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My 5th Grow SLH & Gold Leaf


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A year has passed since I dropped my first seed and I have harvested 4 grows with 12 plants. Quite an accomplishment for a person who has never considered to have a Green Thumb. However I have an awesome mentor @FelipeBlu, a great resource in this 420 growers forum and of course Google.

Strains: Super Lemon Haze and Gold Leaf
SLH is a 80/20 Sativa Dominant - THC 22% CBD Low Content - 65day flowering period
Bergman's Gold Leaf is a 50/40 Indica Dominant - THC 21% CBD High Content - 63day flowering period
I have grown both from seeds originally in my 2nd grow and from clones from that grow in my 3rd grow.

This is an indoor grow.
It will be using a Hempy Bucket technique.
Lighting will be primarily Perfect Sun Mini's. They draw 110watts each.
Initially will only use a single light during the first 2-3 weeks of veg.
Light cycle of 24hrs for veg. Considering a 14/10 cycle for Flowering.
Still need to calculate Daily Light Integral (DLI) to maximize growth.

Growing media will be 100% Perlite
I might be doing a comparison grow between DynaGro and MegaCrop. This should be the only variable in the process.
Since Hempy is a passive hydro tech the intended pH is 5.75.
I manage temp and humility with ventilation and a small dehumidifier.
I will be using Lowe's 2gallon buckets. a 1/2inch hole placed 2inches above the bottom of bucket.

Initial seedling start will be in Root Riots.
After roots show the Root Riot will be planted directly in the final growing 2gallon pot.
Initial Nutrient mix will be Clonex Cloning Solution for the first 7-10 days or until a second node set.

Training: I plan to top the plants twice. First after the 4th node and a second time after the 4th node branches 2nd nodes.
Training intent is to have 6 branches resulting from the 3 & 4th nodes.
LST will be used to separate the branches equally away from the center towards the edge of the bucket.
Defoliation will be limited to pruning the undergrowth and any tertiary branches that sprout to improve air flow and reduce energy used by that growth Otherwise will allow plants to disgard any fans it not longer needs.
My plan is to veg for at least 8 to 10 weeks.
Just prior to flip a clone harvest is planned to start the following grow to veg while this grow flowers.
Flowering: Previous experience with these two strains indicate a longer (!80days) flowering period than stated by supplier.

Purposed intent of this grow is to take previous experiences and utilize lessons learned or perceived to attempt an improved yield.
Several limiting factors to yield seem to have been discovered.
Initial grow in Stadium Cups seemed to limit root expansion when transferred to larger containers.
Excessive defoliation during the veg cycle limited proper growth before stretch.
Defoliation removal of fans after stretch seems to reduce yield.
Larger growing container at the bottom to increase root mass and provide sufficient feeding between watering.


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Good Morning :cool:. Dropped seeds a few days ago and as usual the SLH popped taps and went into Root Riots. They are very fast to germinate and the first was transferred into it's final growing bucket.
The seedling was extremely lanky and tall and slow to produce roots out the bottom. The other SLH seedling is a little slow and but may be moved into it's final home later today or tomorrow morning.

I had also dropped three (3) Gold Leafs and they all failed to germinate. No tap showed. Very disappointing. I have dropped two more and will not leave in the little cups of water quite as long, move them to paper towels then to the Root Riots.


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I potted the second SLH this am and put both in the small veg tent with the 100watt Quantum board.

Measured the PAR at plant level and it reads 350. I will leave it there for a few days and then consider dropping to increase the DLI. Of course it's getting 24hrs of light daily.


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There are a number of folks who just put their seed directly into hempy cups for germination. SweetSue, Kismet, and beez come to mind.
Thats how I do it too. I just put some plastic wrap on the top and let them do their thing.



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Okay Shed, I’m gonna hound you about hempy here too!

Even @SweetSue converted from Hi Brix(!) to hempy in a heartbeat when she tried it!
I do love hempy but I have to say my high brix clones came out better. They were an awful lot more work though.



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It is very scary! Let’s just leave it at that! Otherwise, Shed may be tempted to pull out a certain photo, and BT will have to ask the mods to remove it from his journal.

But, unless you are in a closed greenhouse, where natural predators can’t lend a hand (er, beak), it can be managed. A lot of cannabis has been grown outdoors!


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Shed may be tempted to pull out a certain photo
Don't make me dig that up!
Again, the Auto Jack re-veg..outside, and carried around.
Seriously, one accidental plant does not an outside grow make. And I'm not sure why you want me to get water down my legs and on the bare wood floors of my shed, have to support the tops of the plants from the wind in every location they end up, have the hempy and the roots and the nutes heat up to 90º in the sun with no buffer, and not be able to leave them unattended for 4 days. You haven't thought your insistence through Felipe!

Remember, SweetSue left Brix because it wasn't working for her, not because there's anything wrong with Doc's kit. Soil has many qualities that make it better than hempy, and I'm enjoying all of them :).


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Hey Doob :high-five:
In what way were they better - taste, high?
Back to ya
Yes. It just seems better all around; yield, flavor, and smell although it’s still curing. I don’t want it to be because of the extra work involved but those jars are just more appealing already. I did clones with MegaCrop, Rx Green and Doc Bud’s. Although Sue could, I personally can’t tell the difference between the mega and rx but the high brix really seems to stand alone. Obviously I’ve got growers bias so I can’t be a good judge. I made a sampler for @BTzGrow but was too high and forgot to give it to him. Well have to rectify that soon.

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