JuStlcE's First Grow - DWC - LED - Casey Jones

[Day 7]

1st week of flowering gone by seem to has a little bit stretching.
and I did broke one of my main cola. So there will be only 7 main colas :yikes:



by the way she not showing any pistils yet :slide:

Thank you very much Canad420 for really good info.
I may do it then after reading the thread :D

Looking good Justice :thumb:

keep going man :D
With 7 or 8 colas, she will reward you greatly. :thumb:

I Hope so man :thumb:

Looks awesome man. You should have plenty of room for that Bush after the stretch.

I think so too, your sexy girl is snowing right now pal :high-five:

If you look at my purple kush journal. I just did a major defol on my plant 2 weeks into flowering. I will see the effects of this by the end of the week. I'll let ya know.

I'm looking forward seeing how it goes Canad420 :thumb:
Healthy plant you got there. If you can lean that one tall shoot down a bit and tie her down that would help even out the canopy. Not sure how you feel about defoliation but if you plan to do it now would be the time.

I will do it for sure Canad420, thank you for your advice man. I'm really appreciated.
Tomorrow will take a picture again when I'm done defoliation.

[Day 19]

No more stretching now. I'm not sure why my plant not flowering yet, maybe because I went to check my res pH when the light should turn off [couple time]. And I don't find any light leek. I go in and check it today and there is no light leek. Do you guys have any clue?

Still no sign of flowering and my girl doesn't show any sign of sex yet.

Hope she will show her pistils soon.





Peace n Love :thumb:
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