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UK Cheese Auto Grow


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This is the beginning of my 4th grow with my 3rd in stretch at this point. I'm targeting a finish date of around November 27 which is 10 weeks from now. The seed supplier states the comprehensive grow period is 60-65 days.

This is my first attempt at an Auto and I'm looking forward to the learning process. I'm starting with a seed I traded with another member here.
The seed is a UK Cheese Auto.

I just dropped this morning and will start my day count from first sign of a root. Initially soaking in water as I did with my 2nd grow seeds. Figured it works well for them, should do well for this one hopefully.

Plan for the grow.
Media will be Hempy 3/1 perlite/vermiculite in a Dollar Tree waste paper basket. Hole drilled at 2inches above bottom.
Light will be initally a 6500K T5 2 bulb fixture with blue blubs. I find this light provides excellent initial growth with really tight node spacing. Following with a DIY HLG 100watt 4000K quantum board. Both will be on a 24hr schedule for the entire grow.
Tent is a 2x2 foot by 4 foot tall. A little short for flowering, however I plan on doing quite a bit of super cropping during the stretch period and spread the branches out. I'm looking at the option of topping at least once very early on. My success with previous plants has been good as the hempy process doesn't seem to be bothered by it. I have a blower pulling air out and will add a carbon filter as needed once stretch is complete.
Nutrient will be MegCrop at 4 grams per gallon of water. Might use DynaGro Protekt for a little extra protection. Will pH balance mix at 5.75 as a target since I'm using Hempy technique.

Piña Delores

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I'm going to pull up a chair on this one if I may.

If all goes to plan your going to be a week ahead of me, I'm waiting for stuff to arrive.

Thinking I may try a journal again, good for keeping track of time if nothing else. :ganjamon:

We got the same size tent, and I'm planning to run auto's in it.

How many plants you planning? I'm thinking start 3, and maybe cull one, maybe ;)



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Welcome aboard, I enjoy sharing. Do you have the same strain from the same supplier? Keep me posted when you start your journal.

This will be a single plant grow in the smaller tent. I actually have a only slight larger tent that I have successfully grown up to 5 plants in. However since this is my first Auto I would like to spread this one out as it grows and see how it does by itself.


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Seed Pop! We have Tap Root! I'm going to hold off starting the Auto Count until there is a seedling emerging and we see green. Basically 48hrs since drop into the little water cup.
Nicely snuggled into it's new Root Riot Home and into the Domed Propagation Tray.
Warming slightly in the Clone/Seedling Tote Box with a 2bulb T5 light fixture for warmth. Also have a fan to circulate and keep the temp cozy.

I have a small amount of Clonex Solution I will dropper into the riot daily as needed to keep it moist but not soaking wet. Once leaves start to show a little minimal Clonex Misting while still under the dome and under the T5 in the Tote.


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Day One!!! I have a sprout. So will start the count from here.
I'm really quite impressed with 4days from seed drop in the water to a sprout with a tap root out the bottom of the Root Riot.

Will up pot into a 2gal bucket with perlite/vermiculite mix tomorrow. I want the seed to become just a little stronger and also perhaps shed it's seed husk. Decided to put directly into the Veg tent under the HLG LED light. Time to see what it will do from the start of a grow.


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Day 8 - Sprouted a week ago on Thursday and up-potted on this last Sunday. I feel from what I'm seeing the tap root is already at or very close to the reservoir which is the take off point for the Hempy process. I'm looking for a major takeoff in growth over the next week. Will keep posted.
At this point I'm feeding 1/2 strength MegaCrop in 250ml quantity around the outside of the root riot encouraging the root to follow the water downward.
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