JuStlcE's First Grow - DWC - LED - Casey Jones

[Day 40]

She seem happy with my little LST and I'm thinking about letting her recovery for 4-5 days
before flipping to flowering. Do you guy think it is a good idea? or should I just run for 1 more week?
I have a little question here : How do you know that the plant use up the minerals in your reservoir?
and we usually change our reservoir once/week right? is it going to be a problem if I'm leaving it for 2 week instead?


you can do 1-2 week res changes just keep an eye on water lvl and ph
maybe every second time you have to add water mix 25% nutes in
25% of what you would normally put per gallon cause youd have to mix it with water first
then add as the plant drink the res goes down
I religiously do weekly res changes so during the week for me I only add plain water and adjust ph
and normally would be only my girls in bloom once they start stretching they start sucking water
I forgot to check for 2 days I had to add about 1.5 gallons each out of 4.5 gallons and ph was check as normal daily
[Day 44]

After pruning down the lower leaf, I will wait another week for Veg to see how big it will be.
Feel like i'm gonna miss my girl's veggie stage already.
Watching her stretching before flowering is a long time journey.
Just like letting your only daughter enter her new world. [hahaha]
Hope everything going the way I have planned and thank you everybody for helping me out with my journal.


fingers crossed :tommy:
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