Droopy Clones in Hempy Buckets

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hempy GROW 4:1 perlite/vermiculite

Strain - Blue dream, Jack Herer, WW, Flo
# of Plants - 5
Grow Type - perlite/vermiculite 4:1
Grow Stage - Vegetative
Bucket Size - 10 litre
Lights - 1 1000watt MH
Nutrients - FoxFarm Grow, bloom. BC CalMag
Medium - 75% Perlite 25% Vermiculite
PPM - 500
PH - 6.0
RH - 30% to 55% usually around 40
Room Temperature -78 to 84
Solution Temperature -room temp.
Room Square Footage - 9x8
Pests - None Known

Problem: My plants are droopy. I am watering once per day....they were transplanted on monday, 6 days ago. Everything is green, new growth, etc.

But they are droopy. they seem to perk up after I water.....but near the end of the light cycle 18.6 they are droopy.

The medium seems "moist" but not wet. I followed the hempy instructions to a "T"


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A photo would help. Seems like alot of watering. I've heard it described as "MJ plants like dry feet", meaning that one should let the soil dry out between waterings. I don't water on a schedule, I stick my fingers in the dirt and check. If it feels damp an inch or two under the top of the soil, I don't water. Plants needs and will pull different amounts of water from the soil depending on their growth stage.

As for the nightly droop, some drooping is absolutely normal, but I usually see it after the lights go out.... not before. The fact that yours are drooping before would tend to make me think that it's a bit of overwatering.


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Tead, he's not in soil which I why I opted not to address the watering and drying out in perilite/vermeculite. I have no clue about growing in his choice of media. He's basically soiless in those white balls that are mixed in with your potting soil mixed with another finer water retaining ammendment.
I was wondering, what's a "hempy" bucket?


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I get it... sorry... I need to pay more attention.
A hempy bucket appears to be an unpowered and simple draining type grow bucket. Google can provide you with more info... I suspect posting of links to other grow sites is frowned upon.

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