JuStlcE's First Grow - DWC - LED - Casey Jones

Thank you for coming by Canad420, Mr Am4zin, Blazingbuds.
I did switch to bloom nutes since my 2nd day of flowering with my 12/12 light cycle.
And the defol work out good.[no more bigger leaf to block the light]
I also waiting for her to show me some love too hahaha.

[Day 21]

Due to my plant won't flower yet, my schedule for feeding on Week 7[next week] will have to add Beastie Bloomz [Foxfarm soluble fertilizer] to my reservoir. And on the package there is information like this :

[A high phosphorous soluble fertilizer that’s geared towards building monster buds and enormous blossoms. For use in hydroponic systems and organic soils during the middle and final weeks of flowering.]

So, Do I really need this one for my next reservoir change? or I just continue with the same feeding as Week 6 Feeding? [with Open Sesame for an early flower.]

Here is some update





Have fun growing :thumb:
[Day 29]

Adjust my LED height, according to have at least 14 feet above the canopy.
Almost at the very top at my tent right now. Can't afford my beauty stretching anymore hahaha.


Is that a white hair on the photo?
sorry for my picture quality, that's the very best I can do guys.

Have fun growing :thumb:
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