journal. You appear to have natural instinct for the kit. Let me PM you.
Both of these plants went into Kit soil about ten days early.

I also have two clones in Kit mix cut with Promix that I do not have pictures of yet. They do stand out.

This is Nightmare Cookies she is 86 days from clone and has been in Kit soil for 10 days. It has Ten gallons of mix now. I misjudged how much it would settle. I will add one or two gallons of mix when I water next and take a few lower branches for clones.

This one is Extreme OG also at 86 days. It is supposed to have tested at 30% THC somewhere in the world. The two grams I bought tested at 16 point something from the same dispensary. It is supposed to be a large, high yielding plant. If it smokes like more than 16 I will have it tested and Doc. can have the bragging rights. This one has 25 gallons of mix.
I have struggled with clones. Lately, I have been Clonexing cuttings and placing them in cubes in a plastic cup. Then I either put a domed lid with a hole in the top, like for a milk shake, on it or put the cups in a humidity dome for about 7 to 10 days.

Roots are seldom showing by then for me. Roots or not, the healthy ones go into Solo cups with Promix or Batch 64 cut with extra peat, and Perllite. They usually do fine.

The two cuttings in front went into Kit soil with about 60% extra Promix six days ago because I was going to be gone and I did not want the cubes to dry out. That means they were cut four days before moving to weak Kit mix.

The color is off some. The Kit clones look like they have had just a little too much N. Though, they are taking up water very well. They are a little dried out here because I had the dome off most of the day letting them adapt to the room.

Considering that the rest of the clones are 10 days older, the diluted kit soil gets high marks with young clones so far.

Canyon, what do you think about this? Is that N-def? Or a soil issue?

It could very well be ready for a good stiff GE/Tea drench ... or the soil needs a shot of Trans/Tea instead. :hmmmm:

You can see it better, so I trust your judgement. :hmmmm:

Thanks, it is more than one thing. The color is way off on that picture. It was the last one and I wanted to get it posted. My best guess would be that it is actually showing high N and an imbalance of C, Mg and K. along with some lockout. The newer growth is better than it shows here.

It was on the mend after an earlier up potting into better soil. When I up canned to Kit soil, I intended to only water the root ball and a little beyond because the mix was rather moist. Well, I over watered. This morning I still had some drupe leaves.

Keeping it interesting, it was not ready to up pot.

If, I cannot correct out most of the florescent tent in that image, I will take another one tomorrow.

Got it - makes perfect sense. :cheesygrinsmiley:

In that case, I'd work on the soil. Give it a DeStress foliar and a Trans/Tea drench to get the critters up to speed. They'll work out the imbalances themselves.

It's nice to see the difference in the clones.

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