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Aight, so brother weedtastics white russian in soil grow journal inspired me to do this. Oh yeah, I nominated him for member of the month....GO VOTE FOR HIM and check out his journal. Any how I spent hours spraying yesterday and hours expandin my "bloom room" today. I'll work the kinks out tomorrow w/more pics. Camera is trippin tonite.
1)This is deep chunk (indica) X strawberry cough (sativa) hybrid, 1 purple kush (stunted), 1 Mazar I Sharif (stressed out!). Most DCSC clones came from 1 mother "Starla". Transplanted in january cut down early june PM (dense foliage + high nite humid), nutrient burn (salts in soil), and I think she was rootbound. She was a a trooper and she did not die in vain. She made good butter, that made some good medibles. 3 or 4 are the tops of some of Starla's girls. Look at that, Grandbabbies!

2)In FF Ocean Forrest, some canna coco, most are in a mixture of both.
a. Smallest pots are 2qt (these will be transplanted soon), 1 gal, 1.5 gal, 2 gal, and 3 gal pots (some square some round).

3)Cutting Edge Nurtients (3 part micro, grow, bloom) + CE's Uncle John's Blend (in flower), CE's Plant amp + Dyna Grow's ProTek silica additive + organic phos to battle P deficiency when present.

4) 1 X 400W HPS (used 400W bulb the guy I bought the ballast from threw in) and 1 X 600W HPS both air cooled (new Eye Hortilux 600W Super HPS). You can see a HUGE difference between the 2.

5)1 small carbon filter and can fan (also cools lights).

6) I keep my tempin the 69 F -77F range

7)RH - can't really say. room is larger and set up is different we'll see.

8)I keep PH for nutrients/H2O 5.9-6.1 (mostly 5.9). Highest runoff 6.4.

9) Cups get 450-500 PPM,small pots (under 1 gal) I feed 550-600 PPM, med 1-2 gal, 700-850 PPM, large pots 3 gal and up 800+ PPM
Sprayed all but one plant (6 weeks into flower) with Green Light neem concentrate yesterday. I sprayed with lights on so expect to see burns on the foliage and/curled tips and ruffled/fringed leaf borders )can u tell I made this mistake b4, only this time I did it purposefully). The spray was to to prevent powdery mildew which I've seen twice pop up (from weird weather throwing off my shit) and mites (been at war with them for months) from spreading (just combined grow and flowering room to expand flowering room) from plants already in bloom. This room is full (don't know how I'm gonna arrange these transplants, we'll have fun with this cuz I'm wingin it.

1st time using all coco. Are all cloned from cloned mothers. The earliest cuts were taken 4/29 and the last of the bunch was cut 5/27. some still in cups.

Oh Yea, no rez, i hand water everything and mix nutes just b4 every feeding (how ever many gallons they take).

**Please note, I started this journal in bloom because this was a thwarted perpetual garden (2 cycles in) that started off jacked up (intentionally). But mites and stress caused by mites and countermeasures caused me to just flower everything, recoup funds, and come anew...the best way I know. Sorry its so long but journey with me so we can grow together. :welcome: to my grow show
Here's some ducting and exhaust lines.
One Line is for a constant fan (atop filter sucking odoriferous air into duct through both hoods and into attic) .
The other is the AC exhaust. I was on a window bracket thingie (w/AC exhaust) , but the window was always open a little and too much noise leaked, so I did it this way. *Placed a nylon over exit hole so no pests crawl/fly down while AC is off*. Enjoy
looks like a pretty big grow room.....mine is only big enough for maybe up to 6 plants and yes i will post pics when i get going Plants will be in my furnace room next to the water softener
Re: Call me clumsy

Ok so early this mornin I fell off of a step stool while trying to cover light leaks on ceiling. I fell because I tried to brace my self against the thin wood trim around the attic door, my fingers slipped, and down I went (I knew I was taking a risk I'm just lighweight lazy). Here's a result, other pics got messed up by my camera.

