1. Super Lemon

    Super Lemon

    Lst the main stock. Almost even
  2. K

    RSO Oil

    Hello friends, I want to find out a very important matter, that are prepared oil rso filters 220 microns from all the garbage (leaves and branches trunks branches) and then from the liquid that remains 25 micron filters and the liquid left over to put on heating. My question with what is left in...
  3. 4

    What's happening here? Branches dried out!

    I'm new to the site and have been enjoying reading these forums. So much valuable information here it's great! I've been growing for a few years but I'm not a pro by any means. Recently I came across a new problem and was hoping to get some Insight. I'm growing Purple Kush in a home made...
  4. HigherTheHigh

    Skunk XL - 3 weeks veg - 10 plants - 4x8 tent

    HELLO ALL! I hope everyone is happy and healthy and hopefully some growers can help me out here. I have 10 skunk xl that are 3 weeks from seed, I did 4 northern lights 5 weeks veg from seed in 20L pots on the last grow and yielded 20.3oz dry. QUESTION IS: How long should i veg for to get the...
  5. B

    Droop on a couple branches

    Hello all I have some purple haze growing outside in 100 gallon smart pots. Have pro mix and worm casting. I give it 70ml of grotek bloom in 5 gallons daily. This plant has not been topped and has been health all year.. had some insects on the plants and sprayed them about a month ago...
  6. G

    First Grow - Broken top - 8 weeks of veg & I need some guidance

    Hi, Ive been growing an unknown strain for 8 weeks now on a 18/6 light cycle, I started out without a plan, just topping here and there. When the plant became to bushy I started pruning and LSTing in an effort to make the canopy flat. I was thinking i should cut the top two branches of...
  7. flytier

    Nature vs Nurture - My CKS White Widows - What Do You Have?

    Here's a little compare and contrast between a couple White Widows raised from seeds from the same package. They are CKS WWs on day 63 from seed. The first one is the closet-grow, at about 10 cm high and >30 cm across. The branches radiate outward from the main stem and some of the secondary...
  8. flytier

    Getting Ready To Bud

    This is my WW which I put on 12/12 earlier the week. Today I gave it what will probably be the last LST. I just wanted to get a couple of the smallest branches open to the light and tuck away a couple leaves one last time. Although they can't be seen on this picture, when I picked a sucker off...
  9. J

    Leaves snapping off with ease and branches as well.

    Hey im 2 weeks into flowering after vegging for 5 weeks and im using 2700k cfl to flower... Anyway ive been noticing some of the lower fan leaves are coming off with a slight tug or even if i brush against it but most importantly the branches on one of my tallest gals are very brittle as well...
  10. C

    The Canyon

    Welcome, I have been posting around this site for a year and a half now. It is time to start a journal. I should start with a small amount of background about my cannabis history for anyone new to my postings. Cannabis has fascinated me from a young adult in the Sixties. I started growing...
  11. dawook4420

    Is this a hermie?

    Hey everyone! First time grower/first time poster. Hopefully I set up the link to my photos correctly. So I started with random seeds because I didn't want to risk screwing up at $10+ per feminized seed on my first grow. I have the maximum allowed 6 plants (hooray legalization!) and they've...
  12. J

    Auto help!

    I have some really bushy auto's and was wondering what your guys opinion on cutting off lower branches and leaves. I've heard not to but mine are loaded
  13. R

    Help! My cannabis plant is really short

    This is my firstgrow..... I have one plant that is in 4th week of veg. It has 6 nodes but has bent horizontal then up. I didnt notice anything wrong until it was almost done 3rd week. I did research and my best guess was my LED light was too close and it didnt want to grow up and stretch...
  14. FeloniousPunk

    Help - I'm affraid my drying plants are going to go moldy

    Hi Friends, This is my first grow. I started taking down branches 2 weeks ago. Those 2 branches are not dry yet. The weather has been damp and it doesn't look like it is going to get much drier. I fear mold will begin to develop and wipe out the whole crop. The crop is hanging in the...
  15. N

    Ever seen these ridges in stems?

    I was looking closely at some of my branches and noticed there seems to be two types. Some round branches, and some with a ridge like shown in the picture. What's the purpose behind these ridges out of biological curiosity? A few of my thoughts: Possibly to channel water to leaf surface onto...
  16. M

    Super cropped an auto flower

    cut the main cola off it was 7 inches-- now i have 2 more going up and all the lower branches are turning to solid bud. will ad pics when i figure out how
  17. C

    Shade leaves hanging - Flimsy branches - Please help!

    Has anyone had this problem? I recently upgraded my lights from 125w to 400w. Now my shade leaves are hanging low and the branches are flimsy, only on the shade leaves. All other branches are strong! The leaves are healthy, not curled or burnt. I am adding nutes every other watering cycle. I...
  18. Justones

    Trim small interior branches

    Do you guys trim the smaller interior branches that don't get much light during flowering? There's some tiny buds trying to form on those. But I question if trimming them will let the plant put more energy into the good areas of light.
  19. F

    Mother overbranching

    Hi I noticed that if I keep a mother for a while and make many batches of clones with it at some point to starts to "overbranch". The plant istead of making its actual branches bigger just starts making small tiny branches all over the plant. Is there any way to prevent this from...
  20. J

    Branches growing weird

    Hey I have a plant a few weeks into veg maybe 4, topped twice so there's 4 tops. Two of the tops are growing good but the other side is falling behind. I tried moving the lights around and got more light on her now. I took all the branches off under where I topped. I fed some miracle grow...
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