PowerpuffGirl's 1st Bubbles Grow

Very nice first grow PowerPuffGirl!!!! I think I'll pull up a chair and grab some snackyCrackers!! 5stars +rep for sure.

Have you had any more problems with your leak?:goodluck:
I took a few pics during watering last night, 5 weeks of bloom complete. The Super Lemon Haze is growing some, and filling out more. The White Castle is getting some amber pistils and the buds are getting denser, but they don't seem particularly larger or more sparkly with trichs compared to a week ago to me.


Both plants in the closet. I'm having to tie a lot of the SLH branches strategically to keep them off the lights. It's been bad about growing enough overnight that I've found the lights on in the morning with a bud or fan leaves touching the T-5, getting toasted.

White Castle:





Super Lemon Haze:



In this one, you may be able to see where I strategically bent one of the stems a few weeks ago to keep it from using all the vertical space. Now that branch has used the horizontal space and is touching the closet wall.


I can definitely smell the lemon coming from the closet. The WC is giving off a strong pine-y funk. One of my other kitty 'helpers' came into the room during the last res change, took one sniff of the White Castle, and had to shake it off! I was LOL! It's how I feel sometimes when I'm adjusting things in the closet with that smell cooking under the lights.

The SLH really went crazy growing and stretching out more when I switched to bloom. That's the plant where I saw 2-3 inches of growth overnight. I wished now that I had topped it again a week or two before switching over to bloom. Then again, she's big enough that it'll be nice to have the whole closet for the SLH when the WC finishes earlier, and I'll need it if the SLH buds fill out.
it IS nice to smell that sweet aroma. I open my room and get a sharp whif of coffee beans/fruit/allspice.. it's wierd but pleasent. When i last grew Flo that smelled totally like spicy fresh ground Coffee. very unusual. That remains one of my most favorite strains `to date. killer up high too.
In 8 grows, I've never had any smell other than skunk-cat urine odor. I wouldn't know what it is like to smell lemon.

For some odd reason I like the smell of pole cat (and fuel)....I mean the actual smell of the real thing, so I imagine your place would make me feel at home odor wise! lol
Getting close to the end of week 6 of bloom. Probably 2-3 weeks until harvest for the White Castle, probably 5 for the Super Lemon Haze.

I just cut some lemon haze down, it smells like lemons and pepper. Dont have a very good camera right now but i will post some pics a lil later. got about 5 ozs wet, but it was kinda shaded from the light.
3/23: Day 91, Day 85 out of rockwool for SLH and WC, Day 42 BLOOM!!!

At the end of 6 weeks of bloom, I took a few more pics. Buds on both plants seem to be plumping up more. The Super Lemon Haze has so many limbs tied down and bent strategically to keep buds from touching the T-5s, I feel like a pot dominatrix!










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