These are in 1 gal square pots placed in a prop tray.
I think this is after I staked it back upright with a twist tie and a bamboo stake. The one in the forefront on the right was the worst off. If u look closely u can c 2 g main growth shoots as a result of topping.
Re:Got a few things going on

I'm really just having fun with this grow. Not taking it too seriously. It was messed up from the gate and I don't expect spectacular results. My main goal at this point is PEST CONTROL and DEFICIENCY MANAGEMENT. I'm a fighter (literally) so I don't believe in chopping down a garden with a fighting chance. Mites are a pain in the ass but they can be dealt with throughout a cycle. Although I've learned that they can greatly diminish a harvest and open the door for other problems. More like I'm stepping outa my comfort zone and experimenting with different things I have learned. The deficiencies come and go (a lot of time due to fluctuations in PH of the medium). When checking runoff I've found it important to check ALL pots runoff to be able to care for each one as needed. The one's in trays without individual drain pans, i just wing it (don't flush or pour runoff water/nutes into sinks, tubs, and, toilets BAD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT). I store it and feed to outdoor landscaping.)

Here's a shot of a plant I'm experimenting with supercropping (4 supercroped).

Here are 3 girls that are roomates. They share a 3 gal and have be en trained to grow away from the center (by bending and tying. don't know if this is considered LSTing. This term is new to me, but i'v been bending plants to train them). They are no longer tied. The bend is in the lower trunk.

Ok gotta shower and tend to the girls. Be back later tonite. :peace::rollit:
Thank God This Only Has to be Done Every so Often

Today, was the flush I do when transitioning the girls to flower (u know a puberty thing). I normally would do this b4 and send em in on a transtional nute mix. I am just taking this one as it comes. So B4 I got started got everything I would need together 1st shown here (most of it)

Some of the water (2 gal) was distilled. The rest was tap water thru a Small Boy filter, the water bottles get re-used.

So mixed Clearex solution and h2o. 10mL Clearex to 1.5 gallons h2o. I mixed 8.5 gallons for this. Next I PHed the salt leaching solution to the 5.9-6.0 range.

Next all pots were watered once (twice for 3 gal pots) w/ 2qts from watering can. as shown. *Note U shouldn't water on right on the stem or rockwool. This can promote stem rot among other things. Was trying to take pic with h2o flowing.*

I normally wait 15 minutes b4 watering the same pot again to let liquid penetrate medium. By the time I worked my way across the room I had far exceeded 15 mins. Repeat process until liquid flows freely from drain holes (this is called runoff). I then extracted the run off from each pan

and PHed and tested PPMs to get a better understanding of what the girls may need individually.

The 1 gallon in trays didn't get measured. PH of all runoff collected ranged from 5.6-6.7, I shoot for 5.5-6.5 so I'm close. Tested PPMs to see what my medium is holding. Alot of the readings were so high, that they didn't register on the TDS meter. This flush was on time. Of the readings they ranged between 630-1530 PPM. Now all of the runoff water is collected and bottled. I ended up with slightly under 2 gallons of runoff. PLEASE DO NOT POUR INTO DRAIN< SINK<<TOILET etc, all of that ends up our oceans and water disrupting the delicate balance of the ecosystem. I take it outside and fertilize the landscaping, there are nutes in the runoff.

After I was done I noticed the relative humidity (RH) was higher than I'd like
So i set ac to dehumidify mode.The I took the can fan and flipped it up so it rapidly exhausted the room for about an hour. Smell is not a concern at this point. One small pot comes out this week and the triplets are 5 weeks in. Everyone else just switched over. Came Back and we were back under 60% .Then I checked light leaks again and went to close the room up when the plastic was almost ripped down (thank God for velcro).
I opened it fixed it, flipped the can fan back on the filter, and added a 235 CFM generic, someone charged me too much for but I needed it, fan to a 4" intake duct (coming in at floor level) to balance the pressure inside so wall isn't pushing on my plants or falling in the middle of the night damaging any of them. Seems to work. Here's my fan for circulation through canopy.

That's it for today. I've worked long hard hours, I'm bout to blow. Til next time. :peace:
Glad your fall wasn't too bad - I have bad dreams about my light crashing down on my plants... keep up the good work!
Oh that wasn't the 1st time. The worst was when I was on crutches. When that happened I just had to go with it. DIRECT HIT!! And I've had the glass on a hood slide out, fall, and shear limbs and fans off. Not cool. THank god the glass didn't break. LOL. Ahh the stories.:smokin:
When the lights come on I'll post more. I'll probably just be examining different aspects of the garden and tighten areas I may have been slackin in.
Ive been away for a few and check out our grow..4 weeks in bloom
The VipersNest Continuous
I wanted to say we are similar in growns but we are hydro and your soil
Nice grow bro, thanks for the info, imma flush tomm and I'll keep you posted. One more question, for the size of my plants how many ounces of water do you think I should water with?
7/25 Let's look at some evidence of different problems around the garden

