First Grow - Casey Jones - DWC - SCROG - Ice Probe Thermoelectric Chiller

Those look very nice Dabbs. Did you keep the flawless finish in the res or did you flush after six hours? Have you sampled the top colas? How were they? Thanks for posting this journal. It has been a fun journey.

I let the original 3gal run until she drabknit dry then added another 3 gal @ 1/2 strength. Those 6 gals lasted six days and it's been just water ever since. Still drinking a gal h2o daily. I thought that would slow down but it hasn't.

Yes I sampled the goods. They are sweet and smooth, really hits deep in the lungs. Melon earthy citrus flavor lingers on the tounge for a while. High is very cerebral and uplifting and had been great at clearing my sinus' lasting a good 2 hours. Burns clean white grey ash. Nugs were overly dry when they went into their jar. Will give further smoke report with final product after a decent cure.
I previously used both of AN's flushing agents and ended up using nothing but Reverse Osmosis made water, usually tests out at 3.5 ppms. I will flush out half of the reservoir each night until were at 50 ppms from 900.
Ended up being a better smoke. Just my .02

Thanks for the .02. Any and all personal experience is welcome and encouraged. I ended up running plain water for a week after the final flush week. When I run out I doubt I will purchase it again. If I end up doing a sog next grow I will do a side by side.

Day 77 CHOP!!!

She is cut, lightly manicured and hung. Pictures will not load right now. I will try again soon. So baked from all the finger hash. This strain really helps me with my general anxiety. Loud and sticky. We were going to dry in the laundry room but it's too stinky so she is hanging from the screen in the tent for odor control. I want to re veg her but will have to wait a couple of days to get her back in the tent under a cfl 24/7. Casey Jones 2.0 will be starting soon... stay tuned.





Thanks Bama! Dry weight is 301 grams. Each quart jar has an oz + the 21g's I already pulled. My RH is so low and they dried so fast, about 48 hrs. Wasn't around to jeep a close enough eye. Real job got in the way. Looking into bovita packs. Hoping they feel a little more dank after being jarred for a day.


Sorry it's sideways.
Congrats on the harvest!

I have gone much longer than I wanted to waiting for amber trichs so once the hairs are almost all shriveled and the trichs are mostly cloudy I chop. I do mine in stages usually by taking off the top colas then working down the plant over days or even weeks sometimes. I never flush as I want some food in there for the small buds to fatten up on but lower the ppm to around 300 a week before I start chopping. I take 2 - 3 weeks to dry my buds enough to go into jars still slightly damp then another month of burping before they get dry enough to smoke right out of the jar. Even then the buds are still soft and pliable and would have to be left out overnight to dry enough to use a grinder with them. Always a nice smooth toke.

Very nice crop! :passitleft:

Hope all is well in your world.

Thanks for sharing this grow with us.

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dabbledo, i have an iceprobe too and am wondering how to hook it up to the curve surface of a 5 gallon bucket...

The iceprobe has a bulkhead and is designed to fit a flat surface; not a curved one...

Can you send me or post more detailed pictures on how you did that ? No leak ?

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