By the end of this grow I hope to have learned how to effectively treat deficiencies in bloom (I'm pretty decent in veg, still need work tho) in order get the most of my crop regardless of the circumstances. Here's the fun part, I wanna hear some of your input as to the identity and treatment of pictured conditions.
Ok 1st I wanna examine Mazar I Sharif. She's been neemed (w/lights on), bombed,topped, fell on/toppled, exposed to PM and in a room where a potential for a mite outbreak. Still standing.
These are the lower leaves.
Mid - Upper canopy issue here

I first noticed some rust looking spots on a lower fan leaf I let it continue because the interesting characteristic of this strain is that new growth occurs not only from growth shoot and at internodes. This strain begins new growth along the surface (in the groove) of fan leaf petioles (of 8 strains I've grown from clone to finish, this is a first). So as long as the petiole is healthy, firm, and erect I leave the leaves alone. Fascinating. The browning 1st appeared after a pyrithium bomb to to treat mites. In the days following The leaves changed color almost as if they were bleached. I read up on it and........... well I wanna hear ur input. Of the three strains this seemed to be most severely affected. The Ironic thing is it appears to have good pest resistance no mold or mites yet (rust spots coulda been a fungus tho).

Moving along, In about 4 to 5 pots we have contorted, "crinkled" foliage (all DC x SC pots). My guess (I feel strongly about this one) is a PH problem (possible nute prob too). When I checked the runoff one in particular was 5.8 so I'm still searchin for answers. Seen this b4 in other grows, never been a major concern for me. I'd still like to learn to diagnose and correct problems. Suggestions? Check it out.

Another plant, same issue here

Here, this sick lil girl came out of an SOG and will be harvested within the week. Severe deficiency causes a lot of foliar loss early on. She still produced more than her weight in nutes. Some woulda culled her out. I look at it like this, even if its just an 1/8 dry weight I'm payin for electricity, nutes, equipment, accessories, etc. It all adds up. That's one of her sisters in my avatar. She's been eating my food therfore she must produce, LOL. See if U can name the deficiency.

to make it easy hears another shot of this skinny girl.
Main "cola" if U wanna call it that. *Need help at getting good macro shots, nice resin production.*

Last is developing in the lower leaves of this girl who was next inline to be "momed" once she reached maturity. 1st plant in all coco. Last Ph(ed) runoff 6.4, 690 PPM. Leaves turning light green, veins still dark green. Look familiar?

Ok enough with that.
7/25 The good

Now the good. When the lights came on, I opened up shop and realized that I accidentally tripped the GFCI circuit for AC and cut iy off when I closed up last night. Humidity and temp were still in my desired range. ( I opened as soon as the lights came on so no heat really built up).

I also noticed some good healthy new growth around the room. They wanna start taking off already. Can't wait to feed again. Notice how green the growth shoot is on new growth. Nice and healthy.

This girl has been supercropped. Leaves have repositioned and the bend is strengthening day by day. Looks like I'll keep playing with this concept. Thanks Weedtastic.

The last thing I wanted to examine were the situation of the triplettes. (3) DC x SC clones, sharing a 3 gal, bent to grow slightly toward the outer rim of the pot (so they don't shade each other out too bad in the middle). They unfortunately were in my old perpetual harvest room that was attacked by mites. End of the 4th week, I neemed b4 expanding this room. Risky but worth it to me. One thing that tends to happen is that the pistils which were a crisp white, plump, and erect draw up, and loose a little luster. Resin production slows slightly (with this frosty strain I'm not too concerned at this point). Picks up in about a week. I want us to observe the events following and see if this is a good practice or should I go with an alternative method in the future. Here's a shot of some developing buds now in week five.

Well that's all for now, until next time cop some good and relax. This is just a brief intermission. *Hope this isn't overkill, don't wanna run NE1 off ;)*
Stay positive bro...cant wait to see a finished product!

Thanks for the support. Me too.

OK, so I;m still up and fine tuning a few things. Here are some pics to help give a more clear explanation of how this room was partitioned.

Here is how my plastic wall w/tarp zipper door is suspended.

Its not velcroed all the way across to I taped the gaps that were leaking from the inside.
Only drawback is having to clean all the tape off of the walls when I change my setup again.

This is a temporary intake until I figure out something better.

K. think that's it for now.